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Partytreff Pegasus
Bankstrasse 69
40476 Düsseldorf
Tel 0211 5144930
Entry 120 Euro
(Alle inclusive)
Monday – Friday
10am – 2:30pm
Monday – Saturday
7pm – 11:30pm
Closed Sundays
Ask about there 9 Visits the 10th is free
When the club is full, they won’t permit any more guests. This sometimes is only 9-12 guests.
NO Reservations, first come first serve.
Overnight stays available
Extra Services
NS = Depends on the woman
KV = No
SM = Depends on the woman
Condoms used for all services including oral
Bisexual men are welcome

Basic info about your visit
They are selective so dress neat and clean.
They reserve the right to refuse service or entry
This is in no way an FKK club. You have the choice of wearing only a towel or your underpants.
There are a limited number of lockers. So a limited number of guests are permitted. In fact they say that they permit 3 men max per every one woman they have. Women are rarely to never totally nude. Lingerie is the common attire for the women. Even during your sessions they most likely will not remove much. Most likely there will be 3 women, privacy is not possible as there are no totally inclosed rooms. Much of the fun happens in the main lounge for all to see. There is a chance that you’ll be choosen to partake in a public display. The key here is that the owner is also the husband of the main Thai gal who runs the show. His hobby is watching his wife have sex with other men. What better way to make a living at your hobby. So she’ll be careful choosing a suitable partner(s) for the act. During such acts don’t be surprised if the husband comes in for a closer look and even smacks his wife on the rear and roots her on. Not everyone gets a chance with her but the other 2 Thai gals are fair game. Food is above average as is the bar. Everyone is friendly and the establishment is spotlessly clean. Located in a basement apartment in the inner city. It’s a combination swinger club and brothel with a Thai theme. The main gal is an attractive and friendly woman. You’ll feel welcome and have a good time. Sometimes they do have a non-thai woman working.

Pegasus is certainly different. When you shag a girl the other people can have a look at you, so you instantly become a porn star! I was quite tired after the Dolce vita, so I had only two sessions (which is good anyway for the price I paid: 200 DM flat, drinks and buffet included). Once again, the girls, although not 10 in terms of beauty, were really keen in giving me an excellent night. they were pushing me to the bed, not the opposite! Then they did everything I wanted again: french kiss, very long BJ without condoms, various positions, they licked me everywhere and kissed me again and again. Meantime, other people were fucking in the rooms beside and I could see quite well what was going on and the whole thing was pretty cool.

I visited this club a week or so ago. A wonderful experience, though it doesn’t map to Capricorn2001’s. While I was there, everything was with a condom and there was no kissing – either for me, or for those I watched.
I found the club incredibly friendly; Nan made me feel totally at home despite being my first time, and she pretty much called the shots as to who and when I was going to have a romp with. This was fine by me as there was a stunning blonde (Michaela) who unfortunately spoke no English…I found her face to be very beautiful.
The other punters there were very friendly and we had some great chats. There was also a couple having a party night, sorry mates, but she was butt ugly.
Would totally recommend, and it was also just a short walk from the Hilton where I was staying.

I visited Pegasus at the end of November, on a Saturday evening (open from 19 to 23.30). I will definitely recommend this very friendly place. Everything was with condom, no kissing, but you will get great sex/chat/buffet, and optionally a surprise organized by Nan the hostess (that evening, it was an oil massage). 4 hours spent here were not enough, but well worth 200 DM. Unfortunately, they are closed for holidays

The last time that I visited Pegasus was about 2 1/2 years ago and I had a great time. I arrived shortly after 7pm. There were 3 girls present, Nan, the owner, Pailyn and a non-Thai girl called Nicole who has been working at the club for about 2 months. Pailyn is a typical Thai girl, small and petite and can be very aggressive in bed. Nicole comes from the former East Germany is about 5’ 10” tall, long blond hair with B cup breasts.

There were about 5 men in all by the end of the night and Nan also took part by putting on a display with some of the men in the main part of the club and then retiring to the room to finish off. I had 3 sessions, one with each of the girls, although I could have had 4 or 5 but I just didn’t seem to have the energy (maybe I’m getting old). Overall an enjoyable night with 3 sessions, some food and a couple of beers for €120. I enjoyed my visit to Pegasus,

It appears that this place is more like a buffet, where you pay one price and everything is included. You never did state how much the entry is at Pegasus, I only read the 200-300 entry fee which referred to party treffs.

Pricing from your experience did not seem that much from other FKK clubs where you pay about 300dm to get laid twice. Lets face it how many times can a guy pop his load anyway. Regardless its a steal compared to US prices. I have never felt as if I was on a meter at an FKK club. The 30 minute rule only applies to those that seem to feel they can go on and on. I’ve had great luck without a meter at the top clubs like Bern’s and SA where I spent well over an hour with the girls.

I will agree that the main difference between the party treffs and the FKK clubs is the all inclusive price. So from your report your saying that the entry is between 200-300dms and you can stay all day, do they have food? and then you can have sex as many times as you wish all day?

Five minutes walk from Kennedy damm Tram stop, or a short taxi ride from the center of Dusseldorf (around 4-5 km).

You enter an anonymous apartment block via the bell marked “Pegasus” with a labelled bell to have Nan unlock the door. She’ll meet you inside at a ground floor door with a larger Pegasus sign, from where you descend into a basement paradise. Nicely decorated with erotic art, a good selections of light snacks, a small bar where Nan provides drinks (beer, juices and soda at least), porn movies running on a small TV, and couch space for around 10 people.

Pay Nan your 120 euro entry fee (all inclusive, and no-one every asked for any extra), undress (into a towel or briefs as you prefer) and take a tour of the facilities in a small but well equipped paradise. Shower, small electric sauna (which works well, with a TV outside a window so you can watch as you steam), and half a dozen “rooms” (alcoves containing couches, so passers by to watch what is going on) as well as small selection of domination kit (stocks, chains, chair etc.) which I didn’t try and where not in use when I visited.

It was very quiet on the Tuesday night I visited, but business was down because of the poor business climate in the area, and more significantly because of a big football match that night. At other times it is very busy when there is a business fair in town. Nan also runs “business apartments” for visiting businessmen needing accommodation within staggering distance of this sexual paradise. Nan said she had been in Dusseldorf for 3 years, and started the club as a hobby at weekends two and a half years ago. Now it is her full business (closed Sundays and for a couple of weeks over Christmas) open over lunch and in the evening (7pm until 11:30).

There were two girls on duty (as well as Nan, who is a very sexy lady but does not participate), and only three other men during the time I was there (two when I arrived at 7:15, and one had left and one arrived by the time I departed at 10:00). The girls were wearing underwear when in the main lounge area.

After a light snack (I hadn’t eaten) I adjourned to a room with May to get warmed up:-) Nan has some English and the girls only a little, so sitting around chatting and recovering in the small group would be more comfortable if you spoke German. So after an orange juice I retired with May again so she could give me a massage. Which naturally led to some more action. Then I took a Sauna for half an hour, which really prepared me for a cool beer! During which Pai Lin (not sure of the spelling) soon tempted me to a room for some more very steamy action (after which I was hotter than after the sauna). After that I was pretty drained, and Nan called a cab and I left around 10pm for an early night.

During my visit, BJs were only offered with a condom, and there was no kissing (beyond a very affectionate one on the cheek to say goodbye). Beyond that, the simple fee included everything you can eat – food or human! The girls were very friendly in the lounge area, but quickly suggested moving to a “room” to get serious (but then there is not a lot of space in the lounge). However, as there is no difference in the cost (or level of privacy), this is more comfortable. As you are not paying by the hour there is no incentive to rush, or to spin it out. The girls were very friendly and affectionate in the recovery periods – the atmosphere encourages it, and in such a small group it would be a very boring job otherwise!

All in all, 130 Euros for as many sessions as you want in an evening with some great, friendly girls is one hell of a deal. OK, if you are into quantity and choice this might not be for you. But if you want quality not quantity, and an intimate, friendly, relaxed atmosphere which won’t break the bank, then (based on just one experience) I’d have said you couldn’t go wrong at Pegasus.

I have been to Pegasus during the day (open 10am to 2.30pm) on Thursday.
There were 2 girls from the beginning, and another one arrived around noon. We were 2 men when I came in (at 10) and 3 more arrived later. Try to get in before noon, or you can be denied entrance (they ensure to preserve a reasonable men/women ratio, 5/3 seems correct for me). Girls were all Thai, pretty much as described in last War’s message. They are trying to have sessions with all customers to provide variety.
Overall, I didn’t find much difference with evening session. Morning buffet was copious as well. So if you want to start your day nicely, do not hesitate to visit Pegasus in the morning. Price did went up (120E makes 240DM instead of 200), but you’re sure to have at least three very sexy sessions, so it’s still a good deal.

I ended up going to Pegasus on Sat. night (19th), price, as stated, is €120. There were 3 girls present, all Thai. June was about 5’6″ about 30 years of age (I find it hard to tell the age of Thai women), small breasts and had at least one child (C-Section). She was very talented in bed and liked to have more than one man at a time. As I was having sex with her, she was giving another man a hand/blow job. May (sp?) was a very young looking girl, probably about 22. She was 150cm tall and very very petite, good in bed with a tight pussy. Pailyn (sp?) was about 5’5″ tall and slim with medium breasts and the best in bed of all three. I had my last session with her (my 3rd), and she finished me off with a BBBJ and let me come on her chest.
This is definitely NOT a swingers club, some of the girls will take more than one man to the ‘room’ but not all of them. I think this depends on how many men are present, as they want to make sure that everyone has a good time. The ‘rooms’ are more like alcoves with beds in, so when you’re having sex everyone can see what is happening.There were 9 men present on Saturday, so the girls were kept fairly busy. As well as sex, there is a buffet and you can have as many drinks as you want (beer, coke etc), all of this is included in the price. There is also a sauna to relax in after a session. I would definitively recommend it, although it may be a bit better on a weekday night, as sometimes is seemed a bit rushed with the girls wanting to make sure that everyone had a few sessions.

Directions – From the main train station (Hauptbahnof) take the U78 or U79 and get off at Kennedy damm, it’s about the 6th stop. Walk back in the direction the train came from and Bankstrasse is the 1st street on the left. No.69 is on the right-hand side of the street toward the far end of the street. Ring the buzzer marked Pegasus and Nan will let you in. It’s best to arrive as soon as possible after 7pm to ensure entry. Nan was saying that on the 7th February they’ll be open all day (from 10am to 11pm) to celebrate Fasching (Carnival) BUT for €120 you can only stay for 4 1/2 hours.

1) Pegasus is closed from Dec 19 to Jan 3 for holidays.
2) There were 3 women (I told there could be 4 some nights, but not more). But there were about only 6 men, so it IS limited and you don’t have to wait in line. Try to arrive right after 19h, as otherwise you might be denied.
They are open from Mon to Fri 10am-3pm as well.
3) only one woman was Thai (Nan is Thai, too, but she does not participate…). I’d rate her looks about 6, but her sex skills are definitely 9! Then there were two German girls; a sculptural blonde (8) and what you call a “regular-looking” one (about 5). The owner said they don’t have East-European or other girls from abroad in “irregular” situation.
4) There was a German swinger couple, and if you’re into it (as I am), you will have a great time; but it’s NOT a swinger club, so you cannot really count on swinger’s presence…
5) The time with the girl IS NOT limited, but after 23.00 the club was going to close, so no more action (they ever run out of coffee around 22.30!)

When I entered Nan greeted me and showed me around the club. It is a very small club and it was nicely decorated with several small rooms or corners. There is a bar and a couple of sitting areas. Nan likes to keep the club small. She strictly limits the number of men so there are never more than 3 men per woman. She wants the women to be able to have time to socialize with the men and not just screw a long line of horny guys. She rotates the women so no one works at the club more than 2-3 days per week. This way they are fresh and enjoy the sex.

There were three women besides Nan this evening. Joy, a petite young girl who has the nicest Thai smile, Dani, a new girl who was pretty good and Pilin (sp?) who is very sexy and helped me finish the evening with a smile.

The evening started out pretty routine. We sat around and exchanged pleasantries. One big positive – they speak English! Soon Dani pulled me and took me to a room. We had a good time. I won’t go into the details of the sex. We returned to the group and talked for a while. Then Joy started playing with me and soon I was at attention. We retired to the back and went at it. I came again – much to my surprise. She has a very young tight body with a small but supple ass. After a shower it was back to the group. Dani invited me for a nice massage. After a working over, Dani and Joy tried me again, but this time I was out of fuel and just rested. Kaput!

I talked to Nan for quite a while. She is very interesting. We talked about the club, how she manages and that’s how I learned that she manages the girls so they do not work there too much and get “hardened.”

May, is 23 from the Philippines. Attractive (around a 7) small breasts, a tattoo of the sun around her belly button, very affectionate, and doesn’t let her attention wander from you at all while she is with you. She has a limited command of English (but we got by). Good BJ technique and then a rapid variety of positions. With her very slim, sexy body it was a great way to get into the mood! I think her technique is to some extent conditioned by the need to rapidly work through a series of men to keep them all happy when the place is busy, but done in a way that does not seem rushed.

Pai Lin, though, was a real find. At a guess, mid to late 20s (I didn’t ask) and Thai ancestry (though she said she was from Dusseldorf). I’d rate her a 8 with a very sexy body, nicely sized breasts with nipples that really react to the tongue. Actually all of her does. I’d say this isn’t so much a GFE as a nymphomaniac girl friend experience. She really got into it, and certainly gave the impression that for a time that it was about her satisfaction not mine! And that’s quite a turn on. I also liked the way she tucked a condom into the top of her stockings at the start so it was immediately to hand when she wanted to slip it on me for a BJ while I was going down on her. I always have trouble cuming the second time, so we got to try lots of different positions! All in all, she’s up there competing with Lisa in Munich last week and very few other girls for the all time top spot among those I’ve been with. And after exhausting me she seemed genuinely disappointed that I was leaving rather, than staying around for another session!

I have been to Pegasus twice now. A very nice club. The girls are very attractive, if you like Asians, which I do. They also seem to be very into it. Peilin in particular seems to be a total Nymphomaniac. Some of the girls do full tongue kissing, some don’t. Eating them out doesn’t seem to be a problem either. The only thing about it that I don’t like is that they only do oral with condom. The price is also nice, 120 Euro for all you can manage. It is public sex, though. So if that bothers you, then it’s probably not for you.

An interesting experience. There were 5 girls there, and I guess about a dozen guys. Only one of the girls was really attractive, a petite blond with short hair and several piercings. I am sorry, but I don’t remember any names. She was about a 7 in my book. The other girls were older, and not very attractive (2 to 5).

The website advertises “Franz Total”, but apparently this refers to the fact that one of the girls there does it. She is (I would guess) in her mid to late thirties, and not very attractive (about a 3). She does give great head, though, and swallows.

The only other girl there who did BBBJ was a Spanish girl, I think. She was about a 5. Her BJ was not very good, though (too much teeth).

The cute blond girl gave great head, at least as good as the FT girl, but only with condom. I had one particularly nice experience, though. I was doing a 69 with the blond, and then the other girl came and took over. She removed my condom and sucked me off while I ate the blond. That was the highlight of the evening, and still one of the best experiences I have ever had. All total, I managed 6 times that evening (from 5PM to midnight). Well worth the 120 Euro, even if the girls were, for the most part, not much to look at.The food was decent too.

For the record here Pegasus is NOT an FKK club nor a swinger club, more of a hybrid. The women are paid to be there, the men pay for entry, which by the way includes a generous buffet, alcohol, regular drinks and all the sex you can handle. The owners (one of the Thai gals and husband and bar tender) are into voyeurism. Thus you’ll find her picking out men who arrive for public sex. Which the main motive is to put on a great show for hubby. Who can be seen taking in the views while acting busy.

Once you encounter the bar tender/owner actually viewing a sex act with the wife and customer it becomes obvious what is going on. While not really a problem for some men, it can be for others not used to an audience. Should you not be up to her or his standards (looks wise) your efforts to bed her will go out the door. I found it less common to get bbbj from the women working there. While most install the gasket right away some will by pass it if you call them on it. Note the signs that they practice “Only Safe Sex”. Also keep in mind that they have a limit to the number of men they permit and sometimes will be a bit choosy when letting you in. This is a good case of them wanting more from you besides your money. They’ve made what was once a hobby for them to a business. All this aside the place is very clean, bar tender and wife are super sweet and nice. Good times can be had and a good supply of Asian and non-asian women can be found. Located in a basement of an otherwise normal upscale apartment building in downtown Dusseldorf.

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