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Hi guys, Well on my trip to Oslo there are hot ass chicks. There is one popular massage parlor with two locations if you’re smart you’ll figure it out. I’ll give you some advice, they have a website, but I don’t want them out of business so that next time I go back they’ll still be there.

I went in and you need a cab to take you there basically, they had two chicks there, but one on her way out and she was the classic looking Norwegian girl, she was hot with a great body, little did I know had I asked her to stay she would have. But I did choose another girl.

Here’s the price breakdown
400 NOK for a massage
500 for a topless one
700 for totally nude
900 for mutual massage

I should’ve gone for the 400 one cause I only had 800 more after shelling out 900. She comes in after you shower, mandatory. Its very plush lots of velvet furniture, its in the basement. like 4 rooms, huge communal shower, candles everywhere and mirrors as well. So she comes in and shes slender and I cant tell her body at first it looks okay, but when she takes her dress off, then I see an thin but with a nice ass and 36 c breasts! SO I was expecting a nice massage and sex. But after massaging me and I turn and massage her while rubbing my cock between her ass cheeks she tells me to lay down and gets oil I said don’t we have sex, she said no there were two things she could do.

Erotic massage which was hand relief and I could touch her anyway but her pussy, that’s illegal and intimate massage which is sex, but I still couldn’t finger her. I was like well isn’t intercourse illegal? Yes but fingers is definitely illegal well I gave her 500 more for a hand job, but instead I opt for riding her ass until I cum. I did rub my cock against her ass hole slightly and she said its okay just don’t slide it in because it could go in because of the oil. Man I sure wish that I had 1300 total nok for sex, so had I gone for 400 then I would’ve had enough, damn she was hot so in the end I rubbed all I could and came, she was really sweet though but wouldn’t bend.

My next vacation there I’ll bring more money back and go again. Guys trust me go over to Norway and get your hot Nordic chick fantasy. cause 1700 is only 190 dollars and you get the Nordic woman of your dreams. Much better than the ugly bitches that try and rip you off here in the states.

Hello, I’ve been traveling quite a lot To Oslo for the past couple of years, and I have tried out the sex market quite some times. First, I will tell you a little about the street action. The best place is no longer Tollbugata, as mentioned in other reports. You will find more action a few blocks away, closer to Akershus festning, the big castle. If you are roaming the streets at night, you will notice where the action is, just follow all the cars with single men 🙂

I usually park my car, and use my legs around the area, which gives a much better opportunity to get close up in front of the girls, so you can pick the nicest ones. There’s many druggies in this area, but if you take your time, you will absolutely find decent, nice girls, usually ranging from 18- 30/35 yrs. If you don’t have a car to go back to, you’ll still get your services, as most girls are willing to do it outside (and there’s plenty of hideaways around). I have never been taken to a place where we’ve been interrupted, you will get what you pay for. Another great thing is that prostitution is legal in Norway, so you don’t have to worry about the cops. The prices on the streets is usually about 4-600 NKR.($40-65), for bj and fuck. Add about 50% if you wanna go to a hotel. All girls carry condoms, but bring one yourself, just in case.

I’ve never tried any escorts in Norway, but I went to a few parlors and private apartments. In the parlors you’ll get pretty much the same if you go to a Norwegian place, as if you go to a Thai parlor etc., but the Thai parlors appears a bit more sleazy (but you can get great girls).

Full service in a parlor is about 1000-2000 NKR. additional to the mandatory massage(300-800 NKR). My favorite is the private apartments. Prices ranging from 800-2000(until you go. If your quick, many encourages you to stay for a while and cuddle, or try one more time), and you can get outstanding girls. You will find ads in the “Kontakt”, and “Club contact” magazines, sold in most small stores, and newsstands. Go only for the ads with phone numbers, as the rest is mostly private ads. Most ads has pictures, BUT. Be aware of illustrated pictures.(mostly a note in the corner of the pic., saying “Illustrert foto”.), so you’ll usually know.

You will also find ads for Apts. and parlors in the paper “sondag Sondag”. Good luck, and be careful with junior.

I enclose the address to the massage parlour visited. It’s one of the best in Norway, but a bit expensive.

Several months ago I visited Suntouch and had an awesome time. I picked a blond Norwegian lady and she was incredible. The prices are fair, expect to pay 400 NOk on the way in and 1600 more to get the fuck and massage of your life. I also like a little anal for me, but she didn’t have any dildos, so the next time I brought one myself. Not only was she happy to fuck me, but invited her friend to join us. I didn’t realize until the end that instead of another girl wearing a strap on, I was being fucked by a guy. I nearly fainted, but it was awesome and I will be back there soon.

Good to see that people start reporting from Norway – it is probably connected to the fact that the massage-studios are getting better established. The two most famous (and reviewed here on this page) are Baltazars Budoir (Munkegata, close to Aker Brygge) and Sun Touch Clinique in Vogtsgate. I would recommend the last one, at least for one good reason: At BB you can choose your girl only after having your shower, but at ST you are (on request) introduced to the girls on arrival (remember to be polite: ask to “say hello” to the girls, not to “see them”). My favorite choice at ST has always been Monica – as I am a fan of big tits. She is really nice, but can be a little stressed if you turn up late at night. The best time is around midnight. Monica once gave me half an hour ++ for NOK 1800, which is good for a normal charge. I first payed 900 for a half-on-half massage, so the total was 2700, but then in total that made around an hour. She gave me a good massage and asked me to massage her afterwards. This is to be recommended, as it actually turns her on (I’ve visited her other times, just going straight on, and that’s not the same). As already mentioned, MONICA (23 – 25) has porno-class big boobs (with silicone I guess, but still VERY nice) that she will let you fondle as much as you like. Otherwise she is blonde and very good looking and she has a totally shaved pussy.

I usually have a few drinks before I go, so I can keep it going longer. I fucked her for half an hour, and that would have been difficult if I was sober, because she is really that good, fucking you and moaning like crazy. First she gave a brilliant and long bj, rubbing her tits on my thighs. Then I fucked her as she was lying on her back for a while, before I asked her to get up in dog position. The rooms at ST are very nice (the whole joint is very nice) with lots of mirrors in the rooms (this varies a little), so I could see her breasts dangling as I pounded her. Then I lied down on my back and she took a ride, with me in the most perfect position to fondle, lick and get attacked by those huge knockers. After a while (a good while) she asked me to fuck her from the side, with one of her feet rising in the air. I said no thanks, because I preferred to go back to the dog position, again to see her big breasts dancing in the mirror. After that she sucked me a little more, this time with me standing beside the bed and her sitting on her knees in the bed. Finally she went down on her back and made me come between her tits. Everything we did was with condom. Another beauty at ST is Pernille. She is younger, just above 20 I guess, and she also has very nice breasts. She is Norwegian and blonde, and a little big, but FIRM. I’ve fucked her a few times know. She gives a fantastic massage (using her tits) and her pussy is tight. She always makes me come way before I want.

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