FKK Saunaclub Magnum

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FKK Saunaclub MAGNUM
Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 24, 40699 Erkrath

Tel: 0211 – 8766600

Monday – Sunday. 11:00am – 05:00am
Friday – Saturday 11:00am – 7:00am

Entry: 50 EUR
Includes: Use of all facilities, food, beverages
Session: 50 EUR (30 minutes)

Sauna and Pool, Massage Service

At one time Magnum which is located in a multilevel warehouse was several clubs. Changes to German law demanding clubs could not be located near each other forced the owner close several clubs or knock down walls and create one huge club. The result is a maze of hallways, stairwells and lounges and social rooms. It’s very possible to get separated from friends during your visit. You’ll note there are several locker rooms, bars and now closed entry areas from the past. Not too long ago the center parking area was converted to an outdoor patio area with pool. The club caters to a Turkish crowd in the evenings till the am. While a each guest receives a food voucher for the restaurant one should take care as the dining room has limited space compared to the size of the facility. During opening and day hours the club is fairly clean and well maintained but as the evening begins it can fall behind in cleaning and upkeep.

The number of available women can vary from a dozen to seventy but unless there is a specific party you won’t find the 100 women often advertised on banners and billboards seen throughout Germany. Lockers for the most part are large and spacious. Music in the evening tends to get loud to the point one can’t have a conversation. There is an central outdoor smoking area with Sauna and lounging furniture

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