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FKK Dolce Vita
Briedestrasse 44
40599 Düsseldorf
Tel 0211 7489046
Info 0211 7489090

Su – Th: 11a – 1a
Fr – Sa: 11a – 5a
Happy Hour: 11a – 2p

Entry: 40 EUR (Happy Hour 25 EUR)
Includes: Use of all facilities, food, beverages
Session: 40 EUR (Happy Hour 30 EUR)
Includes: Kissing, oral, intercourse. Additional activities negotiable.

Sauna and Garden, Massage Service: Mo, Th, and Fr (30 mins/30 EUR)

From the A3 on the A46 exit Holthausen/Reisholz, the first signal left. Then about 2km straight look for the sign “ZAMEK” on the left. You’re at Breidestrasse. Coming from Neuss exit Holthausen/ Reizholz, straigt ahead 2km

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Kissing and bbbj sometimes depends on you. While at Babylon, SA and Bernd’s you are almost guaranteed kissing and bbbj at Dolce Vita it’s not a sure thing. I’ve had pretty good luck andget kissing about 30% of the time and bbbj about 90% of the time. Your chances are probably better if your squeeky clean, smelling good and fairly attractive. If a girl likes you then your chances are always better. As far a looks, the Italian girl as well as the Latvian girl were 9 and 10’s in my book. While I got kissing and bbbj from both. I’ve also seen some less attractive women and had covered bj by a very few.

The name I have is “Bahnhof Duesseldorf-Reisholz”
Reisholz is the home of a huge Henkel factory if that helps when describing it. It’s (the factory) only a block from the train station. It’s a .816 KM walk (less then a Km) walk south to the shell station then take Kappeler Str south to the 4th street, left on Breidestr. the second address on the left marked by a huge 44. Ring the bell pass thru 2 gates (patient they buzz you in at each gate) several video cameras are watching.

There is also another station about twice the distance to the club just south called Bahnhof Duesseldorf-Benrath Remember that when you spell Duesseldorf that in German it’s Dusseldorf with the two dots over the u.

You can park on the public street right out in front of the club. If you have a map you won’t have a problem finding the club. Look for the big 44 address sign as that’s the only clue. Besides the men coming and going all the time. Have fun and please post your experience when you return.

Parking situation is good. You can also take the train S6 from Düsseldorf to Cologne and get off the train in Düsseldorf/Reisholz, from there it is a 10 minute walk.
Planet Happy Garden is actually in Oedt a small villiage near Kempen. See the map here

Dolce Vita Not per say a Full Service FKK club, price is the major advantage of this club. Women tend to be younger and more attractive at PHG but they’re almost usually from eastern block countries. Dolce Vita charges 5dm per drink, PHG does not and beer is included free. Dolce Vita does have several good girls working, some are totally nude while others wear bikini’s etc. They also have a sauna, tanning booth and snacks like cookies and things.

Babylon Once the premier club they’ve since downsized in talent and lost the majority of the top bookers. Due to the legal problems from a year ago they had several closures where the girls left for greener pastures. They’re more of a Full service FKK club where you can expect french kissing, condomless oral, plenty of couch action, no rushing and more women that provide the extras such as anal, french total etc. Drinks are included, I don’t think they have beer anymore. Hours tend to be short but they’re not what they were a year ago. Many new faces with no history and things can get dull or strange as space is limited. Everyone tends to sit in the lounge on the top floor and stare at each other. The women sit in a group and sometimes the men also. Sauna and Tanning booth are the only options.

Planet Happy Garden
More of a bar where the girls stand around in lingerie or bikini’s smoking and talking. Guys stand around in robes deciding who they’ll select. Once you select you take the walk to the room and you make the choice between oral with or without condom. The girl most likely will try to get you to go without condom as she makes twice the money. One of the best bars with fruit juices, coffee machine, soft drinks, beer etc. Buffet is not served all the time only near lunch time and dinner, if your late most likely the food will be gone as the girls and guys often line up and eat till it’s gone. Sometimes they even skip the meal all together (it’s not serverd). Women are fairly young, 18-24 from Russia, Poland etc. couch action like I’ve said is rare to never. Watch your clock as some girls have been known to overcharge for time.

If you want a real FKK experience then do Babylon.

If you want the most sex for the least amount of money go to Dolce Vita.

If you want young women, a good bar and no couch action then Happy Garden will do.

Also look into Parksauna now that your going so far north, they have lots of couch action. 70dm entry, 150dm per session. Great bar as they’re the sister club to Happy Garden. Girls are eager, friendly and often totally nude. Food is also served in the evenings. They’re in Wegberg/Wildenrath

Planet Happy Garden is a good choice. Price wise Dolce Vita can’t be beat. I was there last week and as usual for 240 dmarks I had 3 excellent sessions even one French Total for no extra charge. Margarita from Torino Italy is a great session as well as the new Thai gal with the perfect 10 body.

French kissing at Dolce Vita depends on you and the gal as I’ve had no problem getting french kissing while a friend did the same girl and was refused. This is normal at the smaller club or not FULL FKK service clubs. For example everyone gets french kissing usually at places like SA and Bernd’s.


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