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A little info about the street scene in Belfast as I know it – any new info greatly appreciated! Ok. the only action I know of is in the streets just behind and just to the right of the BBC building in the city centre. Thoughtfully, the streets are in a grid of sorts, allowing you to cruise up one, turn right, right and cruise another.

Most of the girls you see first are huge old things… very peculiar how they get business. On the street just behind the BBC, there are always between 2 and 6, sometimes with a couple of guys – quite safe to approach though.

On the surrounding streets you’ll sometimes find a better selection – many of the girls are slimmer, younger and less scary. one girl is about 18 and has been on the streets for a couple of years. She dresses down but is slim, tight and cute. Charge is around £40 for full sex in the car… will rush you if you turn up late in the evening – try 8 – 10.

Another girl, Lorna is from Scotland… pretty face, dark hair and curvy figure. she must be in her mid-twenties at most, not the sexiest body in the world, but attractive nonetheless and fun. charge is around £45 for full sex in the car. Loose

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