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Maxi Club, R’n’B Bar Freelance Bar
0036 30 422 0108
Irgalmasok utcája 24 a/1.(Irgalmasok street 24 a/1.)

1001 Night Club
0036 30 282 0582 or 0036 30 934 1714
Tüskésréti út 2.(Tuskesreti street 2.)

Ámor Bár Night Club
0036 30 467 3658
Hunyadi utca 2.(Hunyadi street 2.)

I was in Pecs (H) last week with some friends of mine just to enjoy and to try Hungarian girls. In Pecs there are almost 10 night clubs (they call them “bar”) in which you can find girls for fucking. The average price raise up to 10.000 Ft per hour (76 DM)and you can have complete sex including BJ without condom and (in one hour) 2 time. Just ask the taxi and they’ll bring you to those places. The most famous is “Paradiso” in which you can find 6-7 girls working. Price: 1/2 hour 6000 Ft. (46 DM) , 1 hour 10.000 Ft (76 DM). If you want it’s possible to be taken to fuck in the rooms in which the girls normally sleep (you don’t need to pay for an hotel room!!!) Another one is “Casablanca” (same number of girls, same price) but you can not fuck in the club (girls take you to “Fenyves Hotel”, 1 room for an hour costs 3.000 Ft = 23DM). Another one is “Marvany” (6 girls, no possible to fuck in the club). But…the best place I experienced is one club situated 20 mt. after “Paradiso” bar…sorry, I forgot the name… inside you can find more than 12 girls, all between 18-25 and almost all are beautiful… if you go there before 8 p.m. you can fuck in the rooms of the girls, after they bring you to “Fenyves Hotel”… Note: Hungary is not a very dangerous place, but it’s better do not drink too much alcohol (the boy which is at the door of the club is not “very friendly” with drunken people). Prostitution is not legal, but it’s someway tolerated… pay attention to “Rendorseg” (Police) …the only want money from foreign people… Hope you’ll enjoy…

In the 4 clubs I visited in Pecs, the price was 10 000 Ft. / hr but I could get a girl for 6000 / 30 min at the “Babylon”. All girls seem to be gypsies. I checked the Paradiso. 4 girls work there.

The other club, 20 m ahead, has 10 girls according to what they told me but there were around 6 when at about 7 p.m on Wednesday. They did not seem to be so nice as in the former one but 1 one of the girls was rather pretty. 5 girls work in the “Babylon” in front of Katalin u. 3 of them were having drinks with fat guys when I came in at 12 p.m. I had to insist to get a room as they wanted me to operate in the WC. Funny people ! We almost wake up the whole neighborhood to push another door right near the entrance club towards the room but the “Godfather” eventually stroke a good blow into it. Don’t worry, he didn’t stay. The girl was nice and quite sensual but I didn’t share the love she seemed to bear me.
The Casa blanca is now closed.

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