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Chisinau (or Kishinev in Russian) is one of the best cities I have ever visited for having sex. It’s possible to have an hour of sex for just 10 US dollars, but for some quality it is better to pay maybe 25 dollars and get 1 or 2 hours.

Go to a street kiosk and buy a copy of Makler for 3 Lei (1 dollar buys 13.5 Lei). This is where you need some Russian now – turn to the centre pages in the second part and look for a section which translated literally means “Express Aquaintanceships” and there’s a picture of two hearts at the top.

I read on a previous report that someone recommended Beatrice, but in my copy of Makler, they was no ad for them. Then start phoning around! Hardly anyone speaks English, so learn how to stay what you want, when you want it and what your address is. You could also do this bit in Romanian as almost everyone is bilingual.

I found one agency where the madam speaks English. Tel 43 48 38 and ask for Ludmilla. She has at any time 20 girls on her books with photos and measurements and prices range from 10 dollars an hour for a complete scrubber up to models for 50 dollars for a couple of hours.

As I said earlier, you need to decide what you want, for example, do they come to you, or do you want to go to them? Do you want a blowjob without a condom? Do you want a blond with big tits, and does she have to speak English? Does she have to be more than 1.70 metres tall? And what age? Decide all this before you call them up.

Ludmilla told me that she is purely an introduction service and charges about 1.50 dollars per introduction and the girls keep for themselves any money than you pay them. Even if this is only half true, it’s a long, long way from the rumors of Moldovan sex slaves which I have heard about.

A Russian speaking agency is Aleonushka tel 43 47 43. They charge 25 dollars for one hour and do oral sex without a condom. Call them up and tell them to send you two girls so that you can decide which one you’re going to screw the ass off. Pay the unlucky one 2 dollars for a cab home. When I did this I asked for tall girls with big tits and they sent one tall girl and one girl with big tits – but you can’t win ’em all, all the time.

There was another agency called Amazons and they charge about 12 dollars an hour + cab fare, so have some change. But they only had 4 girls who were not that good looking.

More information: Moldova is supposed to be a really dangerous country, but in my experience it is not. I think this is because the police and government clamped down on crime in 2000 by, basically, shooting all the crime bosses – maybe something that George should consider in DC…

The standard taxi fare in the city is 20 lei for any journey (maybe a bit more if you do a distance) – the taxis don’t bother with meters, so keep a few 10 lei bills handy when traveling around. Since I’ve been here, I’ve tried out 3 discos called Millenium, SoHo and Star Track. Each one was filled with young women, and quite a few were model material and quite a few of them were really into dirty dancing, but at the end of the day I didn’t pull, as I reckon I’ve got a lot more Russian to learn yet.

I tried looking for Strip Joints but there are none in this city, although I was told there are some up north in Balti (Beltz). I also once tried having a sauna and massage to see what might happen, but I ended up having a Finnish sauna all to myself for an hour including a full body massage (done by a guy) and this cost 15 bucks. By the way, the sauna section in Makler is just after the express acquaintanceships section.

And finally, I have never met anyone who ever went to Kishinev for the purpose of tourism. Most of the locals have never met Americans but I find it better to say I’m Canadian just in case any cold war history gets in the way of a beautiful friendship. But this is what’s great about the place, as everyone (and I mean everyone) wants to be my friend and help me out wherever I go…

Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova, a small nation bordering Romania on the west, and Ukraine to the north, east and south. Moldova is the second smallest of the former Soviet states. Chisinau remains a small provincial Soviet-style city of 800,000 people and surrounded by rural agricultural lands. In Chisinau most people still live in concrete apartment blocks, scattered throughout the city. The center is filled with turn-of-the-century houses. With the exception of Chisinau, there is little Western influence or prosperity anywhere in the country. This city is very cheap, the U.S. dollar goes a long ways here which makes it a interesting side trip for those who travel to the bordering countries.

The official language of Moldova is ‘Moldavian. Although Moldavians typically use more Russian terms and words adopted from English. Other spoken languages in Moldova are Romanian and Russian. But most of younger people here can understand both English and French. Visas are required for all non-FSU (Former Soviet Union) citizens entering Moldova, and can be purchased from one of Moldova’s foreign embassies or consulates the cost for 30 days is US$45.00 and a passport is also needed. Moldova is in the Eastern European Time Zone (GMT+2 hours). Moldova has nine official public holidays. All of the holiday dates are the same each calendar year, with the exception of the Easter holidays and Memorial Day, both of which change according to the Orthodox Church calendar. The nine holiday’s are January 1 New Year’s Day, January 7 Orthodox Christmas, March 8 International Women’s Day, Martisor (Spring festival), March, Orthodox Easter. (Orthodox Calendar), April 19 Memorial Easter, Labor Day, August 27 Independence Day, August 31 Our Language Day. The local currency is the Lei, of which there are about 15 Lei to the US$. The Lei is convertible only within the country. There are lots of currencies exchanges who offer good rates and some are open 24 hours. You can also transfer money by Western Union with several offices throughout the country.

Looking for girls in this city is not really that hard. Foreigners can find many non-pros willing to go with them for a little fun if you just work a little at it. All the hotels and taxi drivers have working girls they can arrange for you talk to the bartender in your hotel or the bellhops they always have girls. The Brothels move around here so much that posting the address from last year really wouldn’t help they are outdated within a short amount of time. Several dance clubs are in the city and a good source for find woman is within them. Possibly the best of Kishinev’s bar/clubs is Black Elephant. This place is open every night except for Mondays. They have food and a dance floor as well as a bar an interesting mix of girls can be found here. If they have a cover it will be low most nights no cover or 10-15 lei. Didn’t really see many girls I would call pros here but several that made eye contact and could have lead to more if I was not already with a girl.

In the Botanika district is very popular club with both ex-pats and locals who have money. Millennium is the most ‘western’ of Kishinev’s clubs. It has booths around the dance floor that usually have a reserved sign on them. If sitting alone or in a small group you will pay a small fee to take a booth. The girls dance on their own or with their friends. There is always some kind of show going on in this place dancers, specialty dance acts, or strippers. Cost are higher here than other clubs but several working girls here I believe they may work for the club.

Located near the UN Headquarters in the basement of a building is Ginta latina. It was quite a busy place with lots of girls take a taxi to get to it. Lots of girls, many more than men, some were nice looking. This club definitely has some good opportunities to pick up working girls. They play a lot of Latin American music here. They have several house girls at this club. These are only a few of the places to try in the city but enough to get you started.

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