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Kaliningrad is located on the Baltic Sea in between Poland and the 3 Russian republics (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia). I spent 5 days there in 2000 and stayed at the Intourist hotel on Ulitsa Aleksander Nevskovo (Alexander Nevski Street). The hotel had its own Nightclub which was basically a brothel with a dance floor and some music playing. There was no problem with taking any of these women to your room, but I don’t know about women from outside the hotel. There was an average of 12 women each time I visited (3 times) ranging from 7-9 in looks. The price was $45 for 30 mins, no kissing, mutual oral, no BBBJ. I was also offered women by just about every male employee in the hotel for the same price. I didn’t see any street walkers but presumably there were some.

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