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For some reason Katowice has the strongest presence on the Internet when you try searching for girls in Poland. On several web sites with ads I have found that Katowice have the greatest number of girls advertising their services. The only other city with as strong presence is of course Warsaw. Anyway, I have been to Poland twice last year, once in June and once in September. I am a relatively experienced adult entertainment traveler and the purpose of both of my visits was 50% business and visiting friends and 50% adult entertainment. I have conducted a thorough research prior to both of my visits as I haven’t been in Poland in 15 years before my trips. Although I am a US citizen I speak perfect Polish and that certainly helped tremendously in my experiences which I now wanted to share with everybody.
First of all a warning – it seemed to me that everyone was hell bent on ripping me off, and I have been told it’s because of my accent which I guess i have by now acquired, so I guess my Polish is somewhat less than perfect. Anyway, I am pretty sharp so I wouldn’t let anybody to rip me off but I had to be on constant watch. It starts from taxi drivers who can charge as much as five times the going rate if they sense you don’t know what you should be paying. I quickly found out that one needs to call a respected “phone-taxi” company and then the rates are (most of the time) what they should be. Just ask the receptionist at your hotel for a decent taxi company and they will give you the number to call. Never pick up a taxi from a taxi stand. But I digressed.

I started from driving around (with a nice taxi-cab driver) and visiting a few “clubs”. There are two categories of those: some are fancy clubs with drink bars, couches, and stages for the girls to dance on, and some are just converted houses or even apartments and condominiums. All of them however, seemed to be depressing places where girls sat in one room sometimes crowded four or five on a narrow couch waiting to be literally picked up from a line to be fucked in an adjacent room(s). I have visited about four or five of these apartments and found little to my liking. Some places had as little as two girls and some as many as fifteen. I am very picky and usually go for the thin model type with a pretty face and I had a hard time finding what i like in those places. I tried twice – once in a club and once in an apartment and both times were very unenthusiastic and I was definitely disappointed. So, forget the clubs and the apartments, they are like stables with girls who have no other way to make money and they are simply for sale and it is reflected in their attitudes.

Now, I had a much better luck with independent girls who advertise on the Internet. However, it took a lot of time and patience prior to my trip. I visited a couple of web sites with ads which in Poland are called “sponsoring” as you “sponsor” the girl when you pay her, pretty funny how they try to not call it for what it is. Anyway, majority of those ads are without pictures but about 20 percent have pictures. And as I don’t like disappointments at the door I focused strictly on those. I found several interesting ads, sent my inquiries and had my first disappointment – only about 20 percent responded, which pissed me off as why do they advertise in the first place if they are not planning on responding? But, later i found out that they get so many responses that it is almost impossible to answer to them all, and on top of it overwhelming majority of these inquiries are pure bullshit and most of those guys just want cheap entertainment through email and never intend to go through with the actual appointment. So one needs to be convincing and innovative in these emails to get a response. So, I did get a few responses and exchanged a few emails but there was yet another difficulty – most of the time they do not want to email at all and all they do is send you a phone number to call them, and you have to set up the meeting over the phone. This has also been explained as filtering technique as there are a lot of guys who like to write and do cybersex for free, so the girls try to avoid that. In addition, most of them have a very limited access to email as Internet is a lot less prevalent in Poland than it is in good old USA.

Well, so after roughly two months of Internet browsing and collecting phones and emails from the girls I thought I liked, and after actually talking to some of them and setting appointments I was ready to go.
After the club fiasco I was eager to try the girls I met on the Internet. Three of my appointments were in Katowice as this city offered the best selection (on th Internet). I actually had five appointments but at the last minute two of them cancelled and I was left with three. Two of those were two girl appointments as that is what i like most and what i was looking for. All three were spectacular experiences. The two girl adventures were practically with no limits as to the combinations of the three bodies together and there was no need to change the protection when switching the girls so going back and forth between the girls was actually the fun it is supposed to be, and not the crap you may get in USA when you decide on two girls and each time you switch you need to change the rubber which completely destroys the fun. There are hardly any things more fun than two girls either bent over next to each other or on top of each other with their pussies wide open and waiting and all you do is going from one to the other, back and forth. The only things better is what i call 69+1 position where you go from a pussy to a mouth and back. Which one pair of these lovely girls was happy to do for me.

The single girl experience was also phenomenal as the girl had an awesome body – she claimed to be a fitness instructor and I believed without a doubt, she had a perfect hourglass figure and nice muscles while still remaining very feminine. She also had a nice set of 75Ds and I couldn’t stop sucking on them which she seemingly enjoyed. She was rather shy and the beginning was a bit awkward but after a while she loosened up and things went very well indeed. Overall, the work I put into research and setting things up paid off very well especially when you consider the pricing. And that is the best part of my experience as Poland is one of the cheapest places for a good sex if you do that right. So here it goes:
One hour of full service in apartments typically goes from $25 to $37.5 but like I said quality will vary dramatically. The clubs especially the fancy ones will ask you typically $100 for an hour but most of the time you will be able to negotiate it down, in the less fancy ones even down to the apartment rates, but don’t count on it if the club looks expensive and girls are pretty. There is no cover charge but be careful and ask for the prices of drinks BEFORE you order! Once they tried to charge me $25 for one drink!!! If they find out you are a foreigner and they will, they will do everything in their power to rip you off. They all things that foreigners have tons of money and it is a fair game to charge as much as they can squeeze out of you.

Now, the best part. The girls from the Internet typically charge the apartment rates of $25-$40 per hour but are very flexible with the longer appointments. You can easily negotiate a whole evening and even a night for a $100-$150. My threesome adventures cost me both $200 dollars each – one for a whole night, and the other for six hours. And I got to take some pictures which I will post later as now I do not have them with me. So you can really have great fun if you put some effort into it. The problem is I cannot imagine how one can do this if one doesn’t speak the language. Few girls speak English well enough but I suspect that they may make the effort due the the simple fact that they perceive the foreigners as rich and will try for the sake of making good money.


My advice – don’t fall for anything that is not a straight ad with either email or a phone number. Everything else are scams to get your money.

I was for two weeks in Katowice, Poland and I was looking for a beautiful escort girl.

First I made same calls from Odloty.pl selecting only girls with confirmed identity and speak English. I called them and I choose Angela. Just had a one night with the beauty Nikola http://www.odloty.pl/en/announcements/katowice/cen trum/angela-exclusive/35379.html city Katowice, Poland. On the pics she looks fabulous, in realtime she’s the same. After some discussion I confirm 150 PLN/1 hour, full service. The experience for me was just amazing. Girls were very nice, the facilities are modern and the all atmosphere is nice.

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