FKK Club Nacht Cafe

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Nacht Cafe
Ackerstrasse 153
40233 Dusseldorf
Tel 0211 6218425
Info 0211 6218429

Monday – Thursday
11am to 3am
Friday – Saturday
11am t0 5am
Web Site
Happy Hour: Before 8 PM, entry is 30 Euros and sessions are 20 Euros per 20 minutes.
After 8 PM: Entry is 20 Euros and session price is 70 Euros for 30 minutes.
Drinks: Soft Drinks 3 Euros, Beer 6 Euros, Long Drinks 9 Euros
Same owner as Dolce Vita Reishof in Dusseldorf. All new with the option of wearing a robe or your street clothes. More of a bar feel where the women are wearing skimpy outfits. Selection of women was above average and level of service above average for the area. Typical FKK style service, 25 Euro extra charge for French Total. Some of the women were X Babylon, Golden Time and Dolce Vita. Parking is the big issue for this club as its very limited out front. Double parking is common and accepted in the area, just make sure you don’t block someones car who needs to get out. Downstairs sauna, upstairs porn kino complete with large bed, 2 rooms with couches and a full wet bar. Large comfy robes are furnished if needed or just have a seat in your street clothes. Great price for full service if you arrive before 8 PM, still not a bad deal at 90 Euros total for a session if you arrive after 8 PM. Not the rushed 20 minute sessions like DV.

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