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Centre estetiques pour homme
Some places are advertised as “center de detente corporel” (body relaxation centers); they advertise on the “Lyon poche” – a small weekly booklet you can buy at any newsstand. Normally the place is a one-woman business and do not offer more that a hand job -always ask for a massage “avec jouissance” (with orgasm) otherwise you may end up to do it yourself while she allows to be touched (massage “sans jouissance”); prices range from 600FF to 1200FF for a massage session (depending on the action – see above – and time). My experience was a bit off putting since the lady was obviously in their 50s however her technique was excellent.

Saunas mixtes
Some saunas offer some action. You enter and pay 200FF for a towel (or 250FF for a bathrobe); you will also be given a key to a locker where you will keep your clothes. After disrobing you can enter the sauna and meet the people there. All the saunas have a small bar (no alcohol) and also cabins that offer various degree of privacy (from cabins without doors – so you can join the action if you want – to cabins with “glory holes” to full locked). Customers are normally couples that want to try something “different” – not professionals.

A) You are supposed to socialize first so speaking some french (or being with a french speaking friend is positively a bonus.
B) I’ve been told that the attendance kind of “fluctuate” i.e. some days the sauna may turn out to be almost empty (or all-male) while some other day it will be full of horny wives craving for some evasion.
Sauna du Griffon (3, Place du Griffon)
Sauna du Terreaux (12, Place de Terreaux)
Histoire d’eau (1, Rue Romarin)

Street Action
Mostly located along the rivers “quais” (Rhone and Saone). Activity starts at around 11.30PM and average prices range from 300FF for a quick blow job in your car to 1000FF for a full service in an hotel.
BE ADVISED: Some of the “workers” are actually transsexuals (both pre-op and post-op) so you may find yourself with something different that intended.

Swing Discos
These are discos with some bedrooms, you pay 400FF to get in (3 non-alcohol drinks included) and then you can dance/socialize; in case you can then move to the bedroom and get some action.
Carpe Diem (17 rue Hypolite Flandrin)
why not? (??, Rue Duguesclin)

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