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Night Club Marasesti
Blvd. Marasesti nr. 80

Mossano Cafe Bar
Blvd. Decebal No.1

Apolo Freelance Bar
Street Pache Protopopescu

Million Dollar Freelance Bar
Munci Square

Club Maya Night Club
(+40) 0769 778 644
Calea Mosilor No. 138

Babylon Night Club
Street Nerva Traian No. 27

Deja-Vu Night Club
Blvd. Neculaie Balcescu

Diamond Night Club
Blvd. Regina Elisabeta No.30

La Villa del Peccato Strip Club
(+40) 021 319 84 00
Calea Grivitei No. 32

Lucky Love Highclass Striptease Night Club Strip Club
(+40) 0754 035 717
Street Stirbei Voda No . 29 A

Tripoli Massage Parlor
Street Calea Calarasilor No. 90

Intim Masaj Massage Parlor
Calea 13 Septembrie No. 108 Block 52-54

Karma Massage Parlor
Alba Iulia Square No.1

Excellent Massage Parlor
Blvd. Decebal No. 13

Erotic Shop Massage Parlor
Street Gabroveni No . 61

Lady Massage Parlor
Street Vulturi No. 79A

Essenza Massage Parlor
Street Mihai Bravu

Gino’s Erotic Dreams Massage Parlor
(+40) 0724 939 021 or (+40) 0764 644 535
Blvd. Pache Protopopescu No. 31

Sign Massage Parlor
(+40) 0734 655 750
Street Traian Nr.254

Eros Massage Parlor
(+40) 0729 780 161 or (+40) 0747 910 863
Blvd. Magheru No.2-4 Block Scala second Floor

Babes Massage Parlor
(+40) 0721 169 199
Blvd. Magheru No. 29

Perfect Massage Parlor
(+40) 0732 059 223
Blvd. Magheru No. 35

The Buddhist Massage Parlor
(+40) 0743 022 712
Blvd. Regina Elisabeta No. 54

Ellegance Salon Massage Parlor
Blvd. 1 Decembrie 1918 No. 54 A

Lucky Love Massage Parlor
0372 740 299
Street Stirbei Voda No. 29 A

You can pick up girls from these places:

Victoriei str., “Casa Armatei” zone
(a main boulevard in plain centre of Bucharest)
Rules: Drive slow speed with your car or cab.
Some guys from street will sign you. Take them into your car and they’ll show you the
hottest girl in town. prices 50-150 USD/all night

Aristocrat Night Club
25 Republicii St (near Cismigiu park)
Nice girl there. Nudie Bar, strip-tease, dancing nude on client leg.
Rules: Just ask a girl if… price 100 USD/ night all stuff

Don’t go there:
Dracula’s Sexy club
(all over the Bucharest you’ll see advertising)
very expensive! Nice girls, starving, taking your money!

Hotel Fun
A friend recommended Bucharest Romania and taught me some useful words. I arrived in Bucharest and was staying at the Inter Continental hotel. In the morning I heard someone knock on my door I opened it and it was the maid she was pretty 30 year old woman she entered my room and started fixing my bed I showed her 20 dollars bill and told her “futre-fuck” in Romanian she took off her clothes and I started fucking her after that I told her “suge pula” it means in Romanian suck my dick that’s the words my friend was teaching me she understand grabbed my dick and gave me a great blow job. That’s how it happened every day of my stay the maid came to my room and gave me good time i gave $20 Dollars each time and a perfume that I bought. I recommend Bucharest Romania.

The only place to go while in Bucharest is the Herestrau club which is in the same stretch as the Chinese Embassy. After paying your 30,000 lei ($1.50) entrance, walk in and find a table but wipe the drool from your mouth as you will be confronted with over 100 girls, who are dancing or chatting to their friends. Be aware though that not all these girls are prostitutes and you should not treat them as such. A large majority are students or girls looking to meet a sugar daddy for a few days. Most girls are aged between 18 and 25, but if you are looking for older professional girls go to the intercontinental.

After your initial shock try to chat or make eye contact with the girl you like but don’t think this will guarantee you immediate success as the girl will have to be attracted to you. The older and fatter you are the more you will have to pay.

I myself have been there over 5 times in the last year and the most i have paid a girl is $100 for the whole night. I have also picked up a girl and not paid a cent. On my last visit I picked up a girl called Mirella who at 19 was definitely a 10, I never mentioned money and neither did she we danced and had a couple of drinks (avoid buying drinks they are not pure and very expensive). Then we went back to my Hotel, and went at it like rabbits she did everything, kissing, anal and bj’s. In the morning we went for breakfast and as I know she has to pay the club a fee I gave her $50 bucks and agreed to meet her in the afternoon.

Some tips.. when taking a taxi insist the meter is on otherwise you will be ripped off…..never agree to enter a club or brothel with a taxi driver, apart from the taxi driver taking a cut of everything you order. It is also dangerous, i have been to some dark and dangerous places & only my aggression and balls have got me out safe……Obtain info from bell boys or barmen…Some Hotels like the Hilton will stop you if you arrive with a guest in the early hours and you will have to sign them in….Avoid Saturdays just because the whole of Bucharest is out there…Do not trust anyone however friendly they seem, everyone is after you dollar and will find ways and schemes to rip you off.

Thanks to the information posted by other travelers, I knew exactly what to do and where to go. I arrived on a Thursday pretty late, and since I did not feel up to going to the Herestrau Club, I went to the Inter-Conti to check out the action there. There were about 10 girls in the lobby eyeing me up as I walked in. Most were between 25 and 35, and they looked like bored professionals. Also, most were not particularly pretty. I finally saw one that was about a 7 or maybe an 8, and I managed to catch her eye. To make a long story short, she wanted $200 for “unlimited” time. After a lot of haggling, almost too long for my taste, she finally agreed on $150 for 2 hours. I went to my hotel (Marriott) and she said she would follow in about 30 minutes. She finally showed up 90 minutes later, I was just about to go to bed. After we showered and got into bed, she halfheartedly played with my dick and made no attempts to blow me, so I just slipped on a rubber and screwed her. It was all pretty mechanical and I didn’t feel that I got my money’s worth. Altogether, I was not impressed with the scene at the Inter-Conti, with the girl, or with the action. BUT: there is better to come, in my next report – this was only day one!

When you are arrived in Bucharest look for the magazine Bucharest and on the last pages you’ll have phone numbers of escort services company.
For one hour/100$, all night 200$, good girls.

Street girls in Bucharest is “VACARISTI”. I’m not sure about this information. So it will be great if someone can confirm it or just check it.
So that’s street Vacaristi in the South of Bucharest. At the beginning of the evenning it’s possible to find girls (from 6 pm.).

To find phone numbers to call to this apartments, buy “ROMANIA LIBERA”. And go to the anounce with the titel: “intalniri pe fir”.
Newspaper “Anuntul”.

Try these links

As far as the adult travel in Romania, there are much better and safer destinations then Bucharest or Neptun. That includes quality of girls and prices. One of the best choices is Cluj Napoca, a city in the center of the country, 300 thousand inhabitants out of which 50 thousand are college students. The prices here range between 30 and 50 euro for half an hour with a good possibility to get a nice college gal for 50 euro. If there is interest in this i would be happy to post more details.

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