Hotel Viru

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In the city there is a hotel named VIRU and just opposite of it, across the parking lot, is a bar called MELVEKS. You take few stairs down and get in the bar. They have a sign on the bar desk that says that they have Privat – SAUNA for about 200 EEK/hour (15$). If you want to have sex with a girl, you just ask the personal by saying :” I would like to have a Sauna and a girl “. The price for the girl and Sauna lies approximately round 600 – 800 EEK (50-65$).

For that price you can have sex with her for 1 hour as many time you wish (normally), few of the girls are a bit greedy and they try to cash some extra if you want to 封封 them twice but normally you have the right to enjoy them the whole hour without extra money. I am a regular traveler in Tallinn and when I am there I try to visit these girls when I get a chance, even if my girlfriend is with me, she wants to shop and at the mean time I want to 封封. Just to get laid with these girls who have firm body and they are willing to suck and 封封 you for cheap money, why not !

Have just returned from TALLINN, It is unlikely to get anything worthwhile for under 100 EUROS for overnight and SAUNA for similar. They seem to have a “100 Euro” fixation ! You can haggle is you speak Russian.

The women are quite superb…8-10+ and pleasant. Many Russian girls. Every doorman, taxi driver etc. will get an intro for a $20 (they no doubt get kickbacks from the girls too)

We met two 20-22yo.secretaries in a cafe outside the Parliament bldg. who stayed with us till wee-hours and naively asked for “STO’URO” present.

Estonia is converting to Euro currency and prices are expected to rise…

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