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Streetwalkers can be found around the intersection of Ukmergés gatvé /Seimynskiu gatvé and Kalvariju gatvé, mainly in the northern and eastern directions off the intersection within 300 m from it. They come here at around 11:30 pm. Locals say that short time (one ••••) may cost as little as $10 (40L) and a blow job $5 (20L). We however found that girls wanted no less than 50L for 1 hr or short time and $40-50 (150-200L) for 1 night. Girls do not speak much English and are very small and younger than 20. They appear a bit unhealthy.

In the lobby, bar, cafe and the nightclub on the top floor of the Lietuva Hotel about 20 girls show up every night. They are all controlled by the local mafia and accompanied by a kind of ‘mamasan’. However if you like the girl you can talk to her directly. They speak some English. The price is pretty much set by their boss and does not go lower than $80 for 2 hrs or $200 for the whole night. The girls are in their earlier twenties, some are very sexy and attractive.

Taxi drivers and security at most tourist hotels offer girls according to the following prices: 1hr – $50-75, 3hr – $100, overnight – $150. The quality of these girls varies a lot but you can get what you want after a few attempts. You will have to wait until they bring you a girl by car.

If you have more than just a day or two to spend in Vilnius you could try to pick up ordinary girls on the street or in discos. Many 17-22 y.o. girls speak good English and quite willing to talk to foreigners. Invite them for a drink or a meal and if they agree you may get what you want on the same night.

The best disco pub to find an ordinary girl is Ministerija (the same place as Prie Parlamento) at Gedimino 46, tel 621606. The place houses a restaurant, pub and a disco on three floors. The disco is downstairs with several quieter rooms for drinking and talking connected with the dancing area. Disco is on every night from 10 pm. Admission $4 (15L), drinks $3-5. It is popular with foreigners, expats and transiting truckers alike, and practically all girls who come here speak English. It is open until 2-4 am depending on the day. It is well known as a pick up spot for foreigners and most girls hope to find a foreign boyfriend here. The restaurant on the ground floor is open until 2 am.

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