Red Light District Düsseldorf Bahndamm

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dusseldorf Germany Red Light District Bahndamm

Red Light District Düsseldorf Bahndamm
Hinter dem Bahndamm 1-7
40227 Düsseldorf, Germany
Tel +4921177720


24 Hours a day 7 Days a Week
365 Days a year

Entry Free
Services All Negotiable
30E up

The red light area in Düsseldorf is located on a street called ‘Hinter der Bahndamm’. If you walk out of the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) away from the town center, turn right and stay as close to the rail-track as possible, you’ll come to a small alley that leads to the Eros center. There are about 4 blocks of flats each painted a different color, and each with a number beside the window. There are about 70-80 windows in all, and all types of women, black, German, Thai etc. The cost is €30 for a quick session. I had 2 sessions in April, one with a Jamaican girl and another with an Italian girl (Laura). Laura had some good reviews on a German board and offered anal for an extra €20, but IMO they were both very average. Stick to the FKK clubs.
There is a covered area with benches for men to wait on opposite the windows and music from a local radio station is pumped out of speakers. There are even slot machines in case you get board.

The red light section of Dusseldorf is fairly standard. I’ve seen loads of directions, but the easiest way to get there would be to get to the main train station , and as if you’re walking INTO the main terminal, turn to your left and walk down that street about 2 blocks. It will be on your right hand side facing the train tracks.

It’s kind of dump. Unless you don’t have time for much more or want to go el chepo, I’d suggest Dolce Vita. Alternatively, Cologne (Koln to the Germans) has some impressive sights and an nice array of FKK clubs. Jumping on a train in the early afternoon, checking out the cathedral and then spending the remainder of your day having fun in the clubs sounds like a great day to me. Koln is about an hour from Dusseldorf by train (which are excellent in terms of American standards, BTW)

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