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NEPTUN, Black sea, Romania.: During the summer time (June-september) go to NEPTUN, on the Black sea. 20.000 lei = 1 USD From Bucharest Otopeni Airport take a taxi to Bucarest Nord railway station (300.000 lei or 15$). There take an Intercity Train to Costanza (175.000 lei or 9$) than a taxi to NEPTUN (300.000 lei or 15$). Beautiful beaches. Cheap restaurants and nightclubs. Very good hotel is BELVEDERE in Olimp (2 kms before Neptun from Costanza. No problem to take a woman to your room. Some pros standing in the lobby bar.

Go to WHY NOT disco in NEPTUN. You will find very nice girls to take to your hotel or private apartment. The cost is 50$ per 2 hours or 100$ per the whole night. Possibly have a taxi driver as your guide. Other discos are RING in Costinesti, PARADISO LATINO in Jupiter. Romanian girls are BEAUTIFUL, very very kind and nice. Have fun.

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