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I suggest you make a trip similar to the F**K fest trips. Your best sex will always take place in Germany. Utrecht (CLOSED NOW) has very beautiful women and prices are in line with Amsterdam. However the women in Utrecht cater more to the locals and count on return business. Where as the Amsterdam window workers know that most tourist business is a one time gig. They are more interested in Amsterdam at getting you to come in and taking your cash. I will admit I have had some great parties in Amsterdam but time is always a big concern with the girls. In Utrecht things are more relaxed and she won’t watch the clock as much. Plus there is only one street to walk but at least 50 to 100 girls at any given time. A good map as the one I’ve posted which has every major Holland city is a good investment. They can be bought at the local Shell mini mart stations. There are two well known sex clubs in Utrecht which offer one hour of sex (bath included)

Amsterdam is a fun city…if you like the style, but is not nearly THE place for sex. Better to blow some dope here and go the the Riks Museum, then eat some Indonesian food and have some Dutch beer. The RLD sucks in my opinion and should be avoided. Take a few days in Amsterdam….then get out.

Come to Deutschland where the beer is cold and the women hot. Come to the FKK clubs. See them in the Germany section. I do not own any clubs I just frequent them so much that some think I live in the FKK, upper floor.

I’ve actually had some fun in Amsterdam BUT, it’s no longer a popular destination for me.

There are some decent MP’s and brothels but they are hit and miss. Actually I prefer places like Utrecht and Den Haag to Amsterdam. The plus is that Holland does have some very attractive looking women and for the most part they al speak English. The downside is you usually have to rush, time is a big deal and many of the girls are mechanical. I think if you found some non public places you might find better quality.

The word COLD is different to Americans then Europeans as far as drinks goes. For some reason soft drinks are served without ice or room temperature in Europe. A McDonald’s Ice is an option but one of the only places to get it in a coke. I always found that strange.

I remember running into a couple Germans from Hamburg in Amsterdam near the all black RLD area. We were standing there looking at all the windows with the African chicks. Most were fat and odd looking. I asked the Germans why they were interested in the Black chicks. They responded that it’s cheaper, they will do anything and they don’t care about time. Sure enough this guy goes into a room with a huge one with 50 Guilders not to reappear for an hour.

My last words about Holland is that I have seen some of the best looking hookers there. You go to Holland to look and Germany to have sex.

A couple of years ago I was in Amsterdam on business and the business end started to fall apart due to errors that were made by secretaries. Basically, I had a week to spend and really nothing else to do other than keep my handy phone handy.

I was very disappointed in the RLD. At my age, I need a little bit of stimulation, or it is a real job to keep things going. Especially when you are going 3 to 4 times per day. Some of the women in the windows are beautiful, but Amsterdam is the Mecca for the ultra professional prostitute. Prostitute manuals could be written by these bitches. The best looking ones are usually the most professional. Most of them don’t even want to touch your dick without a condom on…. “I don’t f**k without condom”. Yeah, just what I wanted to hear. I just wanted to get jerked off as I realized that fuc*ing this bitch would be a torture. She even had some sort of timer in the room. This is not for me at all. I was lucky that I met a Vietnamese girl who was brought up in Thailand. We had a lot to talk about and she was really beautiful. She had just had a fight with her boyfriend….she would not go out with me, as she said girls have been killed by customers, etc., etc. The next day I was out looking around (very cold) and stopped to get some food near the RLD. She was in the restaurant, we talked and I was able to get her to have dinner with me. To make a long story short, I was very lucky because even though I was in Amsterdam I don’t hate my dick enough to make him have a party with these nasty, ultra-professional, prostitutes. You have to really look around to find a gentle one here. Although “tourists” always talk of this RLD, this is the worst available as far as the quality of the experience goes. As I get older, I will not let myself be degraded into this type of non-fun “get off quick” sex. I guess we all have some sort of morals.

I have not had the same experiences in other RLDs, such as Utrecht and the Bochum and Essen locations. Believe it or not, I have never been to the RLD in Frankfurt or Dusseldorf, too many great other choices. In Hamburg, on the window street, I have made some bad choices also, but never as bad as Amsterdam. If you look at the Germany posts, I even had the police involved in one of my fuc*ing experiences in Hamburg, as a kid. I went to college for two years in Muenchen (Munich) and they had apartment style brothels there. You go up onto the floors and the girls either invite you in, or they hang out in front of the doors. Different floors were devoted to different countries and races. I was never “timed” here and I never had a bad time. The girls were a real bunch of fun loving non-professional types. I don’t know what you will find now, this was in the mid 1970’s. The more tourists, the more you will have problems…it is simple as that. When you are dealing in a local situation like the FKK and the girls see you around and you act like a decent guy, that is the best chance you have for great paid sex.

Has anyone ever been to the brothels in Enschede, Netherlands. This is north of Oberhaussen on route #31. My friends were all going up there for a weekend of whoring, but I didn’t go due to newspaper articles that the girls in the Netherlands do not get the same medical checkups that the German prostitutes do. I passed, but these guys had a great time. They told me that a few years back a Dutch pimp named “Willy” began to import girls from Brazil into this village in the Netherlands. Supposedly they were recruited in Brazil with the knowledge that they would work as prostitutes in this village. Apparently the idea worked and he soon had a steady flow of Brazilian women in this little “town” in the Netherlands. I was told that this guy eventually passed away and now his son is the manager of the brothels. Supposedly these Brazilian women are very nice and the facilities are very good. I’m not quite sure of the prices, because everyone has given me a different story.

Does anyone have some solid information on this town? Also does anyone have any information about this medical testing situation in the Netherlands. The Bild reports that Dutch prostitutes won in court so that they do not have to be tested for anything at all, including the dreaded plague. This was supposed to be a women’s rights issue. I actually read this in a legitimate newspaper. Does anyone have more insight here?? My intent here is not to turn people away from Dutch prostitutes, but I am very curious about this and what the Dutch authorities can possibly be thinking?


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