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21 Prague Czechoslovakia Adult Travel info Paid sex
poozers january 2022 Prague Czech Adult tour Report

Poozer’s January 2022 Prague Report CLICK ABOVE IMAGE

Sex Park
Selection best evenings. Close to subway C stop “Vltavska”. Take tram 3, 14 (from Vaclavske namesti), 1, or 25 to stop “Prazska trznice” in Prague 7 Holesovice. Get off, walk 100m ahead. Building is on your left. Entrance fee CZK 20, CZK 1000/30min, 2000/h (Girls pay rent CZK 6800/month). Next door is Red Light Bar. Mechanical service,less time,theft.

Discos where you find Amatures
Arena (Melantrichova 5, Praha 1)
Karlovy Lazne (Novotneho lavka 5 Praha 1)
Klub Lavka (Novotneho lavka 1 Praha 1)
Letna diskoteka (Veletrzni 61, Praha 7)
Mecca (U pruhonu 3, Praha 7)
Music Park (Francouzska 4, Praha 2)
Music Club Zlaty Strom (Karlova 6, Praha 1)
Radost FX (Belehradska 120, Praha 2)
Reduta & Rock Cafe (Narodni 20, Praha 1)
Roxy (Dlouha 33, Praha 1)
Solidni nejistota (Pstrossova 21, Praha 1)
*Entry CZK 50 drinks/beers 25CZK

Street Scene
Downtown (around Perlova Street) evenings. Many Gypsy, Romanian, Bulgariana and Russian girls.
End of Vaclavske namesti, by the big building (National Museum) on the right there’s a little park between Mezibranska, Legerova, Celakovskeho sady and Museum. Service done in the trees and bushes. Walk on the right side of the street (same direction as the Museum).

Common Terms
Mutual Oral 69 = sedesat devet, vzajemny(oboustranny) oral
Anal = damsky anal
BBBJ(Bare Back Blow Job) = oral bez ochrany (bez kondomu)
BBJTC (Bare Back Blow Job To Completion) = oral bez ochrany (bez kondomu) do konce (s polykanim)
CBJ(Covered Blow Job) = oral sochranou (s kondomem)
CIF (Cum in face, Facial) = vystriknout do obliceje
CIM (Cum In Mouth) = same as BBJTC
Classic = klasika
DFK (Deep French Kissing) = vzajemne francouzske libani
Fisting = ruka v pochve (hand up vagina)
GFE (Girl Friend Experience) = vyborny sex
Half Hour = pul hodiny
HJ (Handjob) = rucni masaz (Hand Massage)
One hour = jedna hodina
Piss = Piss
Whole Night = Cela noc

Prague Brothels and Privats
Rebel Girls
Skretova 4, off Anglicka, Green building
Ring door bell “REBEL”
Via Metro
Muzeum exit towards Anglicka and Skretova a small street at Anglicka
Cost 1,800 – 2,000 60 mins

Korunni 107 located in front of the police station, look for sign “Traffic Skola”. Ring door bell “HARMONIE”
Tel 420 608 122
Tel 776 343 258
Via Metro
Flora exit cross street opposite Flora Parc Mall then two streets further is Korunni, right to the address. Up stairs on first floor
Cost 1,400 60 Mins

Diskret Privat
Stepanska 37
Tel 604 114101
Radisson SAS on same street
Ring door bell “K. nova” on lower level
Via Metro
Mustek or Muzeum
Cost CZK 2,000 60 Mins

Big Sister
Praha 5, Nádražní 46
Tel 420 257310043
Tel 420 257310044
17:00 – 05:00
Web Site
1 Hour 4.000Kc Cash
1 Hour 4.400Kc Credit card
1 Day 33.000Kc Cash
1 Day 36.500Kc Credit Card

Owned by the same people that brought you K5
New club near the center of Prague has over sixteen hundred square meters of luxurious accommodations including fourteen bedrooms, indoor swimming pool, sauna, relax room, Jacuzzi, cocktail bar, and dance floor. Seven of the bedrooms have themes. Watch the girls swim behind a glass wall, or perform a striptease
on the stage.
Also a nightclub offering 56 cameras broadcasting live to the

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. Prostitution is very laid back. There are no laws regarding paid sex one way or the other. Except that a town may not allow prostitution in a designated area. The age of consent is 17 in Czech and I have seen girls this young working in the clubs of Prague. Prague is divided into districts 1-14(I think there are 14) they are arranged in a spiral with Prague 1 in the center. The center of Prague 1 is Wenceslas Square (tourist central with prices to match).

Getting there: Most major airlines offer connecting flights to Prague. The Train will also take you from just about anywhere in Europe into Prague. Most rental car companies will not allow cars rented in Germany, Holland to go into Czech. (Hertz I believe is an exception.) When taking the Train please note that the train station closes at midnight. So, either plan on spending the night or leave before then.

One of the most popular attractions is the Highway from Dresden Germany to Prague. It’s lined with hundreds of Brothels and thousands of independents working along the highway. You won’t see this taking a plane or the train. Also note that if you plan on taking the train for the day and returning in the evening the trains stop running at midnight until 6am the next morning.

Getting around in Prague: A Taxi can be gotten from anywhere to anywhere in Prague the AAA taxi company has English speaking dispatchers available. (I don’t have the phone number you can get it from the back of their cabs.) Many of the clubs have to pay off the taxi drivers for bringing customers to their club. I will try to note those clubs as I mention them. However, if you take a taxi drivers recommendation on a club expect to pay 500-1000KC cover charge which will be given to the taxi driver. Also, note that ALL drivers WILL recommend some place and most have brochures about their favorites. Metro (subway) – The Metro runs until midnight. There are 3 lines A (Red),B (green) and ,C (Yellow). Metro stops entrances are marked by an M sign in the color of the line. Trams and Bus – The Tram and bus stops are marked by an orange pole with a schedule for each of the buses or Trams are numbered and a schedule for each is available on the pole. The Blue colored signs are for night buses or Trams there run from midnight to 6:00AM. The schedules are broken into 3 parts on the left side there is a list of each stop this bus or tram stops at with the grayed line being the stop you are at. The tram or bus will be going to all stops below the gray line from where you are. If you want to go to a stop above the gray line walk across the street and find the stop for trams or buses going in the other direction. On the right side of the schedule there are 2 or 3 boxes one will be headed P (something) – P (something) this is the schedule for Monday through Friday. 1 will be headed N(something) this is Sundays schedule and the last is Saturdays schedule. You can get tickets in most Traficka stores or daily, weekly passes at the large metro stop offices. (1 week is about 180KC I think.)

Street action: Most of the street walkers work in an area just east of the Tesco department store. From Wenceslas square head to the end away from the museum past the turn right at the Prague tourist center and it starts about 100 yards from there. I never use street walkers so have no further information. If you try them please let me know.

Escorts: Praha Magazine will list several they are of generally high quality and charge from 3500 – 6000 KC. Also, if you are staying at a big hotel just go into the bar at night and you will notice several girls sitting and trying to make eye contact. Most likely these will be hookers. When in doubt ask the bartender.

Clubs: There about 25-20 Clubs in Prague they fall into 2 categories. The high priced and low priced. All clubs in Prague have standard pricing for service in most cases by the ˝ hour and by the hour.

Apollon – Sokolovska 60 Praha 8 Tel 24 81 59 45Hours of operation are: Mo-Fr 10-1800 and 20-0600 sat-sun 20-0600 This place is set up like a night club and from time to time a strip show will be done there are generally 5-10 girls here. Dinner is available as well as drinks. The ladies are model quality. The cover is 1500KC and the 1 hour rate is 4500KC. About $120 USD

Club Klara – Vodnanskeho 1 Praha 6 Tel 35 33 02 Hours or operation are: 20-600 dailyThis is a bar with girls 3-6 ladies are available no cover and overnight accommodations are available. Average place prices are 2500KC per hour About $65 USD

Escade – Kresomyslova 5 Praha 4 Tel 43 69 16Hours of operation: nonstop This place is one of my favorite’s. All the ladies must speak at least 2 languages. 10-20 ladies are available in the evenings 7-10 during the day. Overnight accommodations are available. Many different types of lady are found here from college girls trying to earn the next year living expense to Russian ladies who couldn’t find work elsewhere. I met a 17 year old Swiss girl here that just wanted to live in the big city. If you phone before hand they will send a taxi for you. The cover is 300KC. 2500KC ˝ hour and 3500 per hour. This is set up like a strip club with attached bar. There is no rush so relax and look around.

Kleopatra Club – Vhajoch 345 Praha 4 Tel 792 37 93Hours of operation 20-0600I think the owner is a collector he has at least one of every type here. One Russian, One Asian, One black etc… I also saw the most beautiful Czech girl here. The cover is 600KC this includes a strip dance. 3500KC per hour. They also have a room with a small pool. If you phone before hand they will send a taxi for you.

Marthy Club – Seifertova 35 Praha 3 Tel 627 80 13Hours of operation Mo-Sat 14-0200 Sun 17-0200This is my favorite small place. There are 4 ladies working and service includes a message if you desire. Service is 2500KC per hour or 2000KC per ˝ hour. If you go say hi to Nina for me.

Laura Club – Jeseniova 166 Praha 3 Tel 684 78 00Hours of operation 13-0300This is a close second to the Marthy. It is set up as a bar there are 5-10 ladies available they are almost always locals from 17-23. Pricing is 2600KC per hour which includes a bottle of sparkling wine. Take a taxi here as there is no cover.

Waterloo – U Kloibovych Domu 8, Praha 9 Tel 683 73 35Hours of operation 18-0600 This place is set up like a strip club. There have theme room (even a 57 Chevy in one – No Shit) Cover is 900KC. Ladies cost 4000KC per hour. The ladies are in the same league with Marthy or Laura so unless you like fucking in Chevy cars I would not try this place.

Andre – Svatoslavoa 13, Praha 4 Tel 692 59 29Hours of Operation 20-0600This place has all Russian woman. The ones I talked to indicated that they where glad to be there since there is no work in Russia. There are 5-7 very pretty ladies at this place. The cover is 300KC 3500KC per hour with the ladies.

When in Prague I usually use Neon club escort servis (, they have large choise of girls and prices are normal (2400 Kc)

I am a Frenchman who lives in Paris, so before my trip to Prague I searched on the Internet for information about escort agencies, clubs and girls flats. Good information can be found on the following servers : pornhome/amateur/hurenfotos and Agencies: I used the services of two of them. The first one was an agency that uses several names :PragueEscort, Call Girl, Callgirl & Callboy. The manager’s name is Robert and is email adress is They do not provide pictures on their website but send photos to your email upon request. So I booked a very nice 22yo brunette and asked for analsex. But the girl who came at my hotel was not the right one; actually she was in her forties. She asked for extra payment for the service I requested and received at least 4 phone calls on her mobile during the half hour she spent with me. She did succeed to provide analsex. The overall experience was awful. When I called the manager on the phone to claim for reimbursement he offered to drive me personally to another girl’s flat but I should pay again 2500 czech krones, which of course I refused. My advice is: avoid this agency and do not trust this man, it’s a total bargain. The second agency was very much better : from my home in Paris I booked a girl for meeting me in Prague from an agency called White Nights in St Petersburg. The girl who reached my hotel was the right one, she looks exactly the same as on her pictures and she arrived precisely on time. Then I called the agency to book her for the following week in Paris and they succeeded to organize everything within this short delay and despite the time requested for visas arrangements and the heavy air traffic in July. The service is friendly ad efficient and the girl you meet is the one you booked. The only problem is that due to visas and flight the cost may become very high quickly. But you can trust them they are an honest agency. Clubs in Prague : I tested only one, Club Atlas(Ve Smetkach). The shows are performed by very pretty girls but most of these girls do not provide other private services and the girls available for that and often less pretty. There were about 20 girls there, you may discuss with any of them without problem ask what you want and then rent a room in the club. Price for an hour is about 2500 czech krones. I can tell nothing more about, as I did not ask for this kind of service. When you walk in the city center on the evening you will be given advertisements for clubs by people in the street and you will see that most of the clubs can also provide a girl to come to your hotel. The price seems to be the same as above, but of course you cannot see the girl. You may ask for special services but no girl will accept anal sex if you book this way. But if you go to the club you may find there a girl who will accept to provide this service. This is because for security reasons the girls prefer see you and talk to you a little while to be sure they can trust you. Girls who advertise in the newspaper: you can buy each Friday a newspaper called announce where you will find a lot of advertisements with photos of the girls and phone number and also most of the time the services they provide. You will see that very often you have the same phone number for several announces, that means that several girls are working in the same apartment. You can go to the girls flat or ask for her to your hotel, most of them provide escort service, and some also provide specialties like SM, anal or piss. But most of them are Russian or Ukrainian and it is a bit disgusting as you may have to discuss and negotiate with the pimp, it looks like a slave market. Girls in the streets: very few in the center of Prague and not very secure. The few girls I saw there were not pretty at all and looked drunk or even drug addicts. Avoid them. I do not pretend to have experienced everything in Prague, as there are there so many opportunities to have good fun. But I hope my experiences will be useful for someone. But do your experiences by yourself! And enjoy Prague as it is a wonderful city.

Spent a few nights in Prague recently. Sex can be cheap, but the corruption and payoffs needed in Prague can be challenging and intimidating. Hotels, taxis, escorts all conspire to get a cut of your money–very stupid and shortsighted, as it turns off customers for repeat business over what is essentially “chump change” by Western standards and forces one to seek out the thriving club scene (Mafia controlled)instead of calling for an escort. One escort service to avoid is the K5 Relax Club. The owner is a liar–especially about the girl’s willingness to perform certain acts; he and his escorts also work with the corrupt taxi drivers and hotel clerks to push fees higher. Whatever the case, expect to pay about Kc6000 (US$150) for one hour, including payoffs (about Kc2000 all told), for a decent female.

In the city center I can recommend Club Nancy (about Kc2600, including cover and a complimentary beer) for an hour in a decent room with one of their dozen or so women, most of them Slavic and fairly attractive. Club Ariadne is very cheap (Kc2100 for one hour, cover, and a beer), but the sex is mechanical and no genital touching or oral is permitted on the female. Avoid Club Atlas–it is a noisy, crowded mess, and the girls overquote the price for an hour–I walked out. Needless to say, don’t take a taxi to the clubs–they’ll want their cut. Bouncers at Prague clubs give out obnoxious cards upon entrance threatening a Kc5000 fine if lost–I guess they beat you up if you lose it–not very “erotic” to say the least. So a big thumbs up for Club Nancy, an OK for Club Ariadne, and avoid Club Atlas and K5’s escort service like the plague. I wish I had more time in Prague and could find a non-corrupt taxi service in order to explore clubs outside of the city center, but after my experience with K5 I learned not to trust the scene and was glad to get out of Prague, despite some cheap prices. Prague is a beautiful city, but it has yet to reach Western standards of civilization when it comes to tourists and pleasure seekers

Disco’s: I was disappointed with pickup opportunities at such. Musicpark (3 nights I went) had no opportunity, Mecca and Radnost was the same. Mostly local crowd, two escorts the first night with their friends at Musicpark.

The Hilton has 3 escorts, nice looking but at $150 an hour.
La Bouche service was nice, and I was happy, again with $150.

Privats (private apartments) are really the place to find action. Positively the rate is 1500-2500 an hour (38 Czech to the dollar). Listings and phone numbers, with photos are found in Announce newspaper at the newsstands. I had a wonderful experience with lady in this way. But only about 15% of ladies speak English, and finding the apartments needs a taxi.

Overall, I found Prague not a sex capitol, but a wonderful city to visit. Beautiful, modest prices, and wonderful castles

Angel Club
Neklanova 14, Praha 2
+420 602 391066
Mon – Sun 20:00 – 6:00

I prepared for my October visit by cataloguing names, phone numbers, addresses, prices of clubs, escorts and private apartments. Most of my information came from the site which is a kind of advertising board for the sex industry in the Czech Republic and is highly recommended for visitors. I also made a few phone calls and sent some email messages during the weeks before my visit. My only voice contacts
and email responses came from Markus who is a contact for Mila¡¯s escort and resort, from a
girl named Aneta who escorts and from Jiri who is pimp, friend or whatever for Hela who has her own web site (Search Yahoo under Hela). I never did make it to Mila though I actually did start on the long public transportation trip from the Prague center one evening but gave up because I
could not figure out which bus to take when you get off at the last stop of the yellow line subway. Aneta only wanted to come to my room
if she could stay the whole night and I could not see spending the whole night with a woman I had never seen. Hela was on the rag and Jiri
wanted to send Natashka but I opted out.
Took a cab from the airport to the Ronni hotel. When you take a cab , get a commitment for a price when you start or you will be ripped good.
It should not cost more than 500 from the airport to most places in town. I had slept well on the plane and was still on USA time so I prowled the
Prague 10 streets that nite with my map and my catalog of privats and clubs. Well I learned
a few things right away.

1. Most privats listed on do not have a sufficiently complete address so you have to phone first. That makes sense to Czechs but for
foreigners who find the phones difficult, it presents other problems.

2. To phone from the street (small pensions and the Ronni do not have good phone service), you need a mobile or a phone card, the latter of which
you can only purchase during the day in Prague 10. You can lease a mobile at the airport but I have no idea about price or reliability. Phone cards
are tough to find at midnight.
For starters, I did find the Hanka Servis
club, paid the 150 CK entrance fee and immediately met Simone who put me at ease. She is an enormously tall Czech woman, about 32 years
old, speaks perfect English and is quite educated and well traveled. She has a nice figure with full breasts and a pretty smile though she is far
from beautiful. She showed me the private entertainment rooms and I chose the less expensive one where I spent two pleasant hours for 4000
KC (about $120). She uses a condom for everything and does not kiss. She likes to
receive oral (genuinely) and has good oral skills herself. I went twice with her before leaving. After satisfying other appetites at a
local Italian restaurant, I continued my hunt. Privat Lola on Minska 6 was on the top of my list since the photos on the INTERNET were of pretty
women and the prices were low. I could not find the correct door bell and gave up.

I found the street address for Privat Andilci at Sapova 28 and was perusing the labels on about 30 doorbells and getting nowhere when I noticed a sound coming from a ground floor apartment:
the unmistakable female music of love. The ground floor apartment windows from which this lovely sound was emanating were illuminated in red and I knew I had the place but what to do? I stood in the darkness and listened falling
in love with this ecstatic damsel ecstatic moans. Despite my recent frolicking with Simone,
my cock was hard as I walked away into the night.
I did find a privat at Sevastopolska¡¯ 4 and there was bell with the name ¡°Privat¡± which I rang. There were two ladies there Olga and Eva, both
Russian and both young and both with an attitude. They were nice enough to offer me a glass of wine. Two other Russians arrived after half an hour.
No-one but Olga spoke much English and the two
new arrivals were oh so much like California teeny boppers. I took Olga into the bed room. She was not great but she did kiss which was nice and
had less of an attitude after the hour of fucking and sucking was up. I paid 1600 (less than $50) for the hour. Olga hinted that she would like to
show me the city the next day but I could not see this 18 year old Russian who knew only 50 English words as an interesting guide so I declined politely.

I was tired and retired to my room to dream of the sounds coming from that crimson lit apartment in this city that I had never seen before that
nite. Awoke in the morning at 10 AM and rushed to the Hilton where I had business.
At about 3PM, returned to Prague 10 and phoned the number for Andilci (in
Strangely sure that the answering voice was the same as that uttering ecstatic sighs through the crimson window. Her name is Michaela, she told
me to ring the bell marked Filip. I almost ran to the house rang the bell and she came to
the door. Tall, slim like Twiggy (remember her) and with a cute shy smile and dressed scantily as per her profession. She led me inside, offered
me a coke and let me know that she knew only five words of English but she was fairly fluent in Spanish, which I can also handle. Now her ¡°hour¡± was quite a bit more than the hour I had done with
Olga the night before. First a bath in her Jacuzzi tub, then mutual massage, then
mutual oral with a lot of that beautiful moaning and then missionary with louder and more enthusiastic moaning. Price 1600. She told me a bit about her life and I wanted to know her better so I decided to try the whole night
thing and asked if I could come back that night at 11PM. After more work, dinner and a rest, back to Michaela, toothbrush in hand. She was then with her partner, a masculine looking butch.
I asked about the whole night again and Michaela¡¯s and she seemed pleased to have my business. She asked if I would like dos chicas
meaning her and the butch. I told her I wanted only her but asked the price of two. Two women from dusk to dawn cost 15,000 KC, $450. Michaela alone cost 8000 KC.
I was too tired to go more than once and could not sleep more
than three hours so I left her at about 3 AM and walked back to my hotel. It happens that Michaela has had very bad experiences with men and likes
women (like her partner). But she does enjoy sex with both genders and is an excellent lover for a man (for at least one nite).
I recommend Michaela at Andilci.

Next day, I traveled down town for business and stopped on the way at Privat Woow which is on Pribenicka 10 (door bell Malitinsky). I went
back two days later so I will describe this place here. Women are cute but far from
beautiful here. I had Valerie the first time and Zhuzhanna the second time. Both were affectionate but somewhat inhibited. Neither speaks English.
Both times, I paid only 1300/hour. This place is very close the train station and not very far from the center.
The next afternoon, after business and a short walking tour, I took the tram deep into Prague 10 to Olsinach 72 (RM Models on the door) RM
stands for Robert and Marketa. That is Marketa. Would you like a czech porn star
to suck you like you were in a film? Would you like to fuck her is six positions? Would you like to keep a momento on a video tape?
Would you like to pay only $90 for the privilege to do all of this? Bring your video camera and $90 and it is all yours. If you are into sharing
lovely Marketa, stud Robert will join in for another $30. On my next trip downtown, I moved my hotel to a small pension next to the train station. I decided to try Angelica Private in Prague 3 at Buchovcova 1. Here you have to call to be allowed in. Monika was working alone and
let me in. Well this was what they call a girl friend experience if there ever was one. Monika is petite, especially for a Czech. I had a
tender experience with her and I would rather let you find out for yourself since I consider it kind of personal. I went to two other Privats in
Prague. Privat Sabina and Adam, in the center of town. Don¡¯t go there. The girls are in a big rush and they are no prettier than the ones in
the periphery. They also cost more. The other was Privat Orient at Jecna 25 (You must call and she closes early), owned and operated by
Nicole of Bangkok. She was also in a hurry but charged only for half an hour (1000 KC) and gave
me the only BBBJ that I got in this town which is very condom conscious. I also visited the ¡°Sex Park¡± (Tram 3 to first stop after the bridge; then a healthy walk upriver (half a mile)). Kind of like window shopping for a fuck. I tried two ladies there but I definitely do not
recommend it unless you are in a super hurry and do not mind being treated like a cow.

 Prague is offering a large choice of sexual services :

* Street girls
* Hotel lobby girls
* Escort services
* Private flats
* Night Clubs
* Students/amateurs or pro’s in bars and discos

1. Street girls:
You can find street girls walking/waiting at Wenceslas Square ( Vaclavske Nanmesti ), at Charles square (Karlovo Namesti) and in Narodni Trida/Perlova street. Never tryed myself, but listen that the services is not good and very quick. Gilrs are looking not so clean ( drugs ? ). Last summer some young and pretty students came from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania or Moldavia to make some quick money in Prague. They were at the corner of jungmanova street and Narodni street asking tourists for some company.
Prices from 1.000 czk for a quick cum.

Be carefull when crossing Mustek from Wenceslas square to Old town square ( Staromestke namesti ) in evening and at night : this place is full of gypsies offering cheap services ! Best is to take care of your wallet and go away as soon as possible.

2. Lobby girls
Have a look to the hotel lobbies of Hilton or Intercontinental for exemple. Some good looking girls in their mid 20’s or early 30’s. From 150 USD to 250 USD an hour accordings the girls. They arrive after 7 or 8:00 pm, leaving after 3 or 4:00 am. After 2 or 3:00 am, it’s sometimes possible to bargain, but don’t expect to pay less than 100 USD. Not the best value for money because sex is usually very mechanical. The girls are very passive and will leave the room before the end of time agreed…

3. Escort services
Long time I didn’t used escort services in Prague because of some bad experiences : Fake pictures received from agencies by e-mail, girls not looking as described on the phone, quick sex provided by girls without motivation, girls allowing only one cum when twice in the hour was confirmed, girls asking for extra money when price was agreed in advance, girls refusing to provide services as confirmed by the agency ( kissing… )…

Anyway you can find a lot of escort services advertising in local magazines for tourists like “Prague guide”, “Welcome to Prague”, “Prague this month”, “Prague heart of Europe” as well as on the internet :,,,,,,,, …

All of these agencies are offering 1 hour service as well as longer terms in Prague hotels. 1 hour costs usually about 100 USD. Ask the agency in advance if everything is included in the price because they can charge you extra fees for transportation and hotel security…

Some agencies ( like Maxi agency, In model management, Nox agency, Lure servisses, VIP Treat, Eurohostess, Eli agency ) who are based in Slovakia are sending girls for long term meetings in Prague.

I used the services of In model management, Eurohostess, Eli and Nox agencies for weekend package (3days/2nights). Girls sended were the girls promised and pictures from websites were real. BJ and sex, no kissing, no 69 but not real GFE.

4. Private flats
If you don’t speak Czech language, it will be a little bit difficult for you to negotiate with independent girls working in private flats ( privat ). If you want to try, buy ” annonce ” newspaper ( section VOLNY CAS what means free time ). It’s sold 3 times a week in newstands and costs 50 cents /17 czk ( on monday, wednesday and friday ). You will find 6 or more pages with pictures and phone numbers for massages.

You can also find alot of pictures and phone numbers of privates on the internet :, or

Part of them do not accept foreigners because of some problems they experienced with russians, german or american tourists in the past ( this is the answer I received when asking why ).

The most difficult will be to receive and to understand the address of the flat. You need to write the street name, street number, the flat name and floor number… Than buy a good map of Prague because all flats are not located in downtown. Fortunatelly, Prague got a very good transportation network. You can also ask a taxi driver to call for you and drop you there.

Prices are cheap (from 1000 czk an hour). Some girls are giving BBBJ, allowing you to give her oral or kissing her. Most are young (20-30 y.o. ), some are pretty, some are older, some are overweighted, some are mechanical, some are GFE…

New girls are starting every day, some girls retireed are comming back later when needing again money… A flat is open today and closed tomorrow… girls are working under differents names… some girls are working only on weekend or a couple of days a week, some other girls are working everyday… The situation is changing very quick.

As some of the pictures are fake, don’t be shy to say “sorry but you’re not my type” and leaving the flat if the girl is not what you’re looking for.

For information, girls are usually offering the following services :

*Handjob – 20 minutes ( one cum ) – 300/500 czk
*Blowjob – 20 minutes ( one cum ) 700/800 czk
*Sex ( including HJ and BJ ) – 30 minutes ( one or two cums accordings the girl ) 1000/1500 czk
*Sex ( including HJ and BJ ) – 1 hour ( unlimited cums ) 1500-2500 czk

Some girls are charging extra fee for BBBJ or 69. A few translations to help you to read the ads :

Oral/Oralek = oral sex ( blowjob )
Oral bez kondom = oral sex without condom ( BBBJ )
Oral bez ochrany = oral sew without protection ( BBBJ )
Oral az do konce = Oral sex till the end ( cum in mouth )
Analni sex = anal sex
rucni massaz = hand massage ( handjob )
Obostrany oral = oral sex each other ( 69 )
Klassika = classic sex ( sex )

* Nikol,Slezska street – Prague 2, 02/24250350 : 2000 czk/hour, BJ, sex, no kissing, no 69. Early 20’s, short, dark hair.
* Lucie, Navratilova street – Prague 1, 02/22230743 : 2.500 czk/hour, BJ, sex, no kissing, no 69. Early 20’s, slim, long dark hair. Pretty but cold and mechanical.
* Eva, Leva street – Prague 10, 0723/390248 : 1.800 czk/hour, BJ, sex, no kisssing, no 69. Early 20’s. Tall, blond short hair.
* Julia, Stepanska street – Praha 1, 0604 / 855399 : 2000 czk/hour, BJ, sex, 69, no kissing. Early 20’s, short brown hair.
* Kamila, 65 Vinohradska street – Prague 2, 2nd floor – Privat Garni : 2000 czk/hour, BJ, sex, kissing, no 69. Late 20’s, short, short dark hair. Friendly.
* Pavla, Obloukova street – Prague 10, 02/71722125 : 1.800 czk/hour, BJ, sex, 69, kissing. Early 20’s, tall, slim, dark hair.

5. Night Clubs :
More than 130 clubs in Prague ! The quality is very different from a club to another club as well as from a night to another night. Like in the private flats, the choice and quality of girls is changing very fast and the quality of services provided may vary from the best to the worst. Some place are real rip-off places ( expensive entrance fee, expensive lady’s drink… ).

Since late 90’s, K5 is really the n°1 in town ( more than 35 girls every nights, comfortable sitting place, entrance fee 500 czk, reasonable prices for drinks also for girls, 3900 czk / hour, no rush, no pressure atmosphere ).

Avoid the top clubs from the ´90s like Lotos Club, Apollon Club, Escade Club, Velvet Club( 1000 czk entrance fee, expensive cocktails, pressure atmosphere from the barmens as well as
girls… 3500-4500 czk/hour).

Even if the service could be rushed and impersonal, the prices in clubs like Nancy, Atlas, or Ariadne iare cheaper (2.500 czk an hour, 200 czk entrance fee) and sometimes you can find a young good looking student there.

You can also find a lot of small clubs out of downtown for the same prices, without entrance fee, no pressure atmosphere, but the choice of girls is limited, speaking only Czech (and maybe German) and not so good looking.

Some amateurs or pro’s can be met in Prague bars and discos. It’s not easy to see who is available or not. Price may start from 2000 czk to 5000 czk.

Have a look in the following discos : Letna, Duplex, Music Park, Karlovy Lazne, Arena, Mecca, Radost, Roxy, Velvet and the following bars : Solidni nejistota, Double Trouble, Chateau, Banana Cafe, Tretters, Barock Cafe… Bugsy’s is currently closed.

The better is probably the Goldfingers located on Wenceslas square. Entrance fee : 450 czk, drinks : high prices. Pretty girls ( a few with silicon implants ), No sex available in club, only table dance and private dance (expensive) but you can always try to negociate something with the girl out of the club. Other clubs/bars are not offering so pretty girls as Goldfingers ( Banana bar-Prague 3, Jaguar bar-Prague 1… ).

Located in the market place of Holesovice – Prague 7, the complex is offering a strip bar, a sex shop, a peepshow with private dance and a red light district ( 20 or 30 rooms where girls are waiting clients ). You pay a 20 czk entrance fee and than walk from rooms to rooms. Price : 1000 czk=1/2 hour, 2000 czk/hour ).

porn actress are available for private porn movie. +/- 1.000 USD for +/- 3 hours and real models available for escort. No experience with the porn actresses, but they are also offering classic models for escort : models and top models. I booked first a one hour meeting with a 19 y.o., tall, long dark hair, big breast. She said she did recently pictures for an advertising agency. 4.000 czk/hour. Friendly but speaking czech. Girls from top category are much more expensive (from 1.000 USD to 1.300 USD/night). Worth the money only if you want meet a czech or slovak model who is appearing often in local magazines. A little bit difficult to organise because of availability and discretion requested by girls.

8. General information
Be carefull with taxis drivers in Prague. They can charge you crazy prices ( sometimes 10 x the regular prices !!! ). During the day as well as during the night ! Stay away from taxis waiting in the street near touristic places like Vaclavske namesti, Namesti Republiky, Narodni Trida, Hlavni Nadrazi ( Central station), Karluv Most ( Charles Bridge )… Better to call dispatching of local taxi company like Taxi Praha, AAA taxis or Profi Taxis.

Don’t forget that all taxis are connected with night clubs, who will charge you more expensive entrance fees ( up to 1.000 czk ) because of commission for taxis drivers ( between 300 and 500 czk per client ). Of course some night clubs are close to metro stations or tramway stops.

When you go back to your hotel from the night club, ask also the price before you go in the taxi. They will overcharge you again.

It exists a ” Prague sex guide ” : a map with ads of night clubs and sex shops. No more informations that what you can get in free tourist magazines, flyers you get in the streets or info you can get from internet.

If looking for a good and nice retsaurants to go out with an escort you booked for the evening or the night, try the followings places who are curently “in fashion” : Duplex, Aqua, Kampa Park, Pravda, Chaos.

I visited Prague for business in early July. Prior to the trip, I got basic intelligence from this site, and most of the information shared by others was accurate and helpful (i.e. where to get the information, magazine titles, and the likes). I had sent an email to Petura Escort with information (lady of choice, time, hotel) after studying the their web site. They replied with a confirmation. On arrival, I called the service and was able to speak with the lady. She showed up at the door step 15 minutes early. What a girl she was! She was not a 10, but at least 8 — very cute, very little make up, healthy, great smile and her body was in perfect shape that can compete with any model – 164 cm and 48 Kg with plenty of chest. Her English skills were good enough to carry a good conversation and we had a great conversation over many subjects for a while. She was so cute, intelligent, soft and had such a great personality that I changed from an initial two hour date to an overnight date. Cost was approximately US$230 but every penny was worth it. She was even better in bed, and much better than the girlfriend I have back home. She offered and volunteered to do just about everything. I just could not keep up with her. We got up the next morning like long-time known good friends doing morning routine and I ordered a breakfast for her and she offered me to share. I went off the work and she went home. She did not forget to give me her private cell phone number before she left. I called her for good-bye later that day and she actually answered the phone! I had great and successful business meetings and great time as well.

Wow, what a weekend! I have some details to report about one of the places mentioned by FilipK above, but let me start at the top. I left for my first visit ever to Prague last Thursday evening about 7:30 and arrived at my hotel just about 10:00 pm. I made both my airline and hotel reservations over the web at “last minute” prices. Hotel was arranged by who couldn’t book my first choice of a Prague 1 hotel, but recommended the Pension Denisa, a two-star winner located in Prague 6 on Narodni Oradny, just a hundred meters from the metro stop Deynice on the green, or “A” metro line. I don’t speak Czech or German, so being at the very western end of the green/A line gave me a great base of operations, a grocery/beverage store open until 1:00 a.m., and a bus stop to return me to the airport at the end of my trip. But enough of the travelogue, let’s get down to business. I booked a double room ($7 price increase over a single.) Official hours for visitors, i.e. unregistered guests, ends at 22:00, so I asked the night desk jockey specifically if having a guest in my double after the official visitors’ hours ended was a problem. He just shook his head, “No problem.” That’s what I had figured since the brochure rack prominently display two brochures from escort services, but I thought I’d at least ask.

I thought I’d be tough and wait until Saturday to sample the lovely ladies of Prague, but the weather on Friday was blue sky and probably 80 degrees, and the ladies in the city were dressed for the sun! Sleeveless, bare back, bare legs, short skirts…. All that lovely skin. I couldn’t wait, so I called an agency which I had previewed on and asked for a tall brunette named Lenka, who has a body to make a man cry. Naturally, when they heard my American English and my hotel address, the price was quoted as 4000 k rather than the 2800 k on the website. Left with little choice, I said OK. Lenka, or at least a beautiful young woman who looked enough like her to pretend to be her, showed up at my door with her driver about 30 minutes later. He collected the money, she showered and came to bed. Now, I’ve got nothing against Lenka, who was a beauty and a sweetheart, but now I understand why men go to clubs instead of using hotel service: selection, choice, options, alternatives. With escorts, once the driver has your money, you’re only going to get what the girl feels like doing: covered this, covered that, no taste of la pussee, just straight-up-let’s-pretend-it’s-sex. So I was less than satisfied.

On Saturday after another long day with my tongue hanging out admiring the ladies of the “City of the Female of the Species,” I culled a couple of addresses from the same web site for clubs that were a reasonable distance from my hotel, and did I ever get lucky! One is called Prague RedLight District, and it is just perfect! Lotta locals, which is always a good sign to me. It’s not really like a gentlemen’s club at all, in the sense that there are no over-priced drinks and no girls hustling you for champagne, etc. Instead, it’s a small compound with two buildings. The first is a large cabana-style sports bar, like you’d find near any beach in Florida. It’s staffed by 20-something cuties who periodically dance/strip to a number or two, put their clothes back on and hustle more drinks….and not once did I see a guy stuff a bill in their panties nor did I see a waitress/dancer trying to hustle a tip for a dance! It’s just a place to have a nice Czech pilsener or two, enjoy the music and the scenery, and get ready for the main event… Just a stroll outside the bar door is a two-story building divided into dorm rooms which are rented out to working girls. You walk up to the second floor, get frisked with a metal detector, pay a nominal 20 k entrance fee to get through the turnstile, and stroll the halls. You peek into the rooms of any girls who are free at the moment, and if you find one you like, you make your own best deal. The girls will tell you that the pricing is standard: 1000 k for half hour or 2000 k per hour for covered full service. I never tried to bargain with them, because all of them were 7 thru 9 on the looks scale, and at half the price of the escort, each and every one was a bargain! However, I did ask several if they would give BBBJ and give me a taste, too. Each of them declined both requests; safe sex seems standard, too.

I enjoyed Denisa, a tall lean dark-eyed goddess with short brunette hair, who volunteered that it was her first week on the job and that she was from Belgium. If she’s Belgian, I’m Australian, but who cares. She was sweet and attentive and let me at least kiss her neat little pussy with a lingering kiss, even if she wouldn’t allow me to feast on it. After my half-hour of fun, we shared a smoke and “hung out” for extra time in her room. I was the last customer of the night for her and she liked me, maybe because I WAS the last…;-] I tipped her 200 k, which delighted her. And then there was Barbara, who wore a blonde wig, but who had breasts that I just had to get my mouth on!

I really can’t say enough good things about Prague RedLight District, It was really a good “fit” for my style of play: have a drink; cruise the dorm; go back to the bar for a break; pay the 20 k again and cruise the dorm some more. Good looking ladies, no pressure, low prices, very clean and well kept. I hope you get a chance to try it. Check it out.

PS: Save 200-400 k for a cab back to your hotel, because the trams in that area stop running about 12:30 am.

The Hilton is centrally located. It’s very walkable to the old town, only about 15-30 minutes (takes me 15, but I turbo). You won’t get any guff there bringing a girl up to your room either. Heh, I wouldn’t go for the skanks in the lobby though as they are fairly high priced (over a $100US).

Also, if you decided to cruise to any of the bordello/sex clubs you might want to get a taxi driver to just drive you past a few. Then get out and walk to them from a block away, otherwise you will have to pay the driver’s commission for bringing you to the club. I even hit a couple on the city outskirts (no clue about the names, they didn’t really have english equivalents anyways) but they were fairly scary places. A little too blatant on the mafia exposure for me. All locals and Chechens at those places, so keep your wits about you if you do try them.

Btw, don’t limit yourself to using escort services. Hit the local discos and you *might* luck out and find some amazing deals. Then again, if you don’t have a local co-worker/friend to translate & negotiate for you, you won’t get the non-tourist rates for girls, not hotel rooms

Prague; what a city. A few comments; I think the clubs are OK if you insist on a lot of choice and if you do not speak CZ, there are probably more intrerpreters or girls who speak English. However, more interesting are all the privats which unfortunately requires a little time. I visited 5 in 4 days after culling them from Announce. 1000-2000 Ks for straight sex. Russians, CZ, Bulgarian, Rumanian. In general, I think the looked better than they made love. Better in Bangkok and China.

My work was taking me to Prague. As I was only going to have one proper evening there I decided to visit Sex Park as soon as I arrived and then to go somewhere classier to spend more time in the evening. As things turned out I never bothered to seek out another establishment that evening after visiting Sex Park…

I ordered a taxi and asked him to take me to Sex Park. This he did with no fuss. I noted that Sex Park is located just north of the river in Prague where it runs east/west and is next door to a McDonalds (yes, really). I entered the left hand side, went up the stairs, was searched for weapons, paid the 40p entrance fee and then I was in!

The establishment comprises a network of rooms and corridors in a figure-of-eight pattern with about 15 girls working at any one time. These days they are all Czech. Punters simply walk around making selections and talking to the girls who are dressed in underwear and seem mainly eager to please. The fee is standardised at Ł20 for half an hour. The showers are effective and everything is clean and slick. Having walked around a couple of times, I was torn between 3 girls who severely took my fancy. They ranged in looks from gorgeous to drop dead stunning. What was I to do?

The problem was solved for me when I started a conversation with a tall, busty blond and got absolutely nowhere as she spoke no English. Her next door neighbour, however, intervened in good English and promptly started to chat me up. Although she was brunette, of average height with small boobs and so not my type, she immediately impressed me with her carefree ways, good humour and vivaciousness. Her name was Teresa, and it appears she was best mates with my tall blond who was called Retkar.

Teresa had this way with herself which showed she was fun-loving and sensual. I bet she’s pretty perceptive too, as she noted my desire for Retkar and suggested a three-some. No, actually she demanded it! The two girls were in full swing now giggling and kissing each other in a mock serious style. Teresa’s room is located right at the back on the left hand side and so her corner room is twice the size as everyone else’s and her bed was bigger as well – just the ticket! So we went in and amid much giggling and good spirits I paid my Ł40, undressed and got into the shower. When I came out Teresa popped in and Retkar dried me off. I then sat on the edge of the bed with Retkar’s huge, firm boobs in front of me and proceeded to kiss and suck on them.

Retkar is 22 years old and undoubtedly has the firmest body of any girl I have known. It is as if the laws of biology and gravity simply don’t apply to her thighs, tits and bum. After a few moments of heaven Retkar swapped with Teresa and I dried off the 25 year old brunette. Her body was incredibly soft and smooth, and her eyes and demeanour showed that she was enjoying this as much as I was. In no time at all Retkar returned, we all dried her and amid much giggling and talking in Czech I sat on the bed with my back against the wall and the two girls started to caress me with particular attention around my cock and balls.

I told them to only talk in English, and now I was being mock serious. It certainly did the trick. Teresa put a condom on me and proceeded to give me a good blowjob with sensual eye contact, making full use of her (generously proportioned) tongue. Retkar kept on giggling and massaging my balls, whilst I fondled each girl simultaneously and considered my good fortune. At one point Retkar grabbed Teresa’s head and pumped it up and down on my cock and Teresa playfully spanked her in return. After a while I told Retkar to give me a blowjob, so she put a new condom on me and started, whilst Teresa played the supporting role.

I then fucked Retkar in the missionary position with Teresa kneeling behind me and massaging my back, buttocks and balls. Teresa kept on saying “Fuck that bitch, fuck that bitch” and both girls would giggle. Needless to say, this was incredibly good. I then fucked Retkar backwards and was delighted to find that our bodies meshed together perfectly. Meanwhile, Teresa alternated between masturbating herself and rubbing her body against mine while this was all in progress.

Wanting to get my full money’s worth, (as if I hadn’t already) I thought I would fuck Teresa before the 30 minutes elapsed, so she carefully put a new condom on me and then bounced up and down seemingly with abandon, but actually with great skill. Even this part was perfect. She even managed to massage my balls at the same time and Retkar leaned forward and kissed my chest. This then pushed me past the point of no return and I came and came – quite unforgettable.

They then each had another shower and I played with each of them in turn. Teresa kept on saying “I am the domitratrix” and so I put her over by knee and playfully spanked her. Then I was gone. For a full 20 minutes afterwards I was in a glow of euphoria with a pleasant tingling on my balls – unbelievable!

I then considered my second dilemma of the evening – what to do next? It had been so good that I resolved to return, so a few hours later I was back for a second helping. When Teresa saw me she said “You want fucky fucky sucky sucky?” and we were off all over again. The variation this time was that they were determined to try new things and this was fantastic. I was half expecting exactly the same again, but this was not the case. For example, when I was fucking Retkar in the doggy position, Teresa came up behind me with a very cheeky grin on her face and said “I have a surprise for you”. She took out a new condom, put it over a finger and then pushed this into my bum.

I would heartily recommend anyone to visit Teresa and Retkar. They have both been there a matter of weeks and Teresa told me she doesn’t know how much longer she will be staying – so get out there now! (And NO, I don’t own shares in Sex Park or

I don’t see anything here about my favorite club in Prague: Club Laura (address: Jeseniova 166, Praha 3). I have always had Excellent experiences here. Most of the girls have other full time jobs and work here in there spare time to earn extra money. I’ve met students, etc.. The best thing to do if you’re new to Prague is get a “sex guide map” it will be a detailed map with the major sex places pointed out. I’ve gone to Laura’s by car and by tram, so it’s easy to get to. You enter a nice brothel (looks like a high class brothel from the 20’s or 30’s…very nice decor but also very small & intimate. You can have drinks you’ll pay when you choose a girl and head upstairs to a room. It’s 2000 for 1/2 hr. or 2600/hr (that includes champaine). But beware I’ve had the champaine and it has made it very hard to Cum. Also, before I forget go to their webpage and print the -10% off coupon. When I’ve gone there i’ve seen around 10 girls usually. Like I said the thing I like best is that most are part-time regular (beautiful) girls. While I’ve never gotton french kissing or BBBJ, in a way it’s like girlfriend sex, becasue all the girls I’ve had there really get into the sex and they get WET and want to CUM. They just practice safe-sex.
The first girl I ever had there was Romonof (Czech/28) Very pretty,, beautiful LIPS,eyes, and face. Tits sagged a bit but she was still thin. She spoke NO English so we had to get down to business. Once upstairs in the room she showered and motioned me in with her,..she wasked me up which was a turn-on. The thing that made her memorable was that when my fingers got near her pussy she thrust her body to force my fingers all the in and she basically started funking herself with my 2 fingers inside.It was a great 1/2 hr. and I came in her mouth (in condom) during her 20-25 minute BJ. She was really into it…lots of facial exp., etc. Never did fuck her because the BJ felt so good.
Next visit I had Claudia (Czeck/20) worked as cosmetic salesgirl. She also was beautiful…dark hair, perfecr b-cup perky tits was only at laura’s for a month and said she worked 1-2 times a week. (she spoke a little english and germen so we could communicate). She showered then me seperate. She had EXCELLENT oral skills (alsocam in her mouth in condom…that’s how good she was normally i can only cum in mouth bbbj). We did 69 for full 20 minutes.
The last time I was there I had a girl for 1/2 hr Blond…large breasts, glasses…very sexy and classy looking (the girls wear nice, sexy dresses, etc.) She fucked me on top so hard that the next day i was sore wear she rubbed my skin and slight baby fat on my bone. I asked her to masturbate for me and she really got into it…going a million miles an hr. That’s it for the blow-by-blow…you get the idea.
One importany thing i found out is if you pay for the 1/2 hr then decide you need an hr it’s too late. Sometimes i wish i was not trying to make my money last and just take the hr. in the beginning.
If anybody else has been to Laura’s please post your experiences there.

Going to Prague for a “Sex-cation” is a popular theme. Now in 2002, the sex scene in Prague is a good deal more commercialised than it used to be. I have no info about Prague post-flood, but a few months prior I was in Prague for my third visit. Here are a few notes and impressions:

Of course, most of the best sex action in Prague is from the host of Private Apts, listed in Announce or on the internet at Czech sites. However the problem here is the language, since the majority of these are hard to find and you need to speak Czech to find them in the first place. True, German, and to a lesser extent English, are spoken, but not that often.

So for better or worse I focused mainly on the so-called touristy sex venues:

First I checked out SexPark, a sort of covered RLD often compared to Amsterdam, but actually the comparison is not that close, imho…About 50 rooms, most of them unoccupied during all my visits. Some nice lookers though, and very good price structure: 1500 to 2000ck for half-hour. But attitude can be cold and mechanical, so try to get a girl with good chemistry. Easy to find, directly across the river from Hilton Atrium Hotel. Can be reached by Metro, one stop beyond Florenz on Red Line. Then 5 minute walk to left along the river with Metro station at your back. Look for a McDonald’s and you are just about there.

K5, much written about this place. Great, Great, Great. You have to go a little early (about 20.00 or 21.00) or they get full sometimes. Always about 25 to 30 girls waiting for your company. Best possibility to find GFE in Prague for tourists, that is. Beauty scale about 7s to 8s on the whole, but a few 9s sometimes. Fairly easy to find by foot: about a 15-minute walk from Museum Metro Stop.

Lotus Club: Wow! By far the best looking line-up I encountered in Prague! 15 – 20 gorgeous girls, all from Cz or Slovakia, most 8s, 9s and a couple of 9.5s believe it or not! But some have bad attitudes, others great attitudes. Pays to buy the girl a drink and interact first, imho…Long way out of central Prague, but you can take the Red Line Metro to last stop (Haj) and the station is virtually next door to Lotus! Cost: 20ck! Taxi back: about 400ck, from club-arranged taxi!

One club to avoid, is Club Escade. I find this place pretty sleazy and they try to rip you off with champagne scam. Girls are nowhere near K5 or Lotus standards. Taxi drivers always try to bring you here, so there’s a message there, right?

Watch out for Taxi drivers in Prague generally, esp around the tourist areas and squares! Bargain, bargain, bargain. Never accept first price and never, ever get into a taxi and ask the price after you get to destination. Always negotiate price up-front and then go…

Lotus was on the expensive side for Czech: 4,000ck/hour. That is still rather reasonable compared to, say, German expensive “Sauna Clubs” or the Netherlands. I happened to stay at the Corinthia Towers Hotel, which has the Red Line Metro (C Line) just outside the door, so very convenient to go either south to Lotus, or north (two stops) to Prague centre. By the way, the Club Escade is just a five minute walk from the Corinthia Towers, so it was very convenient location, if you wanted to brave that lower level club.

I too visited the Apollon Club and was unimprimpressed: Location was easy to find (10 minute walk from Hilton), but: High Entrance fee (900kc?), only 4 or 5 girls (6s or 7s) and the best looking was a strip dancer (an 8) who “is not available to go with guests!” Horrible atmosphere as well: Me and three other individual male guests, each sitting alone and staring into space. Girls were very cold. Got out as fast as possible minus 1000kc for nothing but waste of time!

Club Ariadne, on Zitna near the Square, is also a major waste of time. Not good looking girls, and agressive, unfriendly atmosphere. I saw a customer who stayed for drinks, lost his entry card, and they wanted to charge him 5,000ck! What a horrible club. Yep, give me K5 any day!

The Privats (apartments) have great looking girls for great prices (if you can get there and communicate with them etc..)

Buy a “Prague Sex Guide” in the square at one of the kiosks that sell books etc..on the back is a coupon for free admission etc.. for Lotos (book costs a 135Kc – cover charge at Lotos is 500Kc – no brainer) anyway, Lotos and K-5 are the best clubs (IMHO) – I had a great time in the apartments, but spent a lot of time researching.

Prague is a pretty tough place to get a decent lay. Sure there are lots of sex places, but you are likely to get a bait and switch. There are alot of good looking girls at the clubs, but most of them are only dancers. Lotus is a good club but most of the girls are nothing special. You really have to shop around. The privates are almost impossible if you don’t speak Czeck. I don’t know about German. One nice place I found is called Welly and is located in the central area. It is on 16 Havelska and the number is 0607 919 206. You have to go up an elevator and then you are greeted by the hostess. You pay about 300Kc (aobut 10 dollars) to get in. The place is dark, but nice. There are usually about 3-4 girls. At least one is very nice. I met a blonde from Russia. She did not speak any English but there was a Dutch girl that did and she translated some. I went with the Russian because she was HOT. She was petite and probably about 18. Shy but knew how to please a man. 100 dollars buys you an hour. We sucked and fucked during the entire hour. After two times I was exhaused. She did not say anything but proceeded to suck me a third time. I knew I could not come again so I motioned for her to stop and just held her and kissed her. She seemed happy to be with someone who did not treat her like meat. I suspect that she may have a pimp or be desperate for money for her family. I gave her a generous tip when I left and she seemed very happy. It was too bad we could not speak. She seemed very genuine and fresh and sex was not just business. She seemed very out of place in a job that seems to exploit people.

Every time I visit Prague (usually in the spring) I’m very pleased with the following routine: I visit Ariadne nightclub ( just a few minutes walk from the mainstreet. I choose the most attractive girl (based on appearance & personality, but must be young!), and pay 2200 Kroner for 1 hour with sex. Admission is 150 Kroner. During this hour I use my charm (!) to make as good impression as possible with the chosen girl. In bed I’m gentle/attentive/easy-going. If I’m satisfied both sexually & emotionally, I ask the girl to spend the next night together with me (without telling the nightclub). In this way it’s cheaper for me and she keeps all the money. Usually the next night costs me app. 5-6000 Kroner, and I have company by a young & atttractive girl from 8 in the evening to 8 next morning. And I can enjoy sex as many times as I want (unfortunatly restricted by my sexdrive to 3 orgasms)

During my visits Ariadne has only charged me 2200 Kroner for 1 hour sex included the room (1500 at daytime). French kissing was OK with the girls I’ve been with BBBJ I don’t know

In February I spent a week in Prague, really wonderful city, not at least what the female population concerns.
The rates in Prague are incredible and most of the professional girls are really beautiful.
I soon realized that the night clubs are definitely NOT the place to go, unless you are looking for a ripp-off. I visited a couple of them, but the girls there were nothing special, while the prices were really high, including the prices for a drink.
So I decided to try the “privates” instead, and found some of them on the internet.
In the beginning, I was a little nervous about going into these private apartments, but I found out very soon that there was nothing to be worried about. Everything seemed to be safe, and the apartments were nice and clean – and so were the girls.
I had a very good experience with Šárka, a beauty with black hair, about 22 years old.
She worked in an apartment at Cáslavská 7, 4-5 minutes from Flora subway.
The girl who answered the phone and opened the door was rather unfriendly, but luckily I stayed long enough to meet Šárka.
The price for one hour with “classis sex” and two way oral was 2.000 CZK, and for an extra 500 CZK I could have golden shower too.
The phone lady showed me the bath room and gave me a clean towel. After the shower she directed me to a nice room with a big bed and nice music – and after a few minutes Šárka came in and undressed.
She was rather shy, and she did not take much initiative. But she was nice and very eager to make me feel comfortable. She gave me a wonderful blow job, and let me lick her all over, including in her asshole (and it seemed like she enjoyed it). Her golden shower was also fine – and very tasteful!
We tried several positions during the one hour, and though she was shy, she did show the same negative attitude as you sometimes experience with prof girls – absolutely not.
I can absolutely recommend a visit with Šárka!

Make a search for her on
She works in different places


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