Red light District Frankfurt am Main (RLD)

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Frankfurt Red-Light District
Across the street from the Hauptbahnhof Frankfurt am Main Taunusstrasse
Web Site
Rotes Haus

ElbestraBe right next to Rick’s Café. Thai girls for €40 located on the 2nd through 4th floors.

The Frankfurt RLD can be found a few minutes walk from Hauptbahnhof, on Munchener and Elbe Str, between Taunus and Kaiserstr. 10 to 15 Eros Centers with a range of girls, some not appealing at all. The best option, in my experience over the years, has been the second-to-last Eros Center on the right-hand side of Elbe Strasse, the one guarded by security at the entrance. There are actually two houses here, spread out over four floors each. Maybe 75 rooms altogether. Some stunners on Floors 1 and 2, but quality can deteriorate as one moves up. Watch out for some rip-off, poor service lookers, but also some good finds possible. Price from 50e

Getting to the Frankfurt Am Main RLD can be found by exiting the Frankfurt Main Train Station
that faces away from the trains. Look for Taunus Strasse which runs up the middle of the zone
back about 3 city blocks. Red lighting is a dead give away. The red line below shows relation
to the train station.
Frankfurt Am Main Germany Red Light District
Google map to search and do closer searches below

Around the railway station are exactly 13 sex malls, A half-and-half service with a foreign girl starts between 20 to 50e. It usually takes 10 to 20 minutes. I think the prices are good, even it’s short time, the girls don’t make pressure, and you can do quite do a lot with them. They negotiate honest. You’ll usually get what they promised. As I told before, ordinary half-and-half shouldn’t cost more than 50e. Ask the girl if she’ll take off her bra before you give her the money. Otherwise, some will ask for an additional 20 or 30e. In case she won’t do what she has promised before, I wouldn’t make trouble. The girls usually have an alarm button which they will use in that case. Security will come and throw you out. (Not very pleasant). If you don’t know the girl, I recommend negotiating the cheapest price, if the girl is “all right” and does everything she promised, ask her for special wishes and how much more money she wants. I usually don’t spend more than 50e, and sometimes I even get a Greek. The Thai girls usually give a blow job without a condom , also for 50e, it is a pretty good deal.

Another, much smaller, Eros Center deserves mention. This is the one attached to Sudfass Oase on Oskar Muller Str. Near Schon Ausicht by the river. I saw a very attractive German blonde from Munchen with C cups and a great full ass. She was a little cold and mechanical at first, but after I up-graded from a half hour to a full unfettered hour for 125 Euro, she was fantastic. BJ covered and multiple positions.

 The Eros Center is called “Kontakthof”, it’s a very clean looking place and there are loads of women in it. I’ve only been with one German and one Thai girl in this particular place and been ripped off both times! You basically spend at least €50 for a blowjob, if you want sex you’ll need about €100 or so. It’s best to stick to any of the other Centers in Frankfurt (there are at least another 8/9). These have mainly Central/South American women in them, and you can be “fully serviced” for €50. I did find a German girl working in one of the cheaper places for 100e, we had great sex, including using a vibrator on her. These places may be fairly seedy and dingy places, but they’re a lot cheaper, and you don’t get ripped off.
Near the “Konstabler Wache” is the second Red-Light District, in a street called “Breite Gasse”. There are 4 houses, it used to be one more, but it is closed for nearly a year I think, don’t know if they will open again. There is one house that is the cheapest in whole Frankfurt, all the girls will start with 25e.

I call it “The Bunker” cause there aren’t any windows, and you feel like in a Bunker in World War II. When you are there, you’ll surely know what building I mean.

Around the “Breite Gasse” are only Spanish-speaking girls. Inside the other sex malls, you have to calculate 40 DM for the opener (half-and-half, never forget to ask about the bra). The regular girls are average, sometimes you can find a beauty, but don’t expect her to be there the next time you’ll come. The “most exclusive” sex mall (can a sex mall really be exclusive? Nevertheless, this place is at least nice) is at “Oscar von Miller Strasse” straight in front of a bridge to the entertainment district “Sachsenhausen”. The girls ask for at least 100 DM, they promise about 20 minutes, half-and-half. Never tried one. You’ll find South American girls again, some black and German, but also Arabian (especially Turkish I think). They are born and raised in Germany and speak fluently German. Some of them are beautiful. If you give them a try to tell me about your experience.

In front of the “Dresdner Bank” building, you’ll find some street hookers. They are usually drug addicts. You should get half-and-half for about 20e. For 30 or 50e, you can get a hand or a blow job. Some of the girls are young, really young, but don’t imagine them “clean”. They live more or less on the street.

Around Frankfurt, you’ll find another sex mall in a city called “Mainz”, about 40 km away from Frankfurt. There you can get a half-and-half for at least 50e.

You’ll find some Thai girls, if you are lucky, you’ll find a beauty who gives you a good service for less than 100e. Usually, about 20 girls there. Not to compare with Frankfurt, but the “aura” of the place is different.

In the city of “Wiesbaden” is also a sex mall. Wiesbaden is the capital of the state. The mall is more expensive than the ones in Frankfurt and the mall in Mainz. The girls are mostly German, some beautiful Thai and some African. You have to pay at least 50e to get a good half-and-half.

Near Darmstadt, in a small city called Pfungstadt shall also be a sex mall, I haven’t been there yet, so I can’t judge. In Darmstadt there are two nice sex cinemas at “Elizabethen Strasse”. On weekends, you’ll find couples there who will allow you to watch them. Sometimes the girls will also give a hand or blow job, but you can’t rely on. My suggestion is go to the sex cinema at 11 P.M. (only half of the price), take a look, if you like it there stay otherwise go to Frankfurt (20 km away) and have a f…. in the Red-Light District.

Near the main-railway-station (Hauptbahnhof) of Frankfurt/Germany there is a pretty large red-light-are with hundreds of hookers,
sex-bars and other kind of related establishments.

All foreign (or first time) visitors should be aware of the following:

The sex-bars and all the places where somebody tries to “hook” you inside are nothing else but “rip-off places.” Do not visit any of the bars or sex-shows. They will overcharge you for drinks, and you will leave the place without having any sex. Most of the street-hookers in this area are drug-addicts and many of
them are dirty and/or sick. Do not go with them.

The places to go are the many (legal) brothels in this area. The brothels are just old and a bit run-down apartment buildings, where the door is open, respectively with a plastic-curtain at the entrance door. There are signs like “girls”, “erotic” or eros-center” at or above the entrance, and you will notice many men walking in and out all the time. Just walk inside, go up the stairs and there will be many open doors along the floors of the building, each with one chick waiting for business. They ask for 30 – 50e for a blow-job and a fuck (approx. 15 minutes).

My recommendation is, that you always give double than what they ask for, so it is more likely that she will give you a good time and not try to press for extra money while you want to concentrate on the action.  Some of them are rip-offs, most are fair, and some are even excellent “value for money.” Generally spoken, if you surprise them by giving more than what they ask for, you should get a pretty good service.

My suggestion is that you do not go with any German or other Central European girl (however, there are only a few of them) because they tend to have an attitude, and it is more likely that you don’t get a good treatment from them. It is better to choose one of the Latino girls from various South-American countries, who are probably the highest number of chicks working in these places. There are also a number of Asian ladies and, in my opinion, they provide the best overall service and have the nicest characters. It’s always been a disappointment with any of the African women, who you will also find there, especially on the upper floors of the buildings. Please watch out for the drug and crime scenery on the streets around, especially at nighttime. But inside the brothels, it is all pretty save.

{Walk thru Brothel)
Taunustrasse 34
60329 Frankfurt
Tel 069 27107784
60 Rooms
Rooms equipped with
Restrooms and high security
Walking distance from the main train station (HauptBahnhof)
Web Site

Can get a session for as low as 25 euros and always open 24 hours. Need lots of energy for walking up and down the stairs of the Eros centers


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