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IN the region of Auvergne in the town of Clermont-Ferrand (headquarters of Michelin tires) there is a video place called Sexy Night. They have a viewing area with booths and two larger movies rooms. Sometimes couples come on the weekends looking for anonymous sex partners. I scored with couples there on at least 4 occasions. I even got a repeat action from this one young couple. There are holes in the cabins so people watch you having sex. If you’re ever in that area try it out. Not far, just around the corner are the streetwalkers. prostitution is legal, being a pimp or madam is not.

Clermont-ferrand is about 350 kliks south of Paris, in Auvergne. You can take a train there. Clermont-ferrand is in the department called the “Puy de dome” so named because of the mountain volcano that overlooks the town. The town is known for it’s black cathedral made from volcanic rock during the gothic period. Pope erasmus launched the crusades from this spot. also, it is near the Gerogovian plateau where vercingetorix and the Gauls defeated Julius Ceasar as he began his campaign to pacify the Gauls. So now you can search out the tourist info and once you get to the town you’ll find the sex shop. be forewarned; a lot of gays hang out there to have sex with each other in the gay movie room and in the cabins. They will respect your wish to be left alone all you have to do is say so. there is a hetero movie room also in addition to the cabins. But hetero couples do come in on weekends looking for people to have sex with. condoms are de rigueur. by the way in french a condom is called a preservatif. You may want to look up a place called the la vanille. it’s a couple swapping thing but singles can get in provided they pay. I was there from 96 to 97 and at that time it cost 80 francs which was about 16$ at the time. Now it’s the Euro so I don’t know how much it costs. single guys have to pay at sexy night also, about 50 francs at the time I was there, about 10$ US.

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