Babylon Club

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Entry is 100Euros
30 minutes is 450 Euros
60 minites is 550 Euros
Entry is applied to your time with a girl if you endulge

BABYLON nightclub (most expensive club in Austria)
Liebenberggasse 2,
Tel +43-(0) 1-512 84 95,

With your entry fee you can drink as much as you want at the bar. You don’t have to pay for the girls drinks, they don’t bother you.

Babylon in Salzburg and Vienna have the same rates:

As I was in Vienna recently, I took the opportunity to check out Babylon after the great reviews it had got in this forum. Wow. This is how brothels should be organized. These folks should be running countries. Well defined costs, good facilities, full attention to your needs, and great girls! – at least the two I chose on my visits were obliging, friendly, open to anything and great fun. I tend to choose on character not looks, though those two were certainly striking, but there were certainly girls there that went right up to 10 on anyone’s scale.

The only negative about the whole thing, ironically, was that the girls I spoke to were not that happy with their enumeration – the club is becoming somewhere for locals to go for entertainment. Look at the girls, drink the drinks and eat the food (all you want for a flat rate), but not take the girls off to a room to experience the delight they offer and provide their reward. Such a waste! Go there and spend money on them. You will be pleased with what you get in return!

There is a message here that comments this club looks expensive. Believe me, after the rip off’s I’ve come across around Europe, somewhere with free drinks for a flat fee (and no pressure to buy champagne you do not want), and no attempt to spin out a visit and then not deliver, was well worth it. The whole thing is just spot on.

From memory, the “just looking” fee is around 150 Euros (not payable if you take a room). You could spend as much time as you want eating, drinking (anything but Champagne which is charged – but no pressure), taking a sauna, or just watching for that (i.e. it is free or as long as you want if you also take a personal session). By the way, they prefer cash – credit cards are for emergencies.

The girls seemed to be enjoying themselves – and I certainly did. We naturally slipped into kissing/showering then a blow job (in one case in the big bath) and then more foreplay and an exploration of her pussy (don’t know if they really came, or acted it) before full sex on the bed (only the last bit with a condom)

I find it interesting that a guy is willing to pay $550 for two hours and a few hundred miles away you have the same quality women for $50 an hour. No rushing either. I have no priorities either I just have trouble understanding someone that thinks they’re getting a good deal for 500% more then Im paying.

My family is from Austria and I travel to Salzburg and Vienna often so I know the places well but even being from Austria does not make me think it’s a great deal. In reality it’s a high roller club. Nothing wrong with that IF YOU HAVE the big money. Austrian’s often cross the German border to buy food and gas. Why, because it’s cheaper.

Oh, absolutely. Given the choice I would have been in Germany instead. I agree life and sex is much cheaper and very good. I was in Berlin around a year ago and had great experiences at Cafe Pssst (though recent messages here imply it has gone downhill – or maybe I was lucky). Unfortunately, I need to go where work sends me, and after a lot of time in Sweden recently 🙁 and some very poor experiences elsewhere (like Copenhagen, Cannes & Boston) before I found this site, it was great relief to be somewhere where you weren’t going to get ripped off – even if it was more expensive.

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