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You can get FS and oral from street hookers on Testaferrata Street for around 10 Maltese liri. Another place for street hookers is Marsa, you will find them in the side road adjacent to December 13 Road. They are generally behind that main bus stop.

I stayed in Malta recently for a week (first visit) and would agree wholeheartedly that Maltese girls are beautiful. I was staying on my own but couldn’t find any escort services in the yellow pages or local papers. I was told that in Malta, abortion, prostitution and contraception are illegal so there is obviously a strong Catholic influence, although I was amazed to see beautiful young Maltese girls walking the streets in pairs and groups at all hours of the morning so revealingly dressed – but these are not hookers. They’re just out looking for a good time, and many of these girls are stunning. If you’re young (ideally below 25 I’d say) and looking for nightlife the place to go is Paceville (Patch-eh-ville) in St Julians, lots of discos and bars but attracting only a young crowd (mostly teenage students by the look of it). I’m in my 40s and felt ancient and out of place. There are some Irish bars there (e.g. O’Connors) but mostly quiet/not much action going on when I checked them out. There are also thousands of beautiful young girls from all over Europe who come to this island to study English. Go to Paceville any night or the Corinthia San Gorg Hotel marina by the ocean (where they go to sunbathe and swim, a few topless) during the day and you’ll see what I mean! You could also try a Paceville salsa bar called Fuego, this is popular any evening but especially Fridays and Saturdays. Attracts mostly locals and some tourists, you might get lucky if you’re 20s, good looking and look like Ricky Martin but I noticed that most of the Maltese girls who came in here in pairs or groups left that way, many after only a short time. The girls will not talk to you first, you must approach them.

Feeling horny I asked a taxi driver to take me to a whorehouse, but we went to only two places. The first was an apartment in Sliema run by a local pimp who seemed very nervous; he kept 4 Russian girls in his apartment, when I entered two girls were watching TV looking bored, he said the other two were “working” in the other rooms. One girl looked like a female Putin and the other was too bored looking for me to get interested, so I continued searching. The taxi driver then took me to some district outside the main tourist area, can’t remember the name, to a dingy street where a few old, fat and rundown looking whores were sitting on stools in doorways. It looked too squalid for my tastes, after all the young beauty in St Julians and Sliema (sadly, almost all of it apparently non-commercial) so I couldn’t get interested.

In summer time Malta is very crowded and difficult to find prostitutes, the best thing is to go to St.Julians,and trying to know some Maltese girls,or better German tourists… anyway if u want to see some topless go to golden bay or paradise bay in the north of the isle.

I am writing to inform you people that there are some guesthouses in Sliema that run like a bordello. Every girl has a bedroom that she uses to accommodate men or women. Usually each guesthouse has about 6 Russian girls that can be found in the downstairs lobby or bar. Some of them keep the girls in the kitchen to not attract unwelcome visitors.

I know of two of these places in Sliema that are off the main street. One of them is very close to the Standa Complex on the Strand Road. If anyone needs the names I will email them to him. You can leave your email address viewable on this message board and I will get in touch with you! By the way charges for these Russian girls is Lm20 for 45 mins where you do what the hell you want. Some are super sexy. Lm20 is about 35£. Some are really worth it I have been told.

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