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I was in Krakow and saw none of the street action mentioned, however the massage parlors at #2 and #12 Westerplatte are still in operation. Both are within a few minutes walk of the central train station. In both case you enter through a sex shops. The attendants in the shops speak very little English, and I speak less Polish, but was able to get across what I wanted.

I got only one opportunity to take advantage of the services offered, and chose the one at #2. I was escorted through the sex shop into a bar area was set up. The bar had a small stage with a pole for striptease shows, but as it was about 2 pm, there was no show going on. Three ladies were lounging in the bar area, I guessed their ages to be late 20’s to early 30’s. None were drop dead gorgeous, but neither were they hideous. I chose a petite blonde who spoke enough English to negotiate a price of 200 zlotys (about $50 US) for one hour. There is probably a bigger selection available at night.

In the room I was offered a shower, which I accepted. She entered the shower with me to wash my back and engage in some preliminary petting. She also discretely inspected my dick without making it obvious what she was doing.

Once on the bed she started with a bareback blowjob. When I was ready, she slipped a condom on me and we proceeded to the missionary position. After a few minutes I had her turn over and entered her from behind and finished in this position. She removed the condom and got a warm cloth from the shower to clean me.

We cuddled on the bed for a little while, playing with each other. She again sucked me without a condom until I was hard, then climbed on top and rode me till I came. As before she removed the condom and cleaned me.

The session lasted more like 45 minutes than an hour, but I was well satisfied. We weren’t able to do a lot of verbal communicating, but she was very friendly with an enthusiastic, outgoing attitude. I tipped her an extra 50 zlotys and left. I will be back in Krakow later this year, and will definitely visit the place again. Hopefully I will also get a chance to update the information on Warsaw.

On a final note, I found Krakow to be a fascinating and friendly place, with lots of interesting things to see and do. I wandered all over the city, and never felt uneasy or threatened. Next time I hope to be able to lose my companions long enough to better enjoy our hobby!

Krakow (Cracow ) has around 1 million population: I have been to Krakow – Poland past summer. I can tell you that this is one of the most beautiful cities in a whole world with its sights, comparable to the beauty of Prague and Rome.

I have stayed at Hotel Forum which is located across Wavel hill where old castle is.

Massage parlors/Escorts – you can find them all over the city. Best place is to locate local newspaper like “Gazeta Krakowska” or “Dziennik Polski” and you will find heading where the adds are called “Towarzyskie”. There you can find adds for Massage Parlor and Escorts which will provide in call or out call.

1. I do not remember exact addresses but If you look at a newspaper provided you will find them there.
One place was called BOA and it is close to Starowislna street, other is called SINDY and it is on Starowislna street. There is some more between Starowislna street and Krakowska street – this area is called Kazimierz.

2. There is a good place on Kalwaryjska street. And on Florianska 24 street called Erotica or spelled like that.

3. Hookers you can find at night in all the hotels after 10 pm, and on the street place called “plac biskupi”.

4. If you have any problem try to show Cab driver in writing and they can drive you there. It is better to show them the place in writing cause not many of them speak English.

5. During the night you can find many young Polish girl who do speak English in many of polish pubs and bars. My experiences: I have been to Boa where I have had an intercourse with nice Russian girls who kissed and allowed fingering of pussy and anus, as well as you can get extra BBBJ (sans condom).

Prices for this type of experience is around 130 zlotys. 1$ us = 4zlo. Before you do anything with the girl after paying the doorman who introduces you to the girls, give her an extra tip of 50zlotys. She will let you do whatever you desire. I have seen many girls and I had similar experiences.

In Krokow’s “agencjach towarzyskich” that what you call these in call massage/escort places you will find the girls ranging from 6-10 in looks. Most of them from Ukraine and old ZSRR as well as some Polish. Have fun. Polak

This is a “live” city, but not for much in the way of sex. I looked up BOA on Starowislna (actually it’s on s side street just off it). They did a line-up, etc as you would expect, but the sex was mechanical. All business, not even a smile after we got in the room. I looked around Kazimierz on the suggestion that this might have some action, but no. Krakow is a great university town, the main square is a lot of fun, the jazz is great. Just don’t come looking for action

Nightlife in Krakow turned out to be the toughest to find information on the for my trip through eastern Europe in October (see also Vienna and Budapest), but I was able to find one agency, Escorts Poland (, that responded to my emails and seemed very eager to get my business. They have only 3 women in Krakow, so I chose Fiore. Teddy, my email contact, tried to get me to take Julie also at the same time since she and Fiore are both bi (and as Fiore told me, also neighbors), but I didn’t think I could take care of them both in one night so I chose Fiore for 12 hours ($350).

Fiore arrived at 7 PM. On arrival, she was wearing a very short mini skirt and a jacket that opened to reveal quite a large cleavage. We sat and talked for awhile and I discovered that she also was a computer nerd like me. Wow! A woman that likes both computers and sex. What more could I ask for! We got into bed after talking, then went at it until 2 AM when we both collapsed in exhaustion. I was very surprised to learn that she had both a husband and kids at home. I asked her is her husband knew where she was (I didn’t want a huge Polish shipyard worker barging in on us with a baseball bat) and she said he knew what she was doing and didn’t mind! The next morning, it was kind of embarrassing to have her wear the same outfit down to the hotel’s dining room for breakfast. She received several stares (and me too) from the businessmen having breakfast! The agency seemed very concerned that I would show up for the appointment with Fiore and I emailed them several times to reconfirm. Supposedly, Teddy runs the agency from Israel and telephoned Fiore soon after her arrival the make sure all was okay. Service and attention was great and, like the other agencies I used on my trip, would certainly use them again, especially since they have some new women on their web site since my return.

I was in Krakow a few weeks ago and visited Boa (easy to find from the Old Town square) on a Sunday night where only one woman was available, Lola (40 yo?), but I decided to go with her anyway for 150 zlotys.

She led me to a small room where I showered and was then given a brief (but worthwhile) bbbj before proceeding to have sex in a few positions.

After a break in the action, Lola started giving me a nice massage which got me hard again and she then proceeded to give me another bbbj, but this time for at least 20 minutes (giving it all she had) and I´m sure had I come (which I didn’t) that she would have swallowed for sure. Highly recommended.

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