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FKK Artemis
Artemis GmbH
Halenseestraße 32-36
10711 Berlin
Tel: 0175/903 59 01
Open daily 10-4 AM
Entry: 80€
Per 30 minutes 60€
This FKK club open September 29, 2005. The owners claim it will be the largest and most beautiful club of its kind in Germany, with at least 70 women on staff at all times. Its features include a Finnish sauna and bio sauna, indoor swimming pool, whirlpool, two sex Kino’s, and a restaurant.

All I can say about this place is WOW. It is a bit pricey, with a 80 euro entry fee. Once inside they had 60-70 girls at least, many ages, and types, I didn’t see any that were < 5’s. The girl that I ended up going with was Sacha a Russian girl about 26. She was very cute (8), about 5’6″ with “B” cups and very personable. I was a bit nervous being my first time here. I went with her for 60 euro for 30mins everything included. She was well worth it. We warmed up for quite a while just kissing, then she gave me the best gf like head I’ve had in a long time. I extended an extra half hour and great sex, unhurried. She finished our remaining time with a great oil massage. I’d highly recommend this place!

I visited the Berlin mega-brothel Artemis on a Friday night. While paying my 80 euro entry fee, I could see several nude ladies waiting on the landing by the locker room, and they soon introduced themselves as I went to undress. My first immediate impressions after changing into my robe and taking inventory of the surroundings was that the women were much more aggressive than in other FKK’s. It was almost expected that the women would go out of their way to entice the customers into moving on into one of the rooms. I was also apparent that there were a good proportion of girls who were possessing surgically enhanced figures.

In the main level of the club, I was knocked out by the stench of cigarette smoke. It was extremely crowded, making it not the easiest task to walk around. I peeked into the sex kino. It was empty, save for the couple who were fucking doggy-style in the doorway.

On the lower level were the wellness areas (pool, sauna, steam, massage). This was less crowded, but still a lot of people were mulling around. I enjoyed a sauna, then a steam. One of the girls was in the steam room at the same time. I tried to chat her up, but she just gave me the stink eye and beat it.

I had a drink at the downstairs bar, and sat next to Sissi, a healthy Artemis veteran from Bulgaria. We talked, and soon enough Sissi was rubbing my leg and working her way up to my dick. We moved to a nearby couch to continue to get to know each other better. Sissi sat on my lap and pressed her breasts into my chest. Sissi had some generous ta-tas, but I could only imagine what they looked like before she had them reduced. They must have been monsters. She was eager to head to a room, and she reminded me that time is money. I reminded her that while I understood that, I still wanted to enjoy myself before we’d go to a room. We petted for a couple of minutes before moving on.

The downstairs room can more accurately be described as a curtained off bedroom. We resumed our couch activities more intimately. I gave Sissi a massage, sitting upon her ample ass with my erect cock softly poking her ass crack. I played with her pussy from the backside, then she flipped over to let me finger her more extensively. When it was her turn to lead, she massaged me with her tits. I could feel myself getting ready to cum, so I had her slow it down a bit. She moved on to a blowjob, and followed that up by sitting on my dick until I blew my load.

Sissi walked me back to the locker room to pay the 60 euro session fee, then took the opportunity to show me the cake brought to celebrate her 26th birthday. Overall, this experience at Artemis wasn’t as relaxing as I’ve had elsewhere. Too many people, and I felt many of the women were probably clockwatchers, but I had a pretty good time with Sissi. Maybe daytime hours would be more to my liking.

La Folie
Kaiser-Friedrich-Strasse 63
10627 Charlottenburg
Tel. 030-3275969
Monday – Saturday
6pm – 6am
Entry 14€
Sessions 70€
All drinks 3€
Hard Drinks 5-6€
Champagne 17-95€
Coffee Tee Free
They accept credit cards (10% surcharge)
minutes away from the convention center
Web Site

I got there around 4pm – but unfortunately they don’t open until 6pm. So I found a couple places to drink beer while I waited. When I went in I think I was the first customer. There is a locker room next to the entrance, so I changed there. One thing I really liked was that the towels were too small to wrap around your waist – you have to really go naked. That is one of my complaints about other FKK’s. The facilities here are minimal – it is more of a sex club than a sex resort like Atlantis or Oase in Frankfurt. There is a bar area upstairs and about four rooms and showers. There is a big bed next to the bar, but the only action there was a few girls sleeping. Downstairs there are more rooms and showers. I didn’t see or hear anything about a sauna or Jacuzzi. The ladies working at the bar were pleasant, helpful, and attractive. There were just a few girls then, but more kept coming in. I was still the only customer for quite a while – the girls said Saturdays are slow. I started talking to a cute young girl, Michele. She was from Berlin. We went over to the couch for a while and I bought her a “piccolo” drink – which she really did not drink. I tried to talk her into using the bed in the bar but she was a bit shy so we went to the room and I was completely satisfied. I couldn’t stay much longer because I had another appointment.

The second time I went was on a Tuesday. There were about 15-20 girls around and about 15 guys. I like the atmosphere. The most attractive girl was one of the bartenders a blond with a large chest. Lots of people talking to each other around the bar. After a while I noticed a Chinese girl talking to another guy. At first she seemed a bit odd, mostly the way she dressed – she wore more than the other girls. She saw me looking and came over. Her name was Mai and she is from Beijing. We went off to a room and I was really impressed when I saw her naked, very cute. Nice breasts and curves in the right places. She was great – we tried just a bit of everything. Afterwards I decided I wanted more and needed cash, so I went out to an ATM. When I came back I found Mai and thought it might be fun to have two girls so I called Mai over and asked her if she had a friend to join us. Soon she brought over a very attractive German girl and Mai left. Her friend said that Mai thought I just wanted someone else – so I explained what I was after to her friend. Mai came back over and soon her friend left. So I decided I was just meant to have one girl and Mai was the right one. We went downstairs for an hour and took our time. I really like her body and she was very pleasant to talk to. It was great, a nice girl friend experience. I’ll definitely look for her again next time I am there. Overall, this club is not on par with some of the clubs in West Germany, but I enjoyed both sessions and will definitely go back next time I am in Berlin

My first ever FKK experience was at La Folie in Charlottenburg, which was (an unplanned) 2 minute walk from my hotel. Hence, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I arrived on a Wednesday night at 9pm and was advised that the entrance fee was DM30 and DM130 for each session with a girl. I then changed out of my clothes and entered into a new world! The interior could pass for someone’s lounge room with a semi-large bar and open area with a few couches. Whilst it felt a bit strange at first to walk around naked, I soon felt at ease and found a seat at the bar. I spent the first 30 mins just taking in “the vibes” and sussing out who I wanted to spend time with. For those of you wondering whether not speaking German is a problem, I didn’t experience any major difficulties using English. There were around 20 girls on during the time I was there and about an equal number of guys. The couch action seemed to be more subdued than I had expected, but overall the quality was very good with mainly 8+ quality. I soon figured that if you held eye contact with a girl when she looked your way, she would come over to you and start talking which worked when I saw Milli.

She was a local, 21 year old, with a tight, small body and gorgeous big brown eyes. When I first saw her, I was sitting at the bar and she asked me is I’d like to come and sit on the couch with her – of course. As soon as we sat down, she quickly became affectionate and started kissing my face and chest. It didn’t take long for the blood to rush to my groin and as soon as she saw this she then occupied her time giving me a slow an’ easy (unfinished )hand job, followed by more cuddling and kissing. She then asked me if I wanted a drink and whether she could have one to which I said yes. She left me and soon returned with a small bottle of champagne and a coke (for me). I didn’t feel pressured into buying her a drink and was feeling so relaxed that money didn’t seem an object at the time! She had a couple sips of champagne and started kissing me again and suggested we go to a room for more privacy which I happily agreed with. Following a quick visit to the bar to log my visit to the room, we took off down stairs to a room with a small bed and mirrored wall. We both jumped on the bed and started cuddling, but I noticed she was reluctant to do french kissing, just small closed kisses on the mouth.

We rolled around together for a few minutes by which times I was ready to f**k her so she lay on her back as I entered her. We spent the next 20 mins in various positions and whilst she moaned and groaned in all the right places, she kept her eyes closed the whole time which is a bit off putting. I eventually came and we stayed for a bit longer in the room having small talk. I then took a shower and returned to the bar. It was now after 11pm and as I was a bit tired, so I decided to call it a night and head off. My total bill was 190DM (30DM entrance + 130DM session + 25DM champagne + 5DM cola). Overall this was a tremendous experience and a place I would
recommend. Le Folie is only a 2 minute walk from Charlotteburg S-Bahn station 93 Freidrichstrabe.

I also came across some street walkers in Berlin which were located a couple of streets north of the Hackescher Market S-Bahn station on Oranienburger Strasse. There were about 8 girls plying their trade in sub-zero temperatures (you’ve got admire a hard worker!)at around 11pm. These girls were gorgeous and given the weather, were covered from head to toe in clothes which is a bit of a change from the usual short skirts etc. One girl in particular had on a black jumpsuit with a gold lame’ g-string on the outside – amazing! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to confirm prices.

Agentur Winter
Strasse des Friedens 7
07548 Gera
Tel 0365-8002890, 0365-8007421
Monday – Friday
Saturday – Sunday
Euro card accepted

Club 21
Waterloostrasse 21
59067 Hamm
Tel 02381 417896
Web Site

Bar Cherie Saloon
Thomasiusstrasse 12
06110 Halle
Tel 0345 2905407

Club Royal
Bundesplatz 8
Tel 03085 49956
130 Euros one hour

Van Kampen Club
Mecklenburgische Str. 23a
Tel 03082 719272
80 Euro 30 minutes

FKK Saunaclub Goldstar
Ludwig-Hupfeld-Strasse 25
04178 Leipzig
Tel 0341 5501662
Web Site
25 Euros 12:00pm – 8:00pm
35 Euros after 8:00pm
Monday – Thursday 12:00pm – 3:00am
Friday – Saturday 12:00pm 0 4:00am
Sunday 2:00pm – 1:00am

FKK Club Paradise
Leipziger Chaussee 62
06112 Halle
Tel 0345 5608711

Thüringens FKK Sauna Club
Marktplatz 8
98704 Gräfinau-Angstedt
Tel 03678 550799
Mobil 0162 4557508
Entry 50 Euro
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
8pm – 3am
Web Site

FKK Sauna Club Europa
Essener Strasse 27a
Leipzig, Mockau
Tel 0341 2251751
12 – 2am
45 Euro Entry
50 Euro Sessions
Drinks, snacks and fruit
Amex, Mastercard and Visa
Sunday after 3pm Hot buffet

Not a bad place to visit. Although your choices in town are rather limited. Went here on a Sat night, and they had 8-10 girls working, all very pretty, and looked to be in their late 20 or 30’s. All were `7-8’s. The girl I went was a Chec, very hot, about 5’5″, brunette who spoke some English. She was very personable, and gave great head. Prices were 60 euro to enter, then 50 euro 30mins, with an extras are about 10 euro and need to be negotiated with the girl before hand.


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