STD Risks

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I’ve pondered this exact thought many times, Thus I tend to only visit FKK clubs as they seem to have to pass certain rules and regulations by city and government. These strict rules and regulations are less or non-existant with private women or RLD’s. Swinger clubs worry me the most as since no-one is really an employee of the club the club is not responsible for anything. Strangers come and go and who knows what they bring. Not to mention when in lust and passion who’s gonna stop to shower, clean or rinse. Five guys cumming in one girls mouth sounds like trouble to me. Besides no one keeps track of who visits or who actually has been checked by a doctor. On the other hand if a girl does come down with something she quickly disappears as clubs don’t want that kind of exposure. From reading many of the German boards and personal experience things do happen but not as often as we might think. NEVER have intercourse without a condom and should it be offered for any price refuse it.

I have to wonder what would I or others actually do if we were to come down with an STD or worse HIV? Would we go public, tell the internet world what we have?

The positive side to this is most clubs have a huge following of regular clients that visit often. Some even daily, if during a doctors visit it was found a girl had something you could bet that she would not be permitted to work. All the clubs need is one person to spread the word and business would fall off.

I carry some peroxide mouthwash that I use often when visiting. I take care to wash and shower when at the clubs. You might just refuse bbbj or french kissing if it bothers you. So far in 5 years of this hobby I’m yet to have any problem.

I would think the most attractive, popular girls would be the greater threat. After all they get more business and everyone selects them first. The less attractive ones may be safer as they have less use. So that hot looking girl may look safe but is she? So looks really has nothing to do with it, she can look clean but is she?

The subject of STD’s and BBBJ always comes up with these sort of discussions. True there may be a risk factor when indulging in this sort of hobby. If you have a problem with it then always demand a condom. Having said this when you do finally end up in a German club with a girl going down on you sin condom who says STOP? Having been doing this for over 5 years now with many trips under my belt I’ve yet to find anyone who has actually come down with anything. I’ve also asked several friends who are German and frequent the clubs.

So while this question or concern may be somewhat valid it’s like asking a skydiver if he is afraid of heights or thinks jumping out of a plane comes without risk. Im almost certain one day someone will come down with something as will someone have a sky diving accident. You can take precautions and keep your eyes open to things such as sores on a girls mouth, obvious pain when she has something in her mouth etc. Remember the clubs don’t want problems either so they’re also concerned.

Amazing how guys go nuts over the women in the US that offer BBBJ. Whether escort, mp worker or other when bbbj is mentioned they get extra points. You do find less bbbj outside of the FKK world for example in places like Holland. Where I’ve heard the new laws restrict women from having to provide medical proof of a doctors visit. Their privacy is more important from what I’ve heard thus many Germans no longer visit Holland.

In anything we do their is risk, until I find that this hobby is unsafe by what I find then I will continue but not be foolish.

I highly recommend a product called Emergen-C. It’s a multi-vitamin in powder form, with emphasis on Vitamin C, that you mix with water and drink. It was originally developed to keep soldiers and athletes from getting sick during prolonged exposure to physical stress or inclement weather conditions.

I used it every day during my second trip to Germany, and I can report that it helped fight off jet lag and improve my stamina and energy level.

You can find it at most drug and health food stores. It is sold in boxes of 36 individual packets and is available in many flavors. It’s also reasonably priced at around 10 dollars per box.

Take a look at (english version)


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