Heiligenkreuz (Austrian-border)

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About 7km after the border “Heiligenkreuz” from Austria to Hungary bound to Szombathely there is a small village called Rönök. To the right is a “American Bar and Go Go Club” to the left the “Aphrodite”. We visited the Aphrodite. There is always one girl dancing and making striptease till topless. For more (full nude dildo show) you have to pay 15.000 ft (250ft=1€)more. A certain ripoff is that not every girl will go to the rooms, some only dance and strip, others fuck but do not strip. Of course the dancers attack you at first and after paying at least 2500 ft for a piccolo champagne or girls cocktail you will find out that you cannot fuck her. When you ask for girls to fuck they will show you who does. Well, two young girls from the Balaton area, one named Christina and rather shy act very unprofessional, but lovely and “natural”. Price is 1000 ATS or 80 EUR for half an hour; so it is not really much cheaper then in Austria. We spent 3 hours there and did not regret it.
All the scene is after 21:00 hours, before there is nothing, no street hookers. Far away from the scenery at the Czech border!

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