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News Article: German Men Losers in Bed, Survey of Women Finds

BERLIN (Reuters) – German men are losers in bed and nearly half of the women in the country say their partners leave them unsatisfied, according to a report in the best-selling newspaper
Bild Friday.

A survey of 345 women between the ages of 18 and 59 by the INRA research institute found that four in 10 were disappointed with their partners.

The survey was printed beneath a page one headline that read: “The bitter truth about Germans in bed — nearly every
second women says: My partner can’t satisfy me.” The women complained of being neglected or that their partners were too rough. “A horrible picture emerges whenever I have therapy sessions with couples and then talk with the women alone,” Professor Hartmut Porst, a leading sex therapist, told Bild. “The women complain about their men, saying they feel sexually neglected.”

He added that many German women have the impression that their partners treat sex as a “required duty” rather than
something romantic or even spontaneous. “It’s almost as if the men are looking forward to a date on the calendar rather than an erotic experience,” Porst said. Dr Werner Habermehl, head of the Gewis institute for social research, said he found more than 30 percent of the women he surveyed recently disappointed with their partners. “Men just don’t know enough about the world of feelings that women live in,” Habermehl said.

The newspaper also quoted a 22-year-old woman who complained about her partner. “Everything that my friend does in bed seems so technical,” said the chemist identified only as Kerstin. “It’s like he’s the engineer and I’m the piece of machinery.”

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