Brothel Asia Sauna CLOSED

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Asia Sauna
Lindenstrasse 128
41063 Monchengladbach
Tel 82161 5763633
Daily 12pm – 2am
They never close
Web Site

Same owner now has 3 clubs
Asia Sex Haus
Asia Sauna
Asia Sex World

This particular club differs from the other two as they don’t have a bar. Nor do they care for more then one guest at a time to enter. They usually have 3-5 girls available but they prefer you to enter alone, select from a line up and go to the room. They usually push the 100 Euro option which includes 45 minutes to an hour of oral, sex (FT if desired) and a massage.

The common pricing runs as follows
50 Euro 20-30 Minutes Hand Job Finish
60 Euro 20-30 Minutes Oral OR Sex (one or the other)
80 Euro 20-30 Minutes Oral and Sex (includes FT)
100 Euro adds Massage and more time to the 80 Euro option.

The other two clubs appear to be more open to the lower level services 50/60 and 80.

If you desire Asian women in Germany these clubs offer a sure thing. Mainly Chinese some Korean, Philippino, Japanese and Thai women.

Drinks are extra and there is no entry fee.
They do offer a huge selection of extras not found at other clubs such as fisting, water games, Thai Massage, NS and Role play.

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