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Arnhem makes a nice “combo” tour. Spend an hour at the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek (just west of Arnhem proper) and learn about the British paratroopers in WWII’s Operation Market-Garden. Lots of equipment displays, too, for those who like big-boys’ toys. Then, on to the city proper. If you’re driving and choose a parking garage, pay close attention to posted signs for hours of operation: I didn’t, and it cost me. If you’re arriving by train, go east (left) out of the station on Jansbuitenstraat, then at the big square with the traffic lights take an oblique left on Steenstraat, a typical commercial street of shops. Walk a total of 10-15 minutes until you come to the railroad overpass, and just before it, go right on Hortogstraat for a block to Spijkerstraat on the left. Spijkerstraat is a loop. There you will find ladies in windows along the streets, ladies in windows in enclosed courtyards, and ladies in windows in the hallways of emporiums. In case you stopped at the big Heinecken tavern on Steenstraat, you might want to hit the Urinoir on Hortogstraat. You walk down a long corridor past ladies in windows, and the pissoir itself is dark and spooky…but when you gotta go, you gotta go.

I visited Marie, a cute, willing Dutch brunette with a girlish figure (just my style!)in a window on Spijkerstraat. Euro50 gets you S & F, both with condom….20 mins max. She had an enjoyable body and spoke enough English to be cordial. I have a tough time cumming with a raincoat on my dick, so I didn’t, and she was dissappointed. I enjoyed the ride, then moved on to the farthest corner of the loop of Spijkerstraat, where there is a Thai massage house. I love body to body massage! Mia greeted me with a smile and offered me an hour of full body massage with S&F for Euro150, but we settled on a short body to body with “extras” for Euro50, since that was all I wanted to spend with her. She was late 20’s, tall and deliciously slender with a perfect set of 32B’s. After she did my back, she had me turn over and peeled off her gown for the body to body part. She had nipples that had to be an inch long. I loved them and couldn’t keep my fingers off of them while she stroked my dick. I thought it would end with hand relief, but Mia surprised my by wrapping my dick and giving me attention-getting head. Then she had me get up so she could lie down, and she invited me in. She wrapped those long legs around my hips and I stroked it deep into a nicely snug pussy. Mia has the most incredibly skinny little ass, and I was turned on to the max to cup it in my hands while I drove myself deeper in her. Fun to do, but still no cumshot, so we hugged and parted, and I started walking back to my car in the garage. My route down Spijkerstraat took me past Samantha, a very attractive 25 year-old African, with a big smile. Hell…I turned around and went back. Bottom line: Samantha rode my dick and rubbed those 34C’s all over my chest, then invited me to stay the whole night for Euro500. I laughed out loud and offered her Euro200, which she accepted. I thought I got a bargain, but the joke was on me. We actually went out for a drink and a snack after the first round, then came back, did a second round which included a taste of a very sweet pussy for me. Samantha faked the orgasm, then said she was sleepy. Since it was then 02:00, we rolled up in each other’s arms and nodded off. In the morning, I tried to initiate some more sex, but she told me I would need to give her more money. So, it looks like I paid Euro200 for a shared mattress “hotel” room for the night, but HEY, you have to remember that it’s not about sex for the girls, it’s about money…yours. I have to admit, she did tell me that she wanted to “give me a good screwing.” All in all, I spent Euro350 for an enjoyable evening, but then of course there’s the matter of calling the security company at 09:00 to ransom my car from the parking garage which doesn’t open until 16:30 on Sundays!

As a regular visitor of Arnhem I found out the red light district at Karel-V.Gelder Straat (station Velperpoort) has lost many female attractions since they have locked the circular streets in the area. Some girls confirmed to me that they had a good loss of income. Some have changed to Utrecht (Zandpad). But nevertheless they are still some excellent girls, especially if you enter the cellar near the sex-shop. I had some great experiences there. In the “Ingang” (direction urinoir) on the other side I found Silvia, a typical blond Netherlands girl, who became my very favourite. I was very disappointed to learn that she went away too the last time I was in Arnhem. If anyone knows about her, let me know… In brief: Arnhem looses charme but it´s still worth visiting… (excuse my English is not that good…)

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