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I go to Warsaw about twice a year, and as I explained in an earlier post, I prefer the brothels to other alternatives for getting laid. They are convenient to the city center, the choice of women is great, and the prices are cheap for the value.

I have also found them to be safe. In dozens of visits, I have never felt uncomfortable and only once have I ever seen any evidence of police intrusion. On my last trip, I found that Lena, a Ukrainian I had met before, was back at Studio Relaks and as my third nightly visit to her was just starting, there was a knock on the door. The police were checking the visas of all the foreign girls working there and she had to go to the police station. She tried to give me my money back, but I liked her and felt sorry that she was being hassled, so I refused. On my way out, the police were at the door but they completely ignored me as I walked by.

Studio Relaks (Al. Jerozolimskie 83, apartment 18; tel: 621-52-22) is located behind the Marriott Hotel and across from the central train station. This was the first brothel I visited in Warsaw, and it has remained a favorite. Price is 100 zloty ($ 23) per hour. Selection is usually pretty good, both Polish and Russian/Ukrainian women. The two best looking women I have fucked here were both Polish university students from out of town – earning money for the next semester.

Tekla was an engineering student from Wroclaw who spoke excellent English. A natural redhead, with slim, athletic build, she liked to be on top and would ride me as long as I could hold out After she got to know me, she liked 69 without a rubber. Her friend, Marzena, was a liberal arts major with two boyfriends back in Wroclaw, a brunette with perfect natural tits. She refused any oral, either giving or receiving, but she was a good fuck.

Best of all at Studio Relaks was Danka, a 30 year old single-mom from Lodz. Blonde, with nice legs, and medium tits, she always gave me a good time and I got regular with her. She always got hot when we fucked, and she also liked to be finger-fucked hard, and to be eaten (for which she always thanked me.) When finger-fucking her once, I think I found her g-spot and she went wild. After I became regular, the usual session went like this: I would finger-fuck her until she was sloppy wet, then fuck her in a variety of positions (with condom), and then without condom, she would suck me off and swallow.

I should add that for 100 zlotys, you will normally get one suck followed by one fuck, both with condom, lasting no more than an hour (read: 45 minutes.) But if you become regular, are pleasant to the girl, tip generously, buy two or three hours at a time, and let her smoke and rest a little between fucks, you will get great sex. Four hundred zlotys (less than $ 100) if spent wisely will get you what you want.

It helps to speak a little Polish. Since I go to Poland regularly I have taken the trouble to learn enough to carry on a simple conversation. But you can get along without it. You and the girl both know you are not there to discuss international relations.

Club Felicja (Ul. Marszalkowska 27/35, apartment 39; tel: 825-21-51). It advertises as being across from the Luna movie theater. It is in fact across the street but off of a back alley. This is pretty far out on Marszalkowska, so better take a taxi. Per hour the price is 110 zloty, standard service.

I have been here twice and got laid by a good looking woman each time. The first was a blonde Pole named Cecilia, close to a 9 or 10. She spoke pretty good English but kept talking about a boyfriend she had had in Cyprus which must have been very interesting for her but not for me. She would do anything but mechanically and would fake orgasms in a very off-putting sort of way. The other, a Russian named Tatiana, had learned therapeutic (not erotic) massage and insisted that she do it (toe pulling and back pounding) before we fucked. Once into the sex part, she was good but seemed to want to dominate.

Probably the classiest brothel in Warsaw is Club Elita (Ul. Bednarska 23, apartment 3; tel: 826-40-90.) It is also the priciest at 120 zlotys per hour. Located in heavily touristed Old Town (Stare Miasto) on a side street a couple of blocks from the Presidential Palace, it has superior amenities including private showers and wall and ceiling mirrors. The girls are usually young and very good looking in the 9 to 10 class, but with one exception, I have found the girls to be mechanical. The exception was Agnieszka, a Pole from Gdansk, and I returned to her a lot. A tall, natural brunette, dyed blonde with a perfect figure, she was a real whore in bed. She would do absolutely anything, with or without a condom. I make it a rule to use a condom when fucking, but once in the heat of the moment, she stuck my naked cock in her pussy and I rode her a while before pulling it out. I worried about this later but fortunately had not caught anything.

She seemed to take a liking to me and showed me her wedding pictures (divorced) and pictures of her two little boys who lived with her sister in a nearby town. She had no other home in Warsaw other than the brothel and kept the pictures under one of the beds. She visited her kids, 90 miles away, every other week-end and seemed to want to be a good mother. It was all a bit sad, especially the wedding pictures of a pretty young bride probably then full of hope.

She let me know that she would see me away from the brothel, and I invited her for lunch at my hotel. She arrived dressed like a street-walker much to the amusement of the waiters who keep leering at her tits and treating me with exaggerated courtesy. I ignored their performance because I knew it was I who was going to be sucking those tits and fucking her, and up in my room, I did just that. Afterwards I took some erotic pictures as souvenirs, but this was the last time I saw her. She was gone the next time I went to Club Elita.

My second favorite brothel in Warsaw (after Relaks) advertises as Love Story, but I always think of it by its address: Ul. Gorskiego 4,apartment 54; tel: 827-34-48).

The first time I was there I was almost knocked off my feet by the line up of eight beautiful girls. I chose Viktoria, which was a mistake. A Russian from Latvia, she spoke English fairly well and had as beautiful face as I have ever seen, gorgeous. Her body was more like a 7 or 8, and she was entirely unresponsive in bed. When I began to suck her nipples, she asked: Do you like to have your nipples sucked? Not especially, I said. Neither do I. she replied. That set the tone for the entire session. Still when I was on top fucking her, looking at the face of the woman I had my cock in was enough to get me to come.

Never again did I see quite a great a line up at Gorskiego as that time, but I found Alina there, a 32 year old Ukrainian with an 8 year old boy back home. She was a slim woman with small tits and a pretty but rather pouting face, altogether about a 7. But she was a warm and passionate woman who would fuck my mouth with her tongue while she fucked my cock with a wet and eager pussy. No wife or girlfriend was ever more responsive. Typically, after lengthy foreplay, I would eat her, and then we would fuck with condom until I could not hold out any longer. Then she would finish me in her mouth. We would rest a little and then repeat with some variation. Once after she had been rubbing my cock against her pussy, masturbating herself with it, I tried to stick it in without a condom. She stopped me. Niebezpieczny – dangerous, she said. That was the only thing she ever denied me, and she of course was right. I have her address in Ukraine and write her when I plan to be in Warsaw, and she usually takes the 24 hour train ride to come.

A final note on language: Russian and Polish are two distinct languages, at least as different as Spanish and Italian. Alina speaks enough Polish that we can communicate, but many of the Russian and Ukrainian girls in the brothels do not. I only mention this because, some of the most willing girls in these brothels are the Russians and Ukrainians. They are away from home, in a strange and for them expensive city, living under very cramped and uncomfortable conditions in the brothels. They can only sleep in beds when the beds are not in use by customers. They are lonely and often desperate for money (back home $ 100 a month is good pay.) So, even with a language barrier, if you are kind to them and a bit generous, you are likely to be amply rewarded with good, even great, sex.

Polish women generally are flirtatious from ages of 8 through 80. Brothels and private flats and escorts are plentiful, legal and widely advertised in “Zycie Warszawy” paper. Prices vary from $50-$150 condoms mandatory but bj’s without often, greek rare. Some Russian and Ukrainian girls a bit rougher probably imported by Russian Mafia. Avoid major hotel lobbies – lots of expensive “mature experienced” hookers. Most girls speak some English. Tender kissing obligatory. If you treat a Polish hooker like a lady, she will be your personal princess.

Agency LIVIA Towarzyska
Warszawa ul. Puławska 67 m 24
Tel 22 845 61 98
Tel 0 501 639 666
Web Site
Click on DZIEWCZYNY to view the women
1 Hour 100 Pln
1/2 Hour 80 Pln

2 Locations
Agency I
Warsaw Street Grójecka 186/410
(Colosseum building) IV. entrance 8 floor
Entry from Włodarzewska street
1 hour – 40€/50$
1/2 hour – 30€/40$
Tel 48 694 507 706

Agency 2
Warsaw Street Al.Jerozolimskie 99/1
1 hour 40€/50$
1/2 hour 30€/40$
Tel 48 694 518 501
Web Site
Girls Photos

Agency in Warsaw
Lwowskiej 15 m 14
Tel 424 60 52
Tel 603 272 273
Web Site

S-Studio2 Al Jerozolimskie 99 m.1 : With my arrival I choose Szylvia for 1 hour and 150 pln it is my first true Polish but a little too robot with my taste. Opened midday at 3 hours of the morning such: 622 43 29, 6290568
Rate: 4.5/10

Chmielna 10/36 : Decided then well to still empty me the testicles several times because they were well filled I decide to choose a mature woman of Ukrainia in particular of the town of Lvuv. Her names is Malina and it takes 100 pln/h with an extraball. I like to fuck her in doggystyle like a poor bitch.
Rate: 6/10

Wilcza 51/56: My most alarming experiment of my life, it was with the turn of my friend to choose a girl and it of course took there prettiest with 100pln/h. I found myself in the room with Ola and after having withdrawn her nuisette it was full of kaposis, she wanted send to me her AIDS. For this reason I made only one fellatio covered with her.
Rate: 3/10

S-Studio3 ul. Niemcewicza 26 m.14: This time it is my turn to choose and I take a true top-model. Her name is Agatha she is Polish a pretty blonde with a tail of horse I phantasm already on a wonderful fuckfest. A fellatio a little too wild the meeting to 200 pln/h the girls from this living room making the BBBJ to 250 pln/h. Opened midday at 2 hours of the morning such: 658 27 27, 658 24 02 but be careful guys if you don’t want to turn your dick into a rotten mush.
Rate: 4.5/10

Nowolipki 23 m.7: One of my 3 more beautiful women of my life which knows my style of partner I took Monika a wonderful Polish young person GFE with 100 pln/h only with DFK very deeply and it is not an automatic like the majority of the girls of Warsaw. She insists for a second round, her massage is divine and I regret not be with her several hours I am sure that It could be the paradise. A true young jewel and more surprising is to find her in one of the least expensive living rooms such: +48228388704; +48226367151 She is the best.
Rate: 9/10

Marsalkowska 55/73 m.39: my pal not wanting to make a threesome I was offered my first duet of mature women to 150 pln/h CIM anal possible with zloty supplement
Rate : 6/10

Private Lux: Pulwaska 43 m.1: the living room the least expensive of city 90 pln/h it had nothing any more but one Marta girl there a Polish young person very in a hurry with a tatoo masking a completely depilated pussy not leaving any place with the feelings however pretty but cold.
Rate: 4.5/10

Livia Living room: Pulwaska 67 m.24: such 8456198 with 100pln/h I selected Monika Polish very pro but a domina however it makes me well enjoy on several occasions and positions.
Rate: 6/10

On Wilcza I also spent 3 hours with Suzanna for 300 pln GFE, DFK, DATY but a little fat girl she is 19 years old but with a few kilos in less one she could be very good girlfriend.
Rate: 7.5/10

Ul. Chlodna 39 m.13: To finish a micetrap for tourists phone: +48500507530 there was only Martina of available wild Russian covered with tatoos and piercings very pro and expeditious. Be wary of the flyers distributed downtown and to your hotel.
Rate: 1.5/10

Either a total of 11 women in 5 days, a good average in spite of recurring problems and the fact that the entry of Dekada is not possible that on invitation card. One has to laugh well especially the time where my colleague wanted to speak Polish (Agenzia towarcieskie) at private individuals where the old woman wore dressing gowns.

Other addresses:
Aďsha club: Chmielna 10 m.36 Linda with 240 pln/h CIM + anal
Novogrodzka 48 m.14 close of Mariott 100 pln/h
Andersea 21b m.53 with 120pln/h
Dobra street 3 m.8 Prosta street 2 m.142
Nowolipski 22 to the 889179088 with 150pln
Jana Pawla II 33 m.28 3rd entry of building 150pln/h
Niemcewicza 26/14 8th stage
“Queen Golden delicious” 150 pln/h
Grzybowska 39 m.313 entered “B” 100 pln
Elektoralna 15 to the 660310373 to 200 pln
Niepodlejlosci 245 to 200 pln
Jerozolimskie 109/2
Jerozolimskie 83/18 in work
Chimielna 10/36 It is what is called trainer the brothels. One can have very beautiful girls with 2 rounds in 1 hour for a little less only 22? approximately.
Excuse my English

It’s called Le Moulin Rouge Warsaw (LMR Warsaw), it’s taken the concept of the London sex party and German Partytreff and mashed them together to create something provocative for Poland.
500PLN for 2hrs food, drink and unlimited sex with up to 5 hostesses in attendance.

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