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I don’t know what the John experienced, but first of all Zagreb is EXPENSIVE. Not just the pussies, but everything is far more expensive than in the rest of Eastern Europe. The local girls are OK, but they are generally hard to get, and I don’t think that it’s the good idea to offer them money, because they can be offended. There is no street action at all. Most of the prostitutes are located in the adds, and prices range from $60-$100. Avoid hotel prostitutes, because they are far more expensive and they can charge up to $500!!! It is advisable to have some local friends, because they can help you much about choosing and arranging. In the night clubs nothing special. Most of the girls are quite unfriendly, and there are not too many idle ones, because most of them go with their boyfriends, who are usually tough looking guys or criminals, and it’s not advisable to mess with them.

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