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This airport is one of the nicest airports I have been in (and I have traveled quite a lot). I could spend a whole afternoon just playing around here. It has a place to go for a massage, fitness club or shower (this is my first stop after leaving the baggage area). After that you can shop (this is where I pick up presents before boarding. The chocolate is good and cheap) at bunch of world class shops and spend the rest at the onsite casino!!! If there is any cash left after that try one of their restaurants. Of course they have the usual car rental/taxi/train stuff and the info desk staff are very nice. I pick up a free map before hitting the money (ABN/AMRO) exchange place for the cheapest rates around. Overall a good start/end to a good vacation. Remember relax and have a blast.

I usually use the ATM to get Euros, upon arrival, as the rate is better then changing cash or TC’s (you’ll find after you clear costoms. As for transportation into town, just follow signs for the trains (or ask anyone…everyone speaks english in Holland). You buy your ticket at the ticket counter BEFORE you go down the esculater, then it’s only around 20 minutes to Central Station…and you’re in Paradise (party in Amsterdam, then off to the FKK clubs in Germany…doesn’t get much better).

La Vie en Rose Bar
La Vie en Rose:5Euro entrance fee opens around 7pm and goes till after 2am. Recommended.

La Vie is located at the end of Bethlemsteeg if you have the OZV (see walk tour to be posted soon) at your back. It’s as close to an American style strip bar as you can get. That said it is the rawest strip club on the planet. There are two bars, one in front of the stage and one away from the stage with plenty of room to stand along the wall. The stage area is no place for the timid to sit. If you sit there you WILL be part of the action. Basically anything the girl will do (short of sex right there) goes. I have been party to licking whipped cream off of a dancer as she mounted my beer bottle. After all you are in Amsterdam folks and anything goes ;). If you don’t want to be part of the sideshow you can sit or stand away from the stage area but make sure your drink is full or hold the bottle in your hand so you don’t get the “do you want another?” hustle. Over all sleazy and freaky fun… just the way I like it ;). Remember relax and have a blast.

Asmara Prive
Willem de Zwijgerlaan 70

Golden Key
Overtoom 294

Club Crystal
Stadhouderskade 64

Club LV
Middenweg 144

Park 118
Sarphatipark 118

Prive 42
Haarlemmermeerstraat 42

Amstel Exclusive
Amstelkade 34

Salon Prive
Middenweg 89-a

Ria’s Mens’s Club
Overtoom 558

Jan Bik
Buiten Wieringerstraat 3

Club Bianca
Amstelveenseweg 145


Thai Massage #1
189 Oudezijds Voorbugwal

Thai Massage #2
Barndesteeg 9

Lisa Massage
Nieuwebrugsteeg 19

Ni Hao Massage
Nieuwebrugsteeg 20

Xing Xing
Overtoom 95

Sarong Thai Massage
Baarsjesweg 310

Love Club 21
Koestraat 21

Vienna Massage
Rijnstraat 224

Love Club 21
Koestraat 21

I have been to Amsterdam 4 times and truly love it. I don’t do the drug scene, but if you’re into it, pot and hash is available in corner “coffee shops.” It is not legal, but is tolerated. In other words, there are shops whose only business is selling hash, etc., and the police will never hassle you. EVER. Anyway, onto the girls.

There is a world-famous “red light district” just behind one of the main squares (called Dam Square, behind the Grand Hotel Kraznapolsky, and a short walk from Central Station). Before you go, definitely book a hotel. Amsterdam is quite the tourist spot, and there’s nothing worse than a long flight with no place to crash. I don’t like the fleabag hotels, so I spend a bit more and get a decent place. The Kraznapolsky is beautiful, but is $250 USD per night. For a nice place, try the Radisson SAS on Rusland 17. For 250 NL guilders ($125 USD) you get a really nice place staffed by beautiful and friendly Dutch people with excellent English, on a quiet side street, that is literally 2 minutes from the Red Light district. Hell, there is even a pot shop on Rusland.

So the girls — well, basically you have your pick: African, Eastern European, Western European, Central and Latin American. Not many Asians that I recall, but I’m sure you can find them. they range from butt-ugly to drop dead gorgeous, so shop around. The pretty ones are busy more often. They stand behind glass-front doors in bikinis or other scant outfits, and try to get you to notice. When you see someone you like, make eye contact and they will open the door. When you ask how much, they almost always say 50 for suck 50 for fuck, 100 for both. They mean guilders, which are roughly 2 to the US dollar. Once you get in, the real negotiation begins. Want to see her tits, another 25. and don’t even think about being there longer than 10 minutes. If you take a while, or don’t respond well to pressure, you’ll have a horrible time. My best strategy is to give a fixed price for 1/2 hour to 45 minutes of anything goes — nude. I usually offer 200 guilders for this, and usually get a positive response.

There are also many “Sex Clubs” but I have never been to one. I would like to try one, but they are like $400 USD for an hour. Kind of steep. My philosophy is one of quantity, but do not sacrifice much in quality. Hope this helps. I have much more info I can post if anyone is interested, on travel there, hotels, restaurants, and, of course, the girls.

For those who are visisting amsterdam. Try the ‘alternative’ red light district, it is located at the “ruysdaelkade”. You can take tram line 24 or 16 from central station and get out at “Ruysdealkade”, then the windows are along the canal.

It is not as big as the red light district, but it is also not swamped with tourists.

It is a good idea to visit the Prostitution Information Centre, which is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday where you can pick up maps and brochures and talk to a former window girl. There are several Red Light District walking tours where you can get the inside story on how prostitution operates and also the history of the district, as well as some basic etiquette rules. Once you have sampled the Red Light District, then it is best to try some escorts or clubs.

Have lived in Amsterdam and have been to Yab Yam twice on one occasion – first and last….it is an overpriced clip joint. There are several MUCH better in Den Haag and other Cities. Neither Amsterdam not Rotterdam excel beyond EXCELLENT choices of delightful escorts at reasonable price…(girls keep 80%)

Tried an escort to go to FUN-4-TWO swingers club – the best swingers club presently in Europe. Had TERRIFIC time…gave the escort a “bonus” for my score with others.. regretfully failed to make her a fortune due to my strength….after all, I am over 50. It’s a good formula… The total cost under $700 with a lot lot lot of playful action and uninhibited fun and games with very uninhibited

The best overall value in Amsterdam as far as brothels are concerned is Vienna Massage which is on the south end of the city on Rijnstraat, its all on a walk in basis, and the club has some rather stunning woman. There was one stunner, who was Dutch and Spanish, I paid about 130 Euros for an excellent session that lasted about an hour.

I agree that Vienna Massage provides excellent value. (Be sure to get a blue parking dial to put in your car window as there are no parking ticket dispensers in this neighborhood. You can buy one at the sporting goods store across the street). Would also recommend Asmara, closer to central Amsterdam, and usually stunning women. There is also the occasional Dutch student (really!) who will only provide a full body massage and CBJ, nothing more….but still a delightful experience.
Both Vienna and Asmara take credit cards, and the charges come out looking like a restaurant. (Handy!)

The actual best cost/performance value is somewhere in the Tippelzone (pickup area), 25 Euro in th car suck and fuck 20 minutes, if she speaks Netherlands, you’d better be careful about the bargain, about 20 whores inside this Amsterdam Theemsweg square, lots of East Europe illegal migrant pops up in the mind night, they are the best deal you can get, very young and very nice this would be more exciting then window shopping, but first you need to rent a car to go there, there is only one place in the Amsterdam called Theemsweg, you can find it in any internet map,the place is very near by the train station called Sloterdijk.
With 150 Euro you can fuck 6 girls in the car, this is indeed the best bargain I ever have in my life.
The place is open in the night from PM9:00 to AM4:00, but get there too early, most of the ladies are still not there yet.
The trans-Sex are in the end of the area, they looks very beautiful, don’t mixed up.

Amsterdam privehuis
I would like to rate a “privehuis” where I’ve been last spring, park 118 in sarphathipark , amsterdam. Before of all, a privehuis is a kind of “brothel”, but more intimate than all the other brothels, since once you enter you do not get in contact with the other clients of the huis. When i rang the bell, a nice girl on her middle 30’s (fluent english) opened the door, introduced me in a room and explained to me the rules and the prices.  At the moment (Thursday afternoon)4 girls were present, and she told me that the girls would have come in the room one at the time introducing themselves, and at the end i would communicate to her my choice.
Well, the girls were all nice, 2 white blonde girls late 20’s, one white middle 30’s , and a black girl middle 20’s.  My choice failed on one of the first 2, Helene, so the reception girl called her, and we went in a room upstairs.  One hour session (with Jacuzzi) costed me 110 euro.  Helene was very nice, and made me feel very comfortable, beginning the session taking a shower with me, than we entered the Jacuzzi where we stayed for abt. 20 minutes conversation (even her talked a good English)and then we passed on the bed, where after a very good massage, we had some oral sex (with condom) and straight sex. Unfortunately she did not do any french kissing, and that’s the only reason why i do not rate this experience as a complete GFE. A good review of some privehuis can be found at

Germany is cheaper, interesting that the FKK clubs like PHG near the Dutch border are over run with guys from Holland. Which leads me to believe that Germany offers more service at lower prices. Holland {pre EURO change) was better and you saw Germans in Amsterdam. Now it’s reversed. The women in both countries are superior in looks, age, eagerness and quality than Nevada. I’ve been to about 28 ranches in Nevada and while I use them rarely, they are not as good of a deal. The attractive women you do find in Pahrumf or Moundhouse are far too expensive. Especially when compared to the $50 30 minute rates of Germany. Holland although more expensive then Germany is still cheaper and better then Nevada.

Nevada does have it’s place as the LEGAL paid sex destination of the US, you won’t find many Asians or Europeans customers going as they have far better options. That should tell you something. Recently the prices have gone down at the ranches along the 95 north of Vegas (north of the Cherry Patch). $100 gets you decent service and I thank management for being more upfront about things. Looks wise the women are not as young, attractive or eager as their Euro counter parts but if in Nevada it does the trick.

Then there are the Nevada $500 class brothel girls which is about an hour (one cum) service which with that I can buy airfare and have better service at $50 for 30 minutes. I suggest you don’t take my word for this and go and try yourself before judging Europe. This is my humble opinion from my world travels. Hope this helps?

My philosophy about hotels is simple. During the off season (Nov 15 thru March 15) I stay at 3/4 star hotels as they are more reasonable then. I also make the majority of my trips then. During “on” season I stay at the 2/3 star places. Now for those of you from the US knock a star off of the ratings and you’ll have a better idea of what your in for in terms of US ratings.

if u want a cheap hotel try the neutraal, it is by far the cheapest in amsterda. it is on damraak, about 5 mins from centrum station. rooms are small and only some have on suite but for the price it cannot be beaten, for bookings try , this is a great site for booking hotels in holland, amsterdam is almost always full so best to book early

I always use to book my hotels in Amsterdam. I couldn’t agree more that its a great site to find and book your hotel. It’s a pain to arrive at Central Station and have to go to the tourist info place to get a hotel or try and find one carting your luggage around. Check under special offers…sometimes you can get around -50% off normal price.
I just made a reservation for Amsterdam end of Feb. 2003 and one thing I noticed (that I had not previously noticed to be so exptreme) is that the hotel prices go way up Friday & Sat nights. So if your on a budget and would rather spend your money on the girls then plan to be there Sun-Thurs. It used to be they’d be sold out on the weekends but this time the Nive hotel i booked has a rate of 65/euro (Sun-Thurs) and 115/euro for the same room on Fri. & Sat. But definitely check out the link above and spend some time to find the place that’s rigt for you. If you haven’t been to Amsterdam before I say stay around Leidesspien (may be spelled wrong)…but you’ve got everything there and you can easliy take a tram to the RLD yet be in a nicer area with street entertainment, tons of coffeeshops, resturants, etc. Close to Riksmuseum, the Park

I stayed in “The Crown” hotel, right in the heart of the Red Light District. Room costs about $40 per night and the staff is friendly. One of the best cities in the world. About 1,000 girls in the Red Light District to choose from. Problem is there are so many one can spend the entire night looking for the “perfect girl” Girls range from 50 to 100 USD. The act is strictly mechanical. Sex tourism is actually better in South America and Asia. The better side of the coin is that one can smoke dope with impunity. Nothing better than choosing the best girl out of 800 to 1,000 choices and smoking a joint to finish off the night. Amsterdam is a safe city and does not have the hassles that 3rd world countries have.

I stayed in “The Crown” hotel, right in the heart of the Red Light District. Room costs about $40 per night and the staff is friendly. One of the best cities in the world. About 1,000 girls in the Red Light District to choose from. Problem is there are so many one can spend the entire night looking for the “perfect girl” Girls range from 50 to 100 USD. The act is strictly mechanical. Sex tourism is actually better in South America and Asia. The better side of the coin is that one can smoke dope with impunity. Nothing better than choosing the best girl out of 800 to 1,000 choices and smoking a joint to finish off the night. Amsterdam is a safe city and does not have the hassles that 3rd world countries have.

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