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Night & Day
Avenida Duque Du Loule in the center of downtown Lisbon taking them out to your hotel.

Street Girls
The two big areas are Monsanto and the block around the Tecnico University.
In Monsanto action usually starts earlier around noon or a bit later. The girls here are very low quality, usually junkies. The service is usually done in the car or you take a quick walk into the woods. In this section be very careful of scam artists that may have men waiting to rob you in the woods. This is a dangerous and scary part of town my suggestion if you want street walkers is to go to the Tecnico University area. In the Tecnico the women are a bit better around 5-6 and the prices are slightly higher for full service. Usually take a cab and drive around the block a couple times to find an interesting one. After picking they take you to a little motel) for the room. Service here is quick and as soon as you cum your almost kicked out. The motels are a bit scary but usually safe.

Massage Parlor/Incalls
This to me is the best deal in town. These places usually pose as massage parlors or health clubs and the girls are in the range of 7-8. You call up one of these places (numbers are gotten from the newspaper A CAPITAL or CORREIO DA MANHA in the classifieds) and you are quoted a price and given an address. When you arrive you are introduced to all the women and pick. If none please your eye then just walk away and go to the next place. There are lots of these ads in the papers and so places are much better than other. The houses usually include waterbeds, Jacuzzi and sauna, depending on how fancy the place is.

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