Gdansk and Tri-city area

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Unfortunately the scene is significantly less developed than in Warsaw. You can try two ways : check the ads in local newspaper “Glos Wybrzeza” in “Towarzyskie” section; you’re going to find either small outlets or private girls, prices in the range of 30 – 50 Euro per shot. It is a hit and miss though and you may encounter communication problems as well.

The second way are night clubs, the prices are 50 Euro and up and you’re constantly pestered for drinks. The selection is much better, you have to pay extra for every add-on (F w/o and so on). I’ve been to “Bodega” on the border of Gdynia and Rumia at the Szczecin exit (wasn’t very excited by the girls selection but could be the case of bad luck), at “Max” in Tetmajera str in Gdynia (quite a popular place and good variety of girls), at “Amor” in Demptowska str in Gdynia (near the Tricity ring) also can be recommended. These outlets open at about 6/7 p.m. I cannot be specific about the girls since it was a couple of months ago. I definitely do not recommend “Las Vegas” club which is IMHO a mafia rip-off (but still every cab driver knows that place).

Strange thing is, that Gdynia is largely over represented – Gdansk and Sopot boast of very few and lacking in quality places. As I am working in Warsaw at the moment.

Unfortunately my tour business tour will be very short (1 night in Warsaw, 1 in Torun and 2 in Gdansk)
I’ll have to shoot the spot at the first attempt and any useful information is very important. I’m trying to make a sort of benchmark among all the information I got here my conclusions are that the best place in Warsaw looks like Villa Rosa followed by Aisha and Club Elita the ranking in the Tri-city area is Eden (1) and max (2) Sopot and Gdansk are underrepresented. I’m wondering for some information in Torun.

I stayed a couple of days in Gdansk and I checked 3 places
1. Night club in Hevelius hotel plenty of pro’s from Poland and former USSR that hook you up at every step the average is very low with a couple of interesting exception the normal rate is 500 szloty (125 $) but I’m you can bargain regarding sex, I can give just a bad report from a friend of mine experience because I didn’t get any service here.
2. Mix night club 12-15 good looking (none special) girls just dance no strip show (if you want it you have to pay 25 $) I was blown away when I’ve heard they requsted the price of 50$ means just a 1 time fuck/suck (they cheat you selling it as 1 hour) drinks reasonably cheap-5$ for entrance
3. EDEN Night club
few (6) girls sitting around a small bar (no strip) the boss is very friendly (Artur) but really huge
found there OLA (Alexandra) that really worth a session (1 hour means no limits fucking) the condom is normally mandatory for BJ but… had a great session the first time and after that I make friends with the boss thanks to our common sport (judo) the second time I had a no time limit session (according to the boss) with Ola and a even better fuck (I’ve come back for you, you drive me crazy and so on on my side)
had problem to come back to hotel because the girl didn’t want I go away (she sleeps there) total price 50$ each time

IMHO, as ever, if you’re friendly with the girls and even with the boss you can get great GFE experiences. I would recommend EDEN to anyone though I’ve heard the biggest place in Tri-city area is Bodega night club

I had one of my top 10 experiences EVER in Gdansk. (and that included Rio, Bangkok, German FKK’s, Prague, etc..). I was driving looking for the the above mentioned Las Vegas Club, I was definitely lost and then to my amazement saw a sign “Club Vegas” so obviously I thought I had found the place. Turns out it’s a different club..maybe the similar name gets then business. Anyway I parked and entered the place.It’s like a small nightclub (dance floor with pole, couple rooms with chairs and seats and a bar some fancy lighting, etc.). I was the only man there and saw around 10 girls from Poland, Ukraine, Russia & Belarus. I bought a coke and sat down and began talking to the ones who spoke some English (mainly it was a nice Ukrainian girl who spoke decent English and she would translate for me to talk to some of the others. I got a lot of attention as I was the only man and they seemed bored. Anyway to get to the good stuff here’s what happened. As I was chatting with these girls I noticed a BEAUTIFUL girl who had started dancing in the other room (dancing with the pole) she had an incredible body (I like small breasts but she had huge beautiful natural tits on a petite body,). Eventually she came over to me and other girls and we talked a little (she spoke a little English). Now the problem I had was how was I going to take this girl when the other had been so nice..well you gotta do what you gotta do and when the girl who spoke English well looked away to talk with her friend I asked Tatiana (Ukrainian from Odessa…in Gdansk and whoring for only 2 weeks) to go to a room. Full hr. with girl in room cost 150 zloty. she led me downstairs into dark room and told me “not to be frightened” well it was a nice thing to say but that was not the main feeling I was feeling…anyway…she returned a minute later with matches and lit candles all around the room (a nice touch first time I never have done it with a WG by candle light). She showed me the shower and gave me a towel and took my money. By the way I found out where the other guys were they were downstairs in rooms with other pretty girls. I showered and waited in the room listening to the music she put on and then she entered wearing NOTHING but a towel. (this brings back some good memories) she dropped the towel and her body and face and skin, smell everything was amazing. The first thing she did was take my hands and put them on here huge tits and make me squeeze them…I then went down to start fingering her (you never know outside a FKK if the girl will let you play with her pussy…well she loved it she gyrated on my fingers and had several orgasms (that was a turn on). Then she gave me a BJ, I asked for 69 she said she didn’t like it, then she fucked me on top facing me and facing away and then had another orgasm. I had a FULL hr for around $35 and when there was a knock or the phone rang (i forget) I still had not CUM so she knelled right near my face and started masturbating and I finished myself off watching this beautiful, young girl play with herself.
I’ll try and find the address but if I can’t just ask around but make sure you don’t get the wrong “Vegas” club

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