FKK Club Planet Happy Garden PHG CLOSED

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Planet Happy Garden
Butzenstrasse 41
47918 Tönisvorst-Oedt
Tel 02152 519103

Monday – Saturday
11am – 1am
Sunday 3pm – 1am

Entry 50€
50€ Sex (30 min)

Solarium, Sauna, Buffet
Web Site

Take the A44 Krefeld – Monchengladbach, exit 23 (Munchheide), after leaving the autobahn turn left and drive straight on for about 10 km. When there’s a sign with the direction “Oedt” to the left, take this turn. Drive straight on at the next bigger junction until just before the second junction (end of this road), there’s the entrance to Happy Garden.

Check my past posts for details on the food/German behavior at this club. It is something I have not found anywhere else. The only time it works OK is when the cook stands there and serves the food himself, thus limiting portion size and somewhat assuring everybody might get something. However the club does not seam to really care that some customers might end up quite hungry by the end of the evening. But then as you say, we are not really here for the food. The good news is that if you are looking for some special girl, she will likely surface just before feeding time, and perhaps you can catch her then.

It has been my experience over the last year or more of going to this club that there is always a good selection of about 20+ girls. It is hard to get an accurate count, as a good number will be in a room for 1 or 2 hours. Unless you know most of them from memory, you can’t really count. Also, this club seems to attract or specialize in a large number of Polish and Russian girls. There is always a good group of each. Other Eastern types as well, and some German and Oriental lately, but for some reason this seams to be a club with about 75% from these two areas. The service is always good, the prices (obviously) can’t be beat. And if you are willing to spend more than the basic 25E for 1/2 hour with, you are very popular. For an hour without, you are promoted to King status!

As for days of the week, this is also pretty consistent as for count. Perhaps the weekends (especially Sunday) might be a little lighter, but it has not been a problem. Some of the girls do not work the weekend, but then others just work then. The only thing I have seen is for the girls that work the week, and then take the weekend off (Saturday and Sunday), they can be pretty tired by Friday night. Also the club is especially jammed Fridays, so lately I have tried to avoid that evening. I was actually a bit surprised when I arrived on Thursday afternoon at about 3 PM, and found the parking lot jammed! Guess Germans don’t have a pattern to their activities. Anytime must work for them. One of these days I am going over there at about 11:00 AM and see what’s up!

The pool at Happy Garden has been closed and turned into more bar space. It was not really open 2 weeks ago, but is almost ready. (Same kind of stunt they did at Babylon a year or so ago.) Personally, I liked the pool better, but the bar does get very crowded.

As for pricing, it is 50DM per 30 minutes. If you want it without condom, it is a 1-time 50DM extra, so 1 hour without costs 150DM.

Yes it does get very crowded on Saturdays. Actually I will likely be part of the crowd this Saturday, as there is a group of us heading up there. Food has always been around on the weekend, but you had better be there when it comes out as it only lasts about 20-30 minutes.

I was here Thursday night, and it is still great. Lots of new talent since I was here 6 weeks ago, but a number of the originals as well. Jill is always here and very friendly. Had a nice session with Sandara who has now gotten small implants. Looks and feels great. Gives a nice service too.

Many new other girls, some of them unbelievably beautiful, which seems to be the norm here. With a high percentage of the girls from Poland and eastern Europe, this meets my needs very well for looks. Service for me has always been good.

Also had a nice session with an older Tai girl (Pia). Lots of fun, very GFE, I even surprised her (and me a little as well) by getting her off twice (once oral, once normal) before she decided she better finish me.

If you are up in this part of Germany, this club is always interesting. Also, as per my past posts, the German customers are animals when the food comes out. It was all gone in less than 20 minutes! I was not standing in line, so came up empty. This is the only real negative about this place.

Yes, this is one of the most difficult places to find, and re-find. For me I think it is because most of the roads in the area are set up in a ring fashion around Kempen. My mind is more used to thinking in a more othogonal manner, so this causes confusion. I have now been there enough I know a couple of ways to get there (from the A45 and A61), so it’s not so bad. Best idea is to stay in the area over the weekend, and just drive around for a few hours to get the lay of the land.

One other useful technique for finding places initially is to drive to a nearby town, and then hire a cab to FOLLOW there. They get paid either way and I am told don’t mind a bit, and if you are like me you will probably never learn the way if you just ride there. I need to drive it for myself to get it to stick.

Regulars or locals are what keep these places in business. Many of them know the management well and likewise get better treatment. It’s impossible to just act like one, aside from taking charge to get in line for food the women know who is who. PHG is the sister club to Parksauna where this is also common. It’s all very common business practice, who do you stand behind? A guy who comes in a couple times or guys who come in ALL the time? It’s also common that when most of the regulars arrive they have priority over the women that know them. Some guys see the same girl the same time each week, thus your 50-100 Euros means nothing when some of these guys take the same girl for several hours for 200-300 Euros every week. I don’t care how special you think you are, wait till a regular comes between you and your selection, you’ll lose every time. I suggest you mind your manners and be polite as you may get the boot and ruin it for all non-regulars. Please remember these are PRIVATE clubs not PUBLIC places and they don’t have to let you in. This is just my humble opinion from visiting PHG.

Interesting place which has some ups and downs. I’ve been to this place within the last year and had great times and I’ve been here and left the place without even one program. Always some new faces as well as some old. The food is always a plus but at times I feel like livestock waiting in line for the feed call. You need to be on your toes as when the food arrives it goes fast and when it’s gone it’s gone.

This also applies to the women at the club. So it’s a good idea to visit during the week or earlier in the day, the women are fresher and more available. The good ones seem to get snapped up fast and when they return you might have to resort to waiting for her in the entry area to catch her.

The rates at PHG are what make this place special, the first 30 minutes is 50Euro while any additional 30 minute periods are only 25 Euro. (so one (1) hour is 75 Euro) Check your watch, while most of the women are fair some will bill you the extra 5 minutes if you go over the first 30. So take advantage, if you go over the first 30 I suggest you do the entire 30 minutes. Time is money and if you’re paying why not?

One of the negatives is the lack of “Couch Service”. You won’t find it here, it’s rare to never. So there’s not much to sample or see the actions of a woman with guests. While at other clubs you get an idea of what a woman will do by watching her on the couch, here it’s all behind closed doors. Perhaps this is made up by the 25 Euro option (note that some women won’t even go to the room for 25 Euro). At least starting with a 25 Euro covered oral session costs you less to sample her skills.

The smoke level here is among the worst at any club, the bar area is loaded with people who smoke and not much ventilation. Once in a while one of the girls will open one of the sliding glass doors to allow some air flow but during the winter months this is rare. Due to the low ceiling and size of the room this adds to the problem.

There is also the problem of the size of the bar area and the number of people. The women are usually seated on the stools across from the bar while the men sit at the bar itself. The women often take turns serving at the bar which also allows the men to catch a better view of her as she struts to the bar, bends over to open the fridge or makes friendly eye contact and smiles to possible victims. The lack of open air makes the smoke even more of a problem. Moving around in the club (the bar area) can get crowded at times. Much of the time you’ll struggle to get a seat at the bar.

Robe or not to robe, while at the sister club “Parksauna” in Wildenrath you have a choice the majority of customers at PHG wear a robe. No need to learn to wrap a towel here. But then it often gets hot and I’ve often wanted to shed the robe in favor of the old favorite “towel”. After all “FKK” was a term used to mean “Nudity” in a club, so this is not really an offical “FKK” club as no one is really nude except in the rooms.

Don’t forget you need to carry your locker key with you at all times, especially after a session when you’re followed by the girl to your locker for payment. When you arrive you hand over your 50 Euro entry fee, “WAIT” for the doormaid to go back to the office to get your key. When she returns not only do you get a locker key but a robe and slippers.

Restrooms, the main restoom is down the hall to the left as you enter the club. First door on the right. NOTE: you have to really “PUSH HARD” on the door as it may seem locked. Inside there is room for more then one person. There is also a toilet in the shower area past the locker room when you get to the first doorway on the left. Past the first shower stall thru the doorway it’s on the left.

Another good tip is to bring plenty of change 10’s and 5’s besides 20’s and 50’s. Don’t expect a girl to provide change and most often she’ll suggest you give her a “tip” instead of the change. Get change BEFORE you arrive at the club.

The Bar is probably one of the best as ALL drinks are included in the entry fee. Alcohol is limited to beer which they have many to choose from. Try the bottle of mixed beer and cola. Besides the usual soft drinks they also offer real fruit drinks like orange and apple juice.

The locker room is also a weak point for this club as it’s limited in size. They’ve added some rooms in the form of outdoor cabins. The one issue is that they’ve run out of space. The locker room tends to get full and elbow room is a problem.

The majority of women at the club (over the past 5 years) have basically been Eastern block. Russian, Polish, Romanian, Turkish etc. You’ll also find a few German, Thai, Holland etc. The majority of woman are also younger 18 – 25 and many tend to be slim and attractive.

There are also women that DO NOT KISS, they perform BBBJ but don’t kiss and I don’t mean “with only some men”. I’ve run into my share of picky women with the kissing issue. 1. It’s always a good idea to use mouth wash and mints. 2. Shower well and even some cologne is a plus. 3. Smoking (although lots of women do smoke) means you need to take care of your mouth even more.

There are women that DON’T Kiss at all and then there are women that choose who they kiss. I’ve been to the room with a woman and had full access to her (with French kissing) and then a friend went and she refused to kiss. This again points to the theory about “it’s the woman” and not the club that makes an evening for me.

Al and I have similar taste and we were split about PHG and the service. I think he’ll agree that management is not as open and friendly as other clubs. They’re known for not allowing some guests entry into the club (without reason). I’m not talking about loud groups either. I’ve personally never had a problem gaining entry. Perhaps they can be picky as they have a huge following and can be considered the “Atlantis of the North”. I’ve been to this place within the last year and had great times and I’ve been here and left the place without even one program. Always some new faces as well as some old. The food is always a plus but at times I feel like livestock waiting in line for the feed call.

You need to be on your toes as when the food arrives it goes fast and when it’s gone it’s gone. This also applies to the women at the club. So it’s a good idea to visit during the week or earlier in the day, the women are fresher and more available. The good ones seem to get snapped up fast and when they return you might have to resort to waiting for her in the entry area to catch her. The rates at PHG are what make this place special, the first 30 minutes is 50Euro while any additional 30 minute periods are only 25 Euro. (so one (1) hour is 75 Euro) Check your watch, while most of the women are fair some will bill you the extra 5 minutes if you go over the first 30. So take advantage, if you go over the first 30 I suggest you do the entire 30 minutes. Time is money and if you’re paying why not?

The crowds have changed over the years. At one time it was mainly local Germans and today the place is packed with guys from just over the border “Holland”. There is mixed reaction over this from the women and the other guests. Wait a minute “Holland” is world famous for their RLD “Red Light districts” so why do they come here? Simple, if you’ve ever been to Holland and tried the RLD scene and compare it to FKK clubs it’s no match. This also might be a result of the Euro, the old Guilder did not fair well against the DMark. Now that the currency has balanced itself out and is the same the guys from Holland seem to flood the place.

One great new addition is the extra parking area now located in front of the club as you arrive. This new addition solves the old problem where the limited parking spaces would fill up quickly. SO plenty of parking is now available.

Lighting is better then most clubs BUT those who have been bitching about sarangs, belts, towels etc, which some women use to conceal body parts will be disappointed as almost ALL the women have a top and bottom on. Many cover even more then that so your view is limited at best. All the great natural light that enters from behind the bar exposes skin and facial features well.

When you depart, you’ll have to get buzzzed out by the staff. So make sure once you get dressed they know you want to leave. Note the two security doors when you enter.

Overall this place is still a hit and miss for me. With all the flaws of any club you visit the bounty is having that one great encounter (hopefully two or more). I prefer to visit during the off hours without the crowds and when the women just arrive. Plus there is little to no smoke and no waiting for a room. An optimal visiting period is during shift change in the afternoon when the some new talent arrives. I myself have been here and left without a single session. Which really has nothing to do with the club itself. The fact that “one good program” is what makes it for a visitor. It’s secondary that the club is big, impressive and has food. I think this is where SELECTION is king. My most recent visit to the club was positive and enjoyable. The club is always clean, well kept. The additions over the years to the garden and pool area have worked out well.

With Planet Happy Garden’s history of being one of the most popular clubs in the region is no surprise the rooms fill quickly so visit early as the later you arrive the better the chances are for a traffic jam. The solution to Planet Happy Gardens traffic problems was the addition of small wooden outdoor cabins. Simple and small they do have electrical lighting and outlets for heaters during the winter months. They do tend to get hot during the summer months. Now the rear garten of the club is filled with these small log cabin style rooms. This was originally done years prior to this at Oase FKK Sauna Club in Burgholzhausen near Frankfurt. You’ll note the 4 large wooden cabins in the rear garten area of Oase FKK Sauna Club facility.

Parking has also be expanded at Planet Happy Garden Sauna Club. The club has added parking spaces directly in front of the club. Paved, complete with cement bumpers and striped spaces this welcome addition helps as the existing parking seemed to always fill quickly.

Amsterdam’s Red Light District, Arnheim’s Red Light District and even the House Boats of Utrecht don’t seem to draw the men of Holland like Germany does. This may be due to the recent change of currencies. Prior to the arrival of the Euro prices in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, Arheim’s Red Light District and the House Boats in Utrecht were cheaper. Thus it made sense to go to Holland for paid sex, prostitution. Paid sex and prostitution have suffered in Holland since the arrival of the Euro. In fact all of Europe where the Euro has taken effect seems to have suffered. The majority of people I’ve encountered don’t care for the Euro and are hoping the Mark returns. The result is even more men from Holland now travel to Germany to visit clubs. Wildenrath Sauna Club, Golden Time Sauna Club, Tag und Nacht Sauna Club and Planet Happy Garden Sauna Club are filled with men from Holland as a result. On one hand this is great for the club and the women as more men mean more money. However for the locals this means crowds, lines and a lack of available women.

Food although good at Planet Happy Garden does not last and when served one needs to line up and get it while it lasts. The pit bar in the rear behind the indoor saunas is where the food is served. You’ll note a line usually forms well before the food arrives. It’s come to the point that Planet Happy Garden’s male staff needs to serve the food as selfish customers often horde food and take huge portions. So if you’re interested in eating during your visit to Planet Happy Garden Sauna Club then take not of the time and when the food arrives. Usually from 5pm to 7pm. Sometimes during the day lunch is served which can be Pizza etc. the same problems also exist.

During my recent visits to Planet Happy Garden FKK Sauna Club I’ve had mixed results. The best advice is to start with a 30 minute session or program as they say in Germany with condom (25 Euro). Get a feel for the woman and if things seem to be going well upgrade to the 50 Euro option (without condom oral). Plus you can always extend your session each additional 30 minutes for only 25 Euro. Entry to the club is still 50 Euros. Thank god the 65 Euro entry has not worked it’s way north. As you might already know Atlantis FKK Sauna Club in Altenstadt just north of Frankfurt was the first to raise the entry fee from 50 to 60 and then 65 Euros. Oase FKK Sauna Club, World FKK Sauna Club in Polheim, Giessen and the Palace FKK Sauna Club (former name Paradise FKK Sauna Club) all followed in suite and raised prices. Atlantis FKK Sauna Club as you might know was closed by local authorities for numerous violations.

The bar at FKK Sauna Club Planet Happy Garden is one of the best in the business. Beer is also served and available both in the pit bar in the rear as well as up front in the main bar area. Just look for the self serve glass door fridges.
Juice, coffee, espresso and soft drinks to your hearts content are served at the main bar. The read lower bar is basically self serve however you may only find Soft drinks and beer there. Juice and coffee is always available up front.

Many of the women make a habit to take turns visiting the bar and serving drinks while men at and near the bar watch them squat or bend over to access glasses, ice etc. Eye contact is a popular way for the women to get your attention. It’s common as you walk the gauntlet past the bar where the men and women are that a woman will touch you as you pass. From this extreme to the other there are women who sit in packs chatting and show no interest in the men. In fact over the years it’s been common that some women will refuse men if they are not to their liking.

Another huge difference between Planet Happy Garden FKK Sauna Club and more typical original clubs like Bernd’s FKK Sauna Club in Hennef Lichtenberg is the dress code. Totally nude women at Bernd’s FKK Sauna Club and men only wearing towels, even some not even wearing that define the club as an authentic FKK Sauna Club. FKK Sauna Club Planet Happy Garden on the other hand the men are issued white robes, although not mandatory most men wear the robes but there are not rules that stop you from wearing just a towel. Towels are available at the front entry lounge in the same cabinet where you obtain your slippers. They don’t mind if you help yourself either to the towels or a new robe.

Take care in how you dress when you arrive at this club and plan on entering. I’ve been with a friend who was not permitted to enter due to the way he dressed. He was wearing a knit skin cap and the only one from our group of 5 that was turned away. At first we thought it may be due to him being Asian but in a future visit he was permitted entry without a problem by the same woman. FKK Sauna Club Planet Happy Garden is not the only club where this sort of thing happens either. I suggest you don’t force the issue as when push comes to shove you still won’t get in and most likely if the security thugs get involved things will get worse.

All in all this is one of my favorite clubs but also a club that has some problems. The smoke is a huge problem and spending time at the main bar will be a work out for your lungs. Food is more of a race rather then a relaxed event. Guys will even try and cut into the line to avoid being last and out of luck. Women being dressed rather then totally nude means some surprises when you get to the room. Since women sit in groups in the bar, lounge area sometimes it’s more difficult to approach them. After 3pm the place usually begins to get crowded and eventually this means not rooms and sometimes no girls. Since the club pricing is based on the additional 30 minutes are 25 Euro each many men take advantage and book the girls for hours on end. When you have 100 guys and 30 women this sort of thing can cause problems.

Best advice is to arrive early or when they open, the women are fresh and more arrive as the day continues. Approach the women and make some small talk to get an idea of how they respond. Remember you don’t have to go to the room.

Taking a tour with the very popular FKKTOUR Sauna club tours FKKTOUR/tour.htm is a great idea as you’ll meet other US or English speaking guests. It’s always more fun to visit the club with friends or others. The other benefit is that the info one gets from a group of guys means that only one guy has the bad party. The best women will quickly become apparent to everyone in the group. All over the web you’ll note the posts about how difficult it is to find this club as well as many others. Wildenrath FKK Sauna Club is another one of those clubs that can be difficult to find. Even a seasoned visitor as myself going on the FKKTOUR Sauna Club tours make sense as my hotel and transportation are all taken care of for me at a reasonable rate. I always have friends to spend time with during my visit and have access to a wealth of info from experienced German and US guides who know the management personally.

If you plan on visiting the club yourself, renting a car is your best bet. Public transportation is an option but has it’s pitfalls. Trains, subways and buses take time to figure out which ones to take plus they cease to operate late in the evening which might leave you stranded at a club. This means more expensive transportation like a taxi will come into play. If you opt for a rental car, allow plenty of extra time to find these places as well as getting lost. Buy the best maps and make sure you have plenty of fuel. Remember you’ll be departing the club at night when it’s dark and easier to get lost. Gas is two to three times the cost as the US. Also when booking your rental car take note that some rates do not include the high airport fees and taxes that can up the total another 20 percent.

On this trip I did 2 back-to-back days here. This is a useful technique, as it usually makes it possible to catch some of the better girls that might be very busy. I came with 3 friends, so there was a nice group of us on Saturday night, and Sunday with 1 friend. I must say, Saturday night was the best visit I have ever had here, especially with regards to the girls and customers.

Saturday was busy, but not a mob scene (usually it is a mob scene!). There were a large number of girls, and overall quality was very high. For some reason, all the girls and all the customers were very friendly. All 3 of my friends speak no German, and they even had a great time talking to the girls and guests. We were there from 16:00 til close, and never had a bad moment. All of us had great sessions.

As for me, I made a repeat visit with a Brazillian girl who has been here for over 1 year(used to be at Meindorf). As I know she can be extremely hot and wild, I went straight to her. We proceeded to thrash around and completely dishevel the room. Best session I have had in a while.

Sunday night was also fun, but much fewer guests and girls. This is normal at this club, so I was not surprised. Still, there were a good number of quality girls, and no problems again.

This club is still very high on my list. Even if it was not so inexpensive, the constant high level of girls would still make it a must see. If you have not been here, do so.

One word of information (warning) – the pricing here for some reason is confusing, even though it should not be. We did hear one girl (another Brazillian or South America type) telling guests that it was 100 for 1 hour no matter what she did. I asked the management for the “official” rates, and it was confirmed that basic service is 25 for each 1/2 hour, with a ONE TIME charge of +25 if you want BBBJ (without condom). FT or anal is negotiated seperately with the girl. (Friends have told me FT is either free, or +25, depending on the girl and how long you spend in the room. YMMV!) This means 1 hour with is 50, without is 75, etc.

In addition to the information in the public section, I will add that the second girl informed me they were not allowed to charge for “extras”. I did not think to have her go over all the rules of charging with me, but I sure will the next time. Hopefully she is there when I return in 2 weeks. Both of these girls did not charge anything extra, and did outstanding service with FT at the end. I did not even ask for it, and in fact let them know (for sure!) that I was over the edge and they could stop easily if they had wanted to.

The custom is pretty consistent accross all clubs, especially here, and it is this – time is running until you pop. Shortly after that you will be asked if you want to leave the room, and you will be charged an appropriate amount (the usual is 50 Euro if no extras were involved). If you elect to stay, the clock continues running, but it is assumed and expected you will be there longer than the 1/2 hour minimum. I suppose some of you young dudes can manage 2 pops in a 30-minute period, but I sure can’t! I am not aware of anyplace that will allow 2 shots in a 30 minute session, so don’t expect this. At Happy Garden it is especially common for a guest to stay in the room with the girl for a longer period. My average time is around 90 minutes, and that is normally only 1 shot for me, but hopefully you can do better. I just enjoy spending time with these girls, many of whom I know reasonably well, or want to get to know. Also, they will all be pretty good about telling you when the 30 minutes is up, so you won’t go over without realizing it (some other clubs but not all do this). I have gotten in the habit only at Happy Garden of telling the girl up front I don’t really care about the time (and hence money), so this often leads to a better session. Just be prepared to spend at least 1 hour if you do this. Sometimes I will say “No problem up to 2 hours” and this then puts some kind of boundary on it. The girls are always happy with this, then they don’t really have to worry either.

As for FT, is stands for Französich Total, or Freench Total, and is the term used to indicate when you cum in her mouth. In my recent experiences this is getting more popular, and more girls are doing it. But BE SURE to either ask the girl before you start (to be certain she does it, and what the extra costs to you might be), or if you get carried away at the moment, make clear verbal (“OK, OK!) AND physical indications (tap firmly on her body somewhere at the same time you are verbalizing) that you are at the end of your rope. This gives her the option of pulling off at the last second, and does not really kill the finish for you. The best approach is to set everything up in advance, then there is no worry.

Some of my best FT’s have happened when I was not really expecting or planning them, the girls just kept going. This has been the case here more than other places. For me it is not a problem, as I am familiar with the prices, girls, and clubs, and they mostly know me as a regular guest. For new guests, this could lead to confusion about the money (“You didn’t tell me it cost extra!”, stuff like that).

Back here again on Saturday afternoon and evening, and again terrific service. Club was jumping.

I did some confirmation with a girl I now know well, and she speaks excellent English to avoid any possible confusion. The “official” club policy is 25 E for every half hour, with 1-time extra charges for BBBJ, FT. We did not discuss cum-on-body, but it should be no more than FT, and might not be anything extra. Anal was also not explicitly discussed (I did not really think to ask about it), but we were mostly discussing “all extras” being 25 extra.

So, for those of you that like FT, a 1-hour session (if you can last that long! ) would be 50+25+25 = 100 Euro. Or for guys like me that like to relax and talk, etc. my 2-hour sessions are 150. Just about half what it costs in Frankfurt.

In my experience, the level of service here is tops. Like any club, you can sometimes have a bad experience, and if it is really bad, you should say something to the management. They really do care here, and will try to correct the problem. Best if you do it right away, and not wait until you leave, as you will then remeber the girls name, could point her out, etc.

Daniella was away on holiday. Both of these girls were new to me, and somewhat new to the club.

BTW, I have often stated the financial advantages of this club (in addition to the great girls). 1st trip to the room was 1 hour, FT finsh, 75 Euro.
2nd girl, 2 hours, FT finish 125! Compare this to the 250 at Atlantis or Oase or ?? and it looks even better here.


Hotel Haus Sittard
Rheinstrasse 6
41749 Viersen – Süchteln
Tel 02162 6077
Fax 02162 77442
26 Beds
10 Single Rooms
8 Double Rooms
Single Rooom with Breakfast 38€
Without Breakfast 35€
Bowling, Parking area

Höhen Hotel Gehring
Hindenburgstrasse 67
41749 Viersen – Süchteln
Tel 02162 7277
Tel 02162 7278
Fax 02162 80359
25 Beds
6 Single Rooms
9 Double Rooms
Single Room with Bath 90€
Double Room with Bath 140€
Parking Area and Garage

Hotel Restaurant Haus Berger
Lobbericher Strasse 20
41749 Viersen – Süchteln
Tel 02162 6127
Fax 02162 979994
14 Beds
1 Single Room 30€
6 Double Rooms 55€
Rooms include bath
Parking area and Garage

Hotel Gartz
Tönisvorster Straße 35
41747 Viersen – Süchteln
Tel 02162 6067

Haus Vorst
Kuhstraße 4
41918 Tönisvorst
Tel 02156 7047

Hotel Haffmans
Markt 12-14
47929 Grefrath
Tel 02158 91660

Grefrather Hof Akzent Hotel
Am Eisstadion
47929 Grefrath
Tel 02158 4070

Hotel Schumeckers
Hohe Straße 36a
47929 Grefrath
Tel 02158 3888

Hotels listed are 10Km or closer to PHG


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