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I think that I have to update the information here .Concerning the massage parlors that used to exist. The truth is that they were so many and the quality of the ladies was top. The police authorities since 2 year , they decided to enforce the law, thus all the girls were send back to their home countries .Important note this is valid for Athens ONLY . If you are visiting Thessaloniki for example the show still goes on . So you only chance to have good sex with a quality girl is the “call” services . As far as I know prices start from 75$ for one time/one hour and goes up according to the time, service, quality. If someone Knows something more like “hidden massage parlors”not advertising in the news papers please spread the word.

It seems that the secret “massage parlors” have disappeared in recent years. They used to advertise in the classifieds quite openly, but they have gone underground now. I have been looking around and i cant locate any. How does one find these places? I refuse to believe that they have disappeared all together.

As long as it concerns Rhodes the situation in terms of paid sex is the following. With in the old town there are approx 10 brothels. There you can find either some old ladies or some transsexual (the best of the best). In terms of strip clubs there are few, but nothing to write home about. It is a good idea just to spend few hours with your friends drinking and watching the show. I am sure that you will be able to score with the tourists . The island is going to be packed with beautiful ladies from Scandinavia give it a try. Keep in mind that these ladies are in Rhodes mainly to have sex.

I would like to inform you about the prostitution in Greece. First, I have to say that until 1992, visiting a prostitute in Greece was a very disappointing thing to do. All prostitutes were Greek women, over 40 years of age, ugly , and charged an expensive fee for a boring service. Young Greek girls (who have amazing bodies, I must say) were (and still are) impossible to find working as prostitutes. But, after 1992 a wonderful thing happened: The “market” was flooded with young eastern European girls; always pretty and never over 25 years of age. Those girls are not available at the legal brothels at the red light districts, since they enter Greece as tourists and work without permission (and because of this, their
health status is unknown). Legal brothels are still full with ugly old women, and it is better to masturbate than have sex with them! Eastern European girls work in luxury massage parlors. These “massage
parlors” offer sex illegally. The police checks those places from time to time, but the law is enforced rarely (only if underage girls are found working as prostitutes). Foreign visitors in Greece will find it
difficult to locate those places since they are only advertising in Greek newspapers. So, here is my advice for the foreign visitors: AVOID the bars that are luring tourists with “show girls” etc. They will send a young girl to sit at your table and then will charge you an incredible amount of money (according to how rich you look) for drinks you never ordered. You will HAVE to pay but you will not have any sex with the girl!! Your best bet still is the “Athens News” newspaper (in English) that has ads of escort girls that speak English. Those are usually very good looking girls, but since their customers are mostly foreign businessmen be prepared to pay an expensive fee. That is all for now; please wear a condom.

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