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Next to the Czech Republic I think Poland is the best sex-country in Europe. My last trip to Poland was a week in Szczecin, and my best experience ever in Poland was with Kinga, a black haired beauty in her early thirties, working in a club called Hokus Pokus, 10 minutes taxi drive from the centre. First, I’ll say that the sex market in Poland seems to be very safe. I always take a taxi, and I do not think a taxi driver has ever cheated me. On the contrary, some of them have driven me around from place to place to find the right place, following me inside (with the meter stopped) and introducing me where it was necessary,
And the club Hokus Pokus was really something special. It was like a disco with a small bar and 8-10 girls, most of them really beautiful. I sat at the bar and bought a beer, and after 10 minutes Kinga came over to me and asked if she could join me. She did not ask for a drink at any time, but just started talking. After half an hour she acted like a “normal” girl, and we started hugging and kissing at the chin.
After almost an hour she asked me if I wanted to have sex with her – and there was no doubt in my mind!

We went upstairs to a very big room with a bubble bath and a huge bed. I paid her 200 Slz – and she really paid me back! Her blowjob was like a dream, she tongued me all over, she fucked me, she begged me to lick her – and when I asked for it she also gave me a great golden shower. A great full hour.  After we came down, she sat next to me again for more than half an hour, caressing etc. On the second day the procedure was the same, and she even invited me over to a table where some of the other girls was celebrating a birthday. Here I was offered chocolate, and Kinga even went up to the bar after a beer for me – on the house! And all this was after Kinga and I had sex. Unfortunately, Kinga was not there on my last evening. Instead I had sex with Ilona, a young beauty. She was OK, but not very enthusiastic in the bed – so next time it will be Kinga again!

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