Brothel DejaVu Funbar (Name Change)

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DejaVu Funbar (Previously 5th Element)
Am Kreuzacker 2
36124 Industrialgebiet Eichenzell (Fulda)
(Industrial area)
Tel +496659309002

FKK Sauna Club Das 5. Element

Am Kreuzacker 2
36124 Industrialgebiet Eichenzell (Fulda)
(Industrial area)
Tel 06659915973
Sunday – Thursday 11am – 4am
Friday – Saturday 11am -4am

5thElement us located just off the autobahn about an hour drive (direction Fulda) from Frankfurt. The club is situated in an industrial zone. One must keep an eye out for the small street signs which point in the direction of the club. Entering the address in a GPS will get you close to the club, but not in front of it. So pay close attention when you arrive for the small signage.

The club is new from the ground up and housed inside a warehouse. Parking us going to be a problem if this club becomes a big player. At the moment there is street parking in front, a row of spaces on the side and in front of the club.

Once you arrive and enter, you’re greeted at the front desk. Prices range from 40 to 60 Euros, depending on when you visit. Fridays and Saturdays you’ll pay the 60 Euros unless they have a special offer in effect.

The club issues you the typical armband which also has a magnetic chip which is used to keep track of your alcoholic drinks and extras such as massage. The band also has a locker key, similar to what you get on European cars today with the retracting key. As you walk into the club, directly to the right is an entrance to the main room and the main restroom. Directly to the left is the main office and straight ahead you pass the security lockers on the right and the locker room on the left.

You’ll have a choice of a robe or a Velcro towel. This is something I’ve seen before, but never a club that offered this. Image a towel you wrap around your waist, which has Velcro fasteners to keep it snug and around your waist. Plus a pocket on the front to keep small times. It was a pleasure to wear this thing and never came off. I think other clubs will follow with this item, but we have to give credit to Das 5th Element for implementing it first.

The locker room is by far one of the best thought out locker rooms. Large lockers with ample room, a bench for getting dressed and further back 3 sinks. A large mirror with mouth wash, hair jell, hair dryer and combs. Farther back is the shower room. I’m not so keen on those huge shower heads that ensure you’ll get your hair wet, but they obviously wanted the impression of plush and modern.

There are two entry points to the main room, one to the right as you enter the club by the front desk and just after the security lockers as you walk straight into the club on the right. You’ll notice the modern decor as you enter, with the “sperm like” objects on the walls. The woven strands hanging down from the multi story ceiling.

The bar is the center of focus and one of the highlights of the club. Note the chalkboard above the bar, this is the day’s menu. The chef will ask you what you want to eat. While he will sometimes get you drinks, there is a bar tender for this purpose as well. Usually, there is a selection of about 6–8 items. You can only order one at a time per person. During my visit they had several noodle dishes, salad, chicken wings, rice bowl, schnitzel strips with noodles or dumplings.

The bar also offer’s hard drinks which come at an extra cost. Coffee, soft drinks and juices are included with your entry fee.

If you’re lucky, the dance pole (one of the highest I’ve seen at any club) will get some use. During my visit, an attractive Bulgarian gal (I think her name was Angelina, and she has photos on their website) made full use of the pole when she put on a show for the guests. This gal had outstanding energy and took the mood from dead to dynamite. She put on a hat and lingerie and started to strut around the pole and bar area. She made her way to the pole and the climbed to the very top where she touched one of the lights. Then she slowly, using only her thighs, lowered herself with the beat of the music.
The best show I’ve ever seen at a club with the irritating strobe lights found at Oase.

Note the large windows at the back of the room on both sides of the bar. Via these, you can see girls coming down from the locker room and couples coming and going to rooms. It gives you an idea of who is going where.

Once past the bar and dance pole, you’ll find a tall electric door which leads to the quiet area of the club. As you enter, there are two whirlpools on the left and the massage area on the right. I did not notice a difference from one whirlpool to the next. They do have a small drainage problem then will have to deal with. Since the pools are on upper level water tends to run off and down from that level. Women made offers to join you in the whirlpool but made it clear that the clock started at that time.

As you get to the end of this room, it T’s left and right. To the right is the Sauna and steam bath, as well as another shower. To the right is a pool. Notice the wall designs change to something you would see on a jungle boat ride at Disneyland. It’s obvious someone took great care in the look and design and paid attention to details.

There is a switch to turn on the jets in the pool, the pool appears to be heated but not warm. It was warm enough to get in and out, but not for long periods. The jets appear to create a flow you can swim against. The pool is not large enough to swim laps, but if you swim against the current you get the same effect.

Around the pool are also lawn chairs with thick, comfortable pads where you can crash and take a nap. This does not mean you’ll be left alone. During your rest, you might get a visit from one of the women.

The masseuse is “Manfred” who was renowned for his four handed massages when he worked at the now closed “Saunaworld aka Fantasyland” for those of you who have been doing this for some time. They have a wellness day when the entry is 45 Euros. The extra 5 euros is for the included massage, which I’m told is just a small starter, or get to know you massage which is no longer than 10 minutes. You might have to get on a list at the front desk or directly via the massage area to book your massage.

There are 2 access points to the outdoor area. They have several palm roofed huts, a pond with water fall and a large deck for those wanting to get some sun.

Back near the locker room at the end of the hall that leads to the entrance is a gambling area with internet access (but at a cost). You’ll find some of the women here when business is slow. All stairways lead to the rooms, while no one bothered me when I took a walk upstairs, this might be an off limit zone. So don’t take it for granted to walk everywhere.

Women, this is the whole point of coming to an FKK club. What came first, the chicken or the egg? More directly, what comes first, the women or the men. Without ample amounts of both women and men, a club never seems to make it big. The women only come when they know they’ll make money, and the men only come if there are ample women. 5th suffers from this problem and hopefully one day they will iron out the problem. I counted only 20 women at peak when I visited and about 10 when I arrived. Far too few for a club of this size. It would help if they had 10 GOOD women, attractive, friendly and providing GOOD service. I would say 50% were above average. I noticed on gal who had worked at Oase for several years. She has olive skin, long hair, fairly attractive and friendly. She appeared to do well with the younger guys. Visit the website and look under “Galerie”. They have actual photos of the women.

Romanian and Bulgarian gals seemed to be the majority. There were a few Polish gals and some other Eastern block women. The club is aware of the problems that are associated with the RO and BU gals, so I won’t go into those details here. Every club in Germany now as RO and BU gals.

My overall opinion of the club is they have probably the best food. You sit at the bar and watch the chef prepare your meal as you wait. Ingredients are fresh and cooked to order, something you only find at GT and Residenz at the moment. The facility is clean and has plenty of room. You have two large rooms, one with the usual disco music and the other for some quiet and relaxing. Ample outdoor area for summer fun, I’m sure BBQ will be another option as well.

The club advertises Porn stars, Strippers, Belly dancers and table dancers. They even have a person who spits fire for your entertainment.

They offer Escort services
where the girl comes to you. Prices range from 200 Euros (2 hours) up to 4900 Euros for the week
Tel 0177 89 79220 for more details

The club even offers overnight accommodations which include breakfast for 50 Euros. However, you are expected to pay your entry fee as well.

Guests had mixed reviews, some really liked the club, while others were not keen to return. It is a bit of a drive from Frankfurt, and even longer during high traffic periods. I personally like the club and think it can only get better. They did offer some good talent, even if they did not have many women. The food was excellent, clean facility, plenty of room to move around and even a place to go and sleep when needed. Large indoor pool is always a plus.

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