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Went to Budapest for some fun and sightseeing. Ended up at Gundel restaurant which is the most famous in Hungary. After dinner the restaurant doorman sent us to a place called Club Pigasse. Nice enough place – costs 5,000 forints to get in and beers are about 2500. Fairly expensive. Drinks for girls are around 8000 forints so don’t buy unless you think you’re going to get somewhere. They have an after hours club called Crazy Horse across the street where a friend and I went for some continued drinking. About an hour and a half later we get a bill for 92000 forints and the key to the door is suddenly missing. Had to pay (around 300 bucks) or else get killed by the mob. Enjoy Budapest – but stay out of this s#$%thole.

Went to Budapest for some business and sightseeing I spent my nights at Astoria hotel, which was fairly clean and well decorated as it is a very old style building with beautiful decoration, but there is no dance stage just a bar and restaurant. services were very good. one evening walked through a street in city center for shopping when I saw two girls (not very good looking) came over and asked if I would like to join them for a drink, so I said why not , the three of us went into a place called TOWER It was like a restaurant or bar but very normal place , we sat there and asked for some drinks after about 10 minutes a singer girl in her 30’s began singing but there were only a few customers, we danced for a while and 2 hours later I excused myself to go back to the hotel as I have work the following day, once the bartender brought the bill I was shocked it was 188000 forints nearly 700 US dollars (we did not eat anything ) just some drinks then I realized they were mafia and there was nothing to do with them so I just paid the bill !!! If you plan to go to Budapest never ever go to this place (TOWER) , remember this name (TOWER) in city center to get into TOWER you will need to take elevator Enjoy Budapest but always ask the prices before eating before drinking before everything

A quick rundown on Budapest; 310 HUF= 1 USD
I have not had one hour be any more than 60 minutes, and usually it was less, around 30-45minutes. Contrary to popular belief, I have never been with a girl in Budapest that would let me cum more than once, even if I offered more $$

Strip Bars:
Hallo Bar – on Kiraly U: It’s a decent place, with girls ranging from 6-9 and usually about 10 girls. No entrance fee, but a minimum 1 drink which equals about 1400 HUF, about 4-5 USD. The girls will want to sit with you. This is where it gets pricy. If a girls sits and talks with you, it will cost between 6000-8000 HUF for each girl that sits at your table. In comparison you can ask for a table dance where you get a hands on lapdance, meaning you can play with her tits and pussy while she straddles you, but in view of everyone else in the bar. If you want sex, it cost 26,000 HUF, plus 2000HUF for a taxi to the hotel, and 4000 HUF for the hotel room. Altogether, 33140HUF for the drink to sex. This equates to a little over 100USD, which isn’t too bad. But your 1 hour includes the taxi ride to the hotel, time to register for a room etc…. So you will probably get 45 minutes or less with the girl, I think I only got 1/2 hour. Across the street there is Nightclub (that is the name). I went in just to check the prices. 1 drink minimum at 3000HUF and 20000HUF for sex in the back rooms

Private Flats:
Sweet Cats Escort
Rakoczi near Astoria: I have been here 3 times, usually 3 girls and 3 rooms. They offer strip, massage, and sex. The first time i was there I got sex, price 14000HUF, and when I entered the room she offered oral both ways for an extra 10000HUF. She was hot, about an 8.5, and I was in the mood to go down on her so I paid. This lady was quite nice considering that I was pretty drunk, and she didn’t speak too much English. My 2nd time there I has a petite girl who was a 9 (I reserve 10s as descriptions for supermodel girls) She had a beautiful body with a huge sexy(tasteful) tattoo on her back. She would not allow kissing above her shoulders or below her belly, but she did offer bj without a condom for 3000HUF extra, which I did not get. Overall, she was beautiful but not that great in bed. The 3rd time I went there, I had a nice girl, about a 7 or 8, but she spoke decent English. This girl rocked my world. First of all she wanted me to go down on her, and didn’t ask for money. Second, she was great in bed, acting more like a girlfriend than a pro. She was definitely the best paid-sex experience that I ever had, and told me to see her the next day (unfortunately i couldn’t). She told me that she also works out of BLUE EYES Escort (on Terez krt, near Nyugati train station), so these 2 places work together and alternate girls each day. All in all, I recommend these places, they are cheaper (less than 1/2) than the strip bars, although they don’t have as much selection, I don’t think that you will be disappointed.

Street Scene
Around the Big hotels on the waterfront, I have seen quite a lot of street action. Unfortunately I didn’t see any girls that come close to the quality of those mentioned above. Going price seems to be about 10000HUF, or 5000HUF for a BJ near the water. I did run into 2 decent (not good) looking girls who offered a threesome for 40000HUF (130 USD) but I went to get my money and they disappeared. I recommend staying away from the waterfront. I actually saw 2 groups of ladies fight over “their turf” here.

Vaci Utca
This is the place where all of the young beautiful working girls can be found. If you are older than 30, chances are that they will introduce themselves to you. I think that these girls are 7-9s and I have even seen a 10. They usually walk up and down the pedestrian street in pairs, sometimes talking on there mobile phones. If you see a girl walks by more than once in the same direction, chances are that she is working. I think that prices vary 15000 to 30000+ HUF and decrease towards the end of the night. I have notice that usually one girl speaks German and the other English. I think that they prefer to go to your hotel. WARNING: Be careful, some of these girls run scams with cafes/bars, so don’t go buying them drinks at someplace that they recommend!

Street in VIII District
I had on experience here on a Saturday afternoon. I wasn’t looking for action, but I was checking out the area for future needs. I was walking down the streets near Jozsef Ut and the action found me. I was at the street corner trying to decide which way to go, and 2 ladies walked by on the other side of the street and said hello to me. I went over to talk to them. They asked if I wanted sex and told me 3000HUF. I was amazed at the price, so I asked if I could get both of them together (big mistake). Well, I went into their flat which gave me uncomfortable feelings. Well the first girl ask for my money, all I had was a 5000 HUF bill. She couldn’t break it, so she left the room and came back with the other girl, and now they were asking for 5000HUF more, which I paid thinking I was getting a 3-some. I was wrong! These ladies were the worst experience. I fucked them separately, only a couple minutes each, they weren’t even in the room at the same time. Then the older one had the nerve to ask me to pay an extra 2000HUF (6.50 USD) after she turned the light so I could put on my clothes easier. I won’t go back to the street scene because you never know what you are going to get, but ripped off probably

Budapest offers several agencies for the traveler looking for fun. I used two during my trip through eastern Europe since I was spending only 2 nights in this city.

Le Fantasy offers several different women in Budapest at very reasonable rates compared to other agencies in the city. I originally chose Amy, but after several tries they could not contact her, so I chose Lena instead for a 24 hour visit ($660). She showed up at my hotel right on time at 5 PM dressed very conservatively. Besides being a good conversationalist, she gave the world’s best back massages and I enjoyed 3 of them during her stay. On her arrival, we went out on the town together for dinner, then headed back to the room for some fun. The next morning, we had some more fun in the room, then just before she left in the afternoon, we hopped into bed again for the last time. I was a bit concerned, however, because I knew that Andrea would be arriving in a few hours and, having done it twice already that day, was afraid that I wouldn’t be ‘up’ for the evening with Andrea. Le Fantasy and Angela, my email contact at the agency, were very accommodating and worked with me to get just what I wanted and readily answered all my emails. I would definitely use them again.

After looking over all the women available from the different agencies, I decided to go with Andrea from Top-Nude ( for my second night in Budapest. This agency has a stable of over 60 very attractive young women and I found making a choice was difficult. With the help of Pawel my email contact at the agency, I settled on Andrea for 4 hours and, as you will see, was very glad I selected her. My one disappointment however came when Pawel telephoned me just before her arrival to say that she could stay only 2 hours ($350). From her page on the Top-Nude web site, I already knew Andrea was quite attractive, but, when I opened the hotel room door to let her in, I just about fell on the floor. She was drop-dead gorgeous! I couldn’t believe that I was going to spend 2 hours with this woman! She came in and we sat and talked for about 25 minutes. I apologized to her, telling her that I might not be ‘up’ to tonight’s activities because of the afternoon romp with Lena. She laughed and said, “You will not have any problems.” We continued talking and, at one point, I asked her, “Do you do anything else besides making old guys like me very happy?” She replied, “Yes, I’m a makeup artist for films and also I’m an actress in porno movies in Los Angeles, Vienna and Budapest.” After I picked myself up off the floor for the second time I asked her how many she had made and she said there had been so many she had lost track! Then she asked me if I’d like to take a bath together with her. She went into the bathroom, filled the bath and we both got in facing one another with our legs wrapped around each other. She gently cupped water in her hands and pored it over me so I could rinse off, then afterwards, started to stroke my cock to get me hard while I played with her. After I was up, she asked me, “Would you like to take me to bed now?” Wow! We dried off and went over to the bed where she lay down and I started kissing her. Later, she lay me down on my back and proceeded to give me an amazing blow job. Afterwards we changed positions and I entered her doggie style and started to pump away. My back didn’t last too long in this position, so she lay down flat while I stayed in her. The added friction from this position added to the massive orgasm I had. After I collapsed on top of her, Andrea turned her head and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I would certainly use Top-Nude again, due to their large selection, but I would also ask next time if the woman would stay for the requested number of hours.

Other agencies I ran across in Budapest were:
Butterflies: I never got this agency to answer my emails and their Hotmail email address turned out to be invalid.
Le Mermaid:
Lure services: (Expensive plus a $250 taxi fee added to the charge!)
City Escapade: This web site address seems to be no longer valid.

If you want a quick (20 minutes) visit one of the peep shows in Josef Korut. Great girls, changing every few weeks. A blowjob is Ft.5000 & Ft.500 for the private cabine. Great experience.

The best place I know (I was living in Budapest for one year) is located in the Lonay Utca near to the Vaci Utca – just ask a taxi driver to bring you there. It’s a private place with a great atmosphere, beautiful girls (about 6 of them, changing quite often). Everything is possible. 30 minutes is about USD 20. One hour between USD 30 and USD 40 (Depending if there are more clients waiting…). Opened from 7pm to 3am. 3 bedrooms available

I spent some day in Budapest years ago but I remember very well one place in particular, Caligola
there were many gorgeous girls and the show was great. I picked up a girl to my hotel, Angela, and it was one of the best fuck of my life… (she liked to swallow so much that we almost didn’t fuck)

Sweet Cats Escort
It is located on Rakoczi utca, about 2 minutes walk west of the Astoria Hotel, away from the Danube River. Look for the sign above the door way of what looks like an apartment building. Prices are still 14,000FT for 1 hour. I arrived quite late and only two girls were working. Stayed with one who had a great body and acceptable technique in the room. Definitely worth a visit considering the price. It’s a nice environment inside the place as well, lots of florescent lights and such.

Went to the Papillon club, which doesn’t open until after 10:00 p.m., if you are a guest of the hotel your drinks are half price, but the ladies drinks are still full price. A whiskey was HUF 1000 (US$4.60). This is a very small club only 2 girls were in the club when I was there. The club is well hidden from main streets and a little hard to find, but the prices are much more reasonable than in the central tourist joints. A little bottle of “champagne” for the ladies costs HUF 4000 (US$18.50). Compared that to the prices of drinks for at the Caligula or Ti Amo clubs and it seems reasonable. The price for the girls was also somewhat less, HUF 16,000 (US$75) rather than HUF 20,000 to 25,000. With only two girls to pick from not a lot of options here, took the one with the best body long legs, nice breasts, and thin waist. Level of service was OK to average. I’ve heard plenty of complaints that prices in Hungary have increased a lot in recent years. Maybe that is true, but compared to any Western European or North American city, it is still quite inexpensive.

I’m a Hungarian who lives in Budapest.
The Strip bars in Budapest are for stupid tourists, forget them! Picking up Street walkers is forbidden (not in Vaci utca, where a girl costs more than 100 Us$, which is triple the normal price in Hungary) (there are street walkers in Thököly ut and Vaci ut where you can get a quick fuck for 5000 Forints about 20US$) but it’s really bad and fairly quick (about 10-15 minutes), you should ask for a “complet”.

Private Flats are the best: 30 minutes costs 6000 forints, 1 hour about 8-10 000 forints (25-30 US$).
You can find girls with photos and phone numbers in the journal “Tutti Frutti Party”. There are telephone numbers in the newspaper: “Expressz”, and “Ujpressz”, but they don’t usually speak English so you’ll have to know some Hungarian. (Use one of the tourist guide books to learn 10 Hungarian words, and you’ll get beautiful girls for $30US!)

The best website for Budapest is: which is written in Hungarian, but you can see the photos and phone numbers of the prostitutes. Don’t forget: one hour with a prostitute should not cost “with extras” more than 10-15000 forints (about 30-50 US$)!

On Thököly, there was 5 or 6 gypsy girls at around 11 p.m but I did not go until the cross-road with Hungaria Krt. The price was 4000 Ft but the action took place in an open-air parking along the road. Better bring your car. I was said there should be other girls on Ülloi u. near Ludovika ter. but I didn’t check and the information is not quite reliable.

I had bought “Tutti Frutti” and I called a number which I don’t have complete anymore: 0630-401-5… It doesn’t matter: the address is « Kershers » 20 Sandor u. (V); Prices: 6000 Ft / 30 mn, 8000 / 1 hr but for 1 action only, so better take 30 mn except you’re a stallion or a Hungarian-speaking tender lover. I chose Sonia, a young girl who didn’t participate too much but I did my best to enjoy her. She seemed to be rather happy afterwards but I am not used to such efforts. Besides I didn’t recognize the girl on the picture who was supposed to work when I arrived.

A lot of numbers from “Tutti Frutti” proved to be useless, sometimes because I didn’t speak Hungarian. I was then given another number by a young Hungarian:0630-981-82-40. The adress is Tompa u. 8 (IX); There’s a black arrow pointing the right bell on the door. I was nevertheless disappointed by the girls as I had met some Hungarian girls in Western Europe before. But the chosen one was nice.

Yana 0630-319-8086 in Obuda, Csilla 0630-376-0678 on Fehervari u. did not answer. Ria 0670-247-0972 at Nyirpalota u. 26 was too far(10 km from the center) and I didn’t try.

Blue eyes club on Terez Krt near the station Nyugati: 14 000 Ft / hr but there was only 1 girl appealing to me. However I didn’t come back for her.
Sweet cats on Rakoczi u. near the Astoria metro station: 14 000 Ft / hr. I didn’t get in as the doorman told me all girls were busy.

As I was warned about ugly practises, thanks to WSG, I didn’t try the “Pigalle” near Blaha Lujza, nor the “Sweet Milk” (from a taxi driver I asked near Vaci u.), or the “Caligula” which is supposed to stand North of Buda..: it should cost 20 000 Ft and I don’t pay such prices, especially if I must pay drinks before.

I have not seen any « Peep show » on Terez Krt, nor tried “Peep” on Osvat u. behind the “NY coffee house”. But I was doubtful about BJ for 15 $ anyway. .


Strip Clubs
Hallo, Love Chance Striptease Bar
0036 1 322 46 21
7.kerület, Király utca 65.(7.district, Kiraly street 65.)

Milady Striptease Bar
5. kerület, Szent István körút 15.(5. district, Szent Istvan Boulevard 15.)

Aphrodite Akropolis Exkluzív Club
0036 1 266 9034 or 0036 1 266 7543
5. kerület, Kecskeméti utca 17.(5. district, Kecskemeti Street 17.)

4 Play Lounge Strip Club
0036 1 785 7362
8.kerület, József körút 60.(8.district, Jozsef boulevard 60.)

Dolce Vita Bár
0036 1 266 4049 or 0036 30 332 7440
5.kerület, Október 6. utca 5. (5.district, Oktober 6. street 5.)

Club Király
0036 1 352 1359
6. kerület, Király utca 70.(6. district, Kiraly Street 70.)

P1 Klub Strip Club
0036 20 269 8351 or 0036 20 333 8679
5.kerület, Podmaniczky Frigyes tér 2/b.(5.district, Podmaniczky Frigyes square 2/b.)

Jet Night Strip Club
7.kerület, Akácfa utca 7.(7.district, Akacfa street 7.)

Mambo Cafe Bar Strip Club
0036 1 279 0286
1.kerület, Hegyalja út 2.(1.district, Hegyalja street 2.)

Palace Gentlemen’s Club
0036 1 356 8670
12. kerület, Győri út 16.(12. district, Gyori Street 16.)

Belami Night Locale & Pension
0036 1 383 6339
14.kerület, Csömöri út 94.(14.district, Csomori street 94.)

Carpe Diem Bar
0036 1 267 0228
5.kerület, Váci utca 32.(5.district, Vaci Street 32.)

Marilyn Table Dance Club
0036 1 338 42 43 or 0036 30 951 0504, Fa
8.kerület, Baross utca 4.(8.district, Baross Street 4.)

Jolly Rogers
0036 70 328 7506
6.kerület, Teréz körút 52. (6.district, Terez boulevard 52.)

Pigalle Topless Bár
0036 1 210 3541
8. kerület, Kiss József utca 1.(8. district, Kiss Jozsef Street 1.)

Caligula Night Club
0036 30 664 1144
2.kerület, Szilágyi Erzsébet Fasor 37-39.(2.district, Szilagyi Erzsebet Fasor 37-39.)

NEW YORK Night Club
0036 1 267 0293
5.kerület, Régiposta utca 11.(5.district, Regiposta street 11.)

6.kerület, Teréz körút – Aradi utca sarok(6.district, Terez boulevard – Aradi street corner)


Peep Show
7. kerület, Osvát utca 9. (7. district, Osvat Street 9. )

Peep Show
9. kerület, Ferenc körút 36.(9. district, Ferenc Boulevard 36.)

Peep Show
8. kerület, Rákóczi út 67.(8. district, Rakoczi Street 67.)

Pipi Peep Show
8. kerület, József körút 68.(8. district, Jozsef Boulevard 68.)

Kukkoló Peep Show
7. kerület, Kertész utca 3. (7. district, Kertesz Street 3. )

Gloryhole Video Center
0036 24 538 548
13. kerület, Radnóti Miklós utca 18.(13. district, Radnoti Miklos Street18.)

Club 13
0036 20 951 0250
7. kerület, Dohány utca 28.(7. district, Dohany street 28.)

0036 1 242 0657 or 0036 30 480 7070
6. kerület, Nagymező utca 64.(6. district, Nagymezo Street 64.)

0036 20 250 6886
10. kerület, Gitár utca 11.(10. district, Gitar Street 11.)

Villa 69
0036 30 450 7833 or 0036 30 999 3838
16.kerület, Máté utca 55.(16.district, Mate street 55.)

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