European Adventures

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I must admit that too many men stand much too close in the swinging action. I really don’t want a hard dick being stroked right behind me while I am in the action. I think all races are guilty of this offense.

I had a great BJ and FS from a beautiful looking woman in a swing club while her boyfriend/husband watched intensely. After we were done, the guy asks me if he can lick her juice off of my condom (with my dick still in it). NO so you see, different people have different reasons for being at the swing club.

As to these Black guys there were many there when I was there too. Many of the White women and their boyfriends are looking for the experience of the woman being with a Black. That is just part of the swinging scene. I don’t believe it has anything to do with penile size, as I have seen many White guys in the clubs with penis size much larger than any Black I have ever seen and they were not getting much even with a large baseball bat to show. I think the reason has to do more with the taboo end of this, or that everyone wants to experience something that they have not before. I can tell you from personal experience that I do much better (non FKK, we are talking amateur here) with Black European women and have a much better rate of success and no hassle sex.

So, seeing what was going on at Kasteel I befriended a Black guy who I noticed had been in porno films, the ones under the “Rocco” & “Buttman” series. We had a couple of good laughs and he in fact had brought a woman to the club. We all hung out together in the club. His girlfriend gave me some great head and when some heavy group action began, this guy even came and got me at the bar. He said something in English like “if you want, time to put dick in service”. I thought this was funny. He was a nice guy and he was originally from Africa, now living in Italy. As I remember it, I ran out of condoms and wanted to do some insertion. I looked around and he passed me a condom that he was holding. This was a good thing, because I might have been out of the action if not for this.


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