FKK Club Cocoon CLOSED

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FKK Club Cocoon CLOSED
Mollenkotten 243
42279 Wuppertal Oberbaren
Tel. 02 02 254 82 89 or 0178-7291147
Daily 10am – 3am
Sun 12pm – 3am
Entry 50€
Sessions 25 €/20 Min, 50 €/40 Min, 75 €/h, BBBJ +10 €, French total +35 €
Happy Hour from 10-14 and 20-23 entrance 35 €, sauna, swimmingpool
Credit cards accepted
20 Girls, 7-10 women from opening to about 7pm, after 7pm up to 20 women can be found
Web Site
Off the A46

This club also provides some good service and a nice selection of women if you’re in the area. Smaller then clubs like Oase and Atlantis it is based around a hotel and from what I hear you can arrange all night sessions with the women. Perhaps K69U may be interested, I think it would be far less then $500. I had two good sessions during my first visit. One with an ex stripper from CZ, boob job,green eyes, short bro hair, very slim, athletic body, wore cowboy boots. Model looks, large c cup a bit on the mechanical side but still very acceptable time. My second girl I had seen first at Dolce Vita and then at Oase near Frankfurt. She stated that she needs to move from club to club after a few months to keep things fresh. We had a long conversation about her relationship with the clubs she works at and she does have a good reputation with all the owners. She stands out as she has a thing about women’s high heeled boots and shoes. Most often she has thigh high boots or 7″ heels. She has bright red med hair, very tanned, slim body, b cup, thick dark eye lashes and very nasty. What I mean is she loves to make nose, talk dirty, like “cum in my mouth baby” gimme your juice, I want it now”. (in German). She did take a load down the throat with a smile and it was not that much extra. I once saw her do a whole session in the lounge at Oase with a guy, finished him off while on all fours. I’ll have to check my notes but its cheaper then most places. While she was blowing me (very skillful oral tech) she pulled a shinny silver bullet shaped vibrator out and slipped it into her already wet pussy. Took my hand and put it on the tool and motioned me to work it in and out. Made for a good show while she blew me with even more intensity. There was never a rush and we spent some good time kissing and doing oral on the couch. As the day goes on it seemed like there were more and more women at one time. The barmaid downstairs that greets you is friendly and Im sure English speakers will be welcome.

I saw an ad in the Happy Weekender for an FKK in Wuppertal, about 20 mintue train ride out of Duisseldorf. Go to the Wuppertal-Oberman station, the taxi from there is about 9 euro’s, from the main station in Wuppertal it is 14 euros.Cocoon is s old house with a pool and sauna in the rear. Entrance was 35 euro’s and a session was 25 euro’s. 10 extra for oral without condom and 25 euros more for other extra’s (facials etc, anal available from some). About 12 to 15 girls, not the 30 they advertise in the magazine, of various nationalities Age 18 to 35, mostly very shapely (no cows). Usual FKK experience, all girls sitting around a lounge. Did not see or experience any couch action. Nice rooms juice bar open for free and seemed to have a liquor bar as well, but no bartender seen on a Tuesday night at 9 p.m. I chose Alicia or Alison (couldn’t quite understand) she spoke the most english. Very petit, A cup breast, but pierced tongue which I wanted to try out. After you are done you do not pay, until you check out and return your key and then the door women collects the fare. This place has a Sister club called Tropicana in downtown Dusseldorf at 76 Corneilaustrasse…not the same experience there. Manager was uncomfortable with my lack of German, offered that I could come back in an hour (it was already 11 p.m) for more selection or take the girl who spoke perfect English who met me at the door. I selected her, very friendly about 5’10” 120 lbs., hairy bush (which was nice for a change) good oral and 69 etc. Very much GFE. Wanted 100 euro’s for everything except anal (she wouldn’t-I didn’t care) and no swallowing. Expensive by standards and I told the girl I had just been at Cocoon. She told me it was owned by same people. I told her the prices were more fair there and she and I both understood that I was getting ripped off because I was a tourist. Personally 100 euro’s for total sex including BBBJ is still a bargain vs. USA, equal to Holland and slightly better than Montreal (even with exchange rate).

Jeffy went to Cocoon with the tour guides and was pleased with this place. This place allows you to feel out the girl for 20 minutes before staying with them. The price is 25 Euros for 20 minutes and the entry was 50 Euros. This place is also great for extras like French Total. BBBJ however is charged 10 Euros extra. I had a Somalian girl first. She was black, tall, slim and had a nose ring. She gave good service.The second girl, I had a polish girl. She was short, had light blond hair, blue eyes, and pale complexion. We didn’t get to talk much because I was her last session so I didn’t get her name. She was a clock watcher though and stopped my session after 35 minutes before going home.The third girl I did was a Brazilian girl with dark complexion and black hair. She was very passionate with the kissing just like the service you get in Brazil. She also gave a great bbbj and passionate sex. Her service was a 9, however, her looks was about a 5. The next girl I had was a Kristin Dunst lookalike with Red hair call Allana. She was German, very tall, slim, green eyes and tanned body. She had excellent oral skills, and was good with the sex. She was also not a clock watcher so I was pleased with her services. I was pleased with all the women except one bad apple Melissa who was Turkish, Jet black hair in a bun, pale complexion, and black eyes. She was also about 5’4″ tall. Stay away from her and go with any other girl. She insults you and pressures you into doing a 2 girl session and does nothing but masturbate. Her partner in the 2 girl session Alyssa did all the work so I didn’t mind paying for her. She may not be working there anymore because I complained about her. The last girl I had was originally from Bern’s. Her name was Linda. She is Polish, black eyes, dirty blond hair tied in a short ponytail, tanned complexion, and about 5’9″ tall. If you’ve gone to Bern’s, you’ll love Linda because she still has the excellent oral and sex skills she acquired from that place. I enjoyed her so much that I stayed with her for an hour and 10 minutes (she charged me for an hour. She even was able to make me cum after I’ve just had 5 other women (I am not counting the rip off artist Melissa). If you see her, grab her immediately.

I got the chance to stop by Cocoon on a recent trip to Germany. It’s been about a year since I last visited. My visit was during the day time happy hour. Obvious changes are the new lockers and better lighting in the locker room. Also the Kino out back which are all welcome changes. The hotel is no longer used by the club from what I understand.

Staff wise there were only about 5 girls present during my visit, all were attractive enough but nothing that matched what you find at PHG, GT or LV. The one girl I did take to the room was not happy with the low pricing scheme. If you don’t know its 25 Euros for 20 minutes which you have to add another 10 Euro if BBBJ is performed. For those that are not totally familiar, this means if she blows with a condom during the 20 minutes its
25 Euros and if she blows without a condom during the 20 minutes the total charge is 35 Euros for the 20 minutes. The first thing they want to do is add the 10 Euros thus push the BBBJ, then they want to extend the session over the 20 minutes which means either another 25 Euros or 35 Euros.

The other change is that you pay the gal directly from your locker after the session. I’m sure this is why they installed new lockers and better lighting in the locker room. Food was lacking, cheese and meat sandwiches, finger snacks and soft drinks. No beer or alcohol.

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