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I lived in Hungary for a year. Plus I’ve gone back for many visits. By far, Budapest is a tourist trap. The price for a woman (along with everything else) is extremely over priced. If you want to enjoy Hungarian culture and women, drive east or south.

Kaposvar is a small town in south central Hungary. It’s easily accessible by taking the train in Budapest. The Kapos Hotel is the biggest hotel in Kaposvar. The going rate is $40 a night which is very expensive considering Hungarians make around $100 a month. The influx of US military personnel drove the prices up.

However, if you’re on a very tight budget, there are cheaper hotels around town. Kaposvar is relatively easy to navigate. I suggest you get a cab. There tons of cab drivers everywhere. They won’t rip you off like some cab drivers in other countries.

All around Kaposvar, there are little bars that open around 11PM. Some of them even say Go Go Bar on the sign! During the weekends, they are disco joints. A lot of the locals come to drink and dance. However, during the weekdays, it’s a whorehouse.

Go in, order a drink and grab a seat. Mixed drinks will run you roughly 800 forints (1 USD = 283 forints). Soon a woman will come sit next to you. Although speaking Hungarian helps, it’s not required. Just tell her you don’t speak Hungarian. She’ll then say to you, “SEX?” If you find her attractive, then begin the bargaining. If you don’t find her attractive, go pick a girl out. Just smile at one you like and she’ll come over. She’ll start off at 15,000 forints but you can bargain down to 9000-10,000 forints ($31-35). You then take the girl back to your room. She’ll bathe you and massage you. Hungarian women know how to please a man!

On another note, the Kapos Hotel has a town of girls in the lounge. On occasion, the police will chase them out but they NEVER bother the tourists. The girls range anywhere from 5-10’s. Likewise with the clubs. Generally, the Kapos Hotel has the best looking girls.

There are escorts available but don’t waste your time or money. The clubs are best way to pick up a good looking woman. If you drive further south, there’s a historic town call Pecs. It has a ton of museums and shops. Pecs is a very enjoyable place to visit. You can either take the train or rent a car. It’s very easy to find on the map.

The women there are even more beautiful. However, they cost between 15,000-20,000 forints ($54-70). It’s still dirt cheap compared to US standards. I would go to Pecs all the time but I’m already very familiar with Kaposvar from living there. Pecs is also a short distance from the Croatian border but that’s another travel report. Enjoy!

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