Red Light District Aachen

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Red Light District
Located on the Antoniusstrasse which is near city hall (Rathaus) at the center of the city. There are several small houses with 1-7 international girls each. You walk thru apartment style buildings where the women leave their doors open if they are available for service.

Aachen has a Red Light district right in the middle of town – the street name is Antoniusstrasse and it is right behind the multistory car park near the Aquis Grana hotel – really within 250 yards of the town’s main square.

The street is only about 150 yards long but has windows on both sides with, on a good night, maybe 40 girls down to 10 at a quiet time. I think there is activity all day. There is a selection of German, other European, Oriental and black girls. I have had good and bad experience here – a lovely girl from Guadalupe in the first house on the left at the end without the strip club and crap and lies from 2 black girls at other times. Also I had a Filipino who refused to gt naked even after I had handed over the extra 50 so make sure you have your content agreed before you part with cash!(I didn’t mention the strip/lap dance club? €5 to get in, €5 for a drink and dance cost at the discretion of the girl – as is the contact – overall not a good deal). Going rate is €25 but they will all try to talk you up to 50 for “better service”

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