Sex Kinos and Street Action

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Kamilla Douglas
I did use them on my recent visit to Berlin. The girls were all generally pretty and nice, 6-7s. Elizabeth (mainly featured on site as a dominatrix) spoke perfect English and was fun for a half hour (though she definitely likes to be in control). I’d go back -wanted to, really, but didn’t have time.

The Sex Kino thing
You go into a small movie theatre setting which has a porn on screen. You take a seat and eventually the girls will come by and introduce themselves. You have the option of going to a “room” (sometimes little more than a curtained-off area) or, in some places, activities can take place in the open area.

I have been to Cascade Sexkino three or four times. Girls are only 3-5s, little English spoken. Still, the thrill of getting a BJ where others can watch, at a low price (100 DM or so) is nice enough for me.

Berlin has no special redlight district, so you can find *action* everywhere in the city.

Cafe Psst
I think currently too famous and overcrowed (many tourists, just watching).

Use the metro (U-Bahn) in Berlin, it is cheep and safe. Take a “Tageskarte für Zone A und B” ( 9 DM for the whole day until 3 a.m.).

Just returned from many days in Berlin. A wonderful city. Cafe Psst, is not as wonderful as advertised. The location is fine, drinks are expensive as are the ladies. You can find much better action at any of the many clubs and Kino’s surrounding Stutgart Platz, S-banhof. The Treff’s, or swing clubs are very good. I recommend PC Parchenclub deep in the heart of old east Berlin. For a cheaper Treff experience with a young crowd but no frills try Moetegern in Charlottenburg.

Not too sure about FKK clubs in Berlin, but the strip clubs are very good. Check out the Bon Bon Club, opposite the S-Bahnhof Charlottenburg, it costs about 20dm entry, one free drink included, 30dm for a drink for the girls and 150dm for 30 mins in a room. The women are mostly East European and stunning! There’s another club worth checking out called Cafe Psst! The drinks are no more expensive than in a normal bar (5dm for a beer) there are plenty of girls and a room costs 200dm for an hour. The added bonus of this club is kissing is allowed, It’s located on Brandenburgische Strasse 69 (I’m not too sure of the number). Another area worth checking out is Lietzenburger Strasse. Opposite the biggest Beer garden in Berlin (Loretta’s) there are a few clubs. The prices are similar to the Bon Bon Club, but I’ve no idea what the girls are like.

I’ve been in some of the SexKinos (Cascade, King’s, and one other) and I like the roulette factor of not knowing what you’ll find (also like the BJs in public). Also have visited two walk-up apartments with poor results. In the first, “hase” I think was the name, the girl had hairy armpits and a huge horizontal scar on her tummy (C-section?). I was out fast. In the second, the room was nicer, Russian girl who was pretty, but again I seemed to draw a girl with a horizontal tummy scar.

I also have seen the street hookers on Orenienberger Strasse. I have never previously had a car so I haven’t had any interaction.
I’ve read elsewhere that Moni’s has an “all you can eat” special on Thursday nights. Still the case? (although this seems to be offline right now) says they offer French Total at 100 DM. I’ve never been offered a BBBJ in Berlin, so what are the odds this is real? Some fairly pretty girls on their site, at DM150 for 30 minutes.

when you pick up a street girl you need a car, otherwise back to their ‘rented’ hotel room (this goes on the price). They’ll ask for about 120dm, but I hear differing stories of them asking for more per service. SO be careful.Oranienburger str girls prey on the tourists to rip them off
Potsdam I have no experience of,Monis still has the all you can eat night, 150dm for 3 hours, starting 7pm (i think). Hotel visiting girls from the east will give you the best deal, anywhere between 110dm-180dm per hour, bbbj is the norm. Look in Berliner Kourier or Berliner Zeitung papers, or under and modelle .

Das Blaue Haus
Charlottenburgerstr 91 Berlin/Weißensee
Tel 03091421517 Daily 8-12, Thai women

Club 59
Club 59 Behaimstr 59 Weißensee
Tel 03098606136 M-Th 9pm-4am Fr 9pm-5am S/S 6pm-5am

Kamilla La Dee Escorts
Blissestr 33 1st floor 10713 Berlin/Wilmersdorf
Tel 0049308532344

Van Kampen Escorts
Mecklenburgische Str 23a Berlin-Wilmersdorf
Tel 03082719272 M-Th 10-10 F-S 10-12 Sun 12-20

Sexy Candyshop
Ringstr 78 12105 Berlin Tel 03030640595

Odette Berlin Escort
10558 Berlin Tiergarten Kaiserin/Augusta Alle ring at Schwanenhorst Tel 4903039906515


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