Colosseum Privater FKK Sauna Club

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Colosseum Privater FKK Sauna Club
Gubenerstraße 13
86156 Augsburg
Tel 0821 2461993
Daily 2pm – 3am
Pool, Whirlpool
Over 30 girls
Manicures, Massage
Web Site

Tuesday 1PM–3AM
Wednesday 1PM–3AM
Thursday 1PM–3AM
Friday 1PM–3AM
Saturday 1PM3AM
Sunday 1PM–1AM
Monday 1PM–3AM

Review: The Colosseum
Babylon’s owner shows the South how to do it right.

Prices. 60 EUR entry, 50 EUR per 1/2-hour session. Keep your wallet in your clothes locker; the lady follows you into the locker room to collect her payment.

Non-descriptive exterior, converted from a warehouse located in an industrial area of Augsburg. There’s no parking lot; you find parking on the street. Inside, the locker room leads to the open main lounge. At the center of the lounge is a raised platform, upon which faux Greek columns are set. Red, cloth-upholstered, backless sofas and benches line the perimeter of the platform. This is where most of the ladies and guests prefer to sit. Plainer sofas with backs line the perimeter of the lounge.

To the left of the platform, as you’re facing the back wall, is the long non-alcohol bar. To the right of the platform are the doors leading into ladies’ locker room and bathroom. The bench facing these doors is the place to sit in order to see all the talent. At the back of the lounge is a dry sauna, whirlpool, and semi-private showers. There’s also the spiral staircase that leads up to the second and third floors, where the masseur’s table and the party rooms are.

Facilities. Very nice dry sauna and whirlpool. Locker room clean, but slightly cramped. Massages reasonably priced (25 EUR). Party rooms plain but functional. Lighting in the lounge kept dim, as is the norm. Good lighting in the party rooms.

Food. None, except for fruit and the usual free soft drinks. Staff allowed us to order pizzas from a menu kept at the front desk.

Selection/Service. About 30 women available. Appearance ranged from average to very nice. Some aggressive types went around trolling for business, but the gals mostly kept to themselves and waited to be approached. Service tended to be hit-and-miss, due to the absence of Northern standards. I saw very little couch action or chit-chat on the sofas; most ladies wanted to go straight to the room after the pleasantries were exchanged. STELLA, the popular Turkish gal, formerly of Atlantis, is there for now, providing consistently good service. The male/female ratio got more and more unfavorable as the night progressed.

In General. This club has potential. It provides a good experience for a new club, and especially one for the Bayern area, where clubs featuring favorable prices and service are few and far between. The owner also owns Babylon, an FKK standard, so he knows what he’s doing. The club could do with more women, as supply could not keep up with demand on the night we visited. If things continue to go well, that should not be a problem.

Return Visit? Definitely, if I’m in the Munich area. It’s too far out of the way if I’m in the Frankfurt/Cologne area.

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