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I spent several weeks in Moscow in late Fall ’99 and had a chance to sample a wide range of the sex industry in this incredible city.

High End: You can find 9.5’s (nobody’s perfect, but these were so close I challenge you to find a flaw after your first beer) at clubs such as Club Luxor in the Metropol complex and Metelitsa on Arbat street. Prices here were quoted at $500 for the night but rapidly came down when I mentioned that was too expensive. I never did procure services from these places but the lowest price I heard was $350, but I can’t say I negotiated hard.

Mid Range: Night Flight on Tverskaya street is world famous and for damn good reason. $20 cover charge sucks, but the 70 or so very nicely dressed women that ranged from 7-9’s in looks. It’s a pretty tasteful lounge type bar and quite frankly should not be missed. Women would quote between $200 and $300 for the night, but I visited the bar three times. Twice I paid $150 for a more attractive woman than I’ve ever been with in my life, and once I brought two 7’s back to my hotel for about 4 hours of play for $250. Also in the mid range area are most of the hotel lobbies.

Low Price Range: While Night Flight specializes in women for hire, all nightclubs have working girls. Many are extremely attractive and are working solo. $100 is most often quoted and the description of what they offer is “to be your girlfriend for the night.” I found this description, if anything to be understated. Maybe “fantasy girlfriend for the night” would be more appropriate. By the way, $100 is quoted, but most will gladly become your new girlfriend for $50. No need to rush them back to the hotel or flat. Have a drink, dance if it’s your style, etc. If they like you, and it’s mutual, go out sightseeing the next day and enjoy a little afternoon fun. No cost, but you should buy them a nice lunch or so. Also in the $50 range are the streetwalkers. Most aren’t worth considering in the looks department (4-6’s) but there’s the odd one you’ll see here and there that will be an absolute steel. Generally, they will leave you at 6:00 A.M. They can be found EVERYWHERE in Moscow including right outside the gates of Red Square. All day all night. Usually, one of the better looking ones will stand up to attract attention. When you approach, their English Speaking business person will quote the price and ask all her girls to line up. You choose. You see this site all over Moscow, girl’s lining up for the selection. Don’t expect these girls to speak English, while all the girls I’ve mentioned above will know at least some and some are even conversational. Also, some of the streetwalkers look TOO young. Moscow has laws to, and their prisons are much less friendly than ours.

Free: A foreign accent in Moscow is gold. Go to the bars and clubs and be aggressive. Pretty fair chance you’ll find what you are looking for free though she may not be as good looking as what’s for sale (quite different from the US, huh?)

Other: All providers required condoms for sex, but BBBJ from almost all. Actually, I would add that the BBBJ was really special in a way that’s hard to describe. They must teach the girls how to use their tongues in school there or something. A few allowed Greek (One insisted on it – 3 separate times! 🙂 ) All but one jumped in the shower before playtime and expected the same from me – a pretty good custom if you ask me. They don’t ask for a tip in the morning but usually ask for taxi fare which is about a dollar. In hotels, they will ask you to walk them out so they don’t get harassed by security. Speaking of which, some hotels charge to bring guests, some don’t. Some are expensive – $20 added to your room bill. Most are only a few $, but it’s more embarrassing than anything.(Review # 1509)
Moscow Overview Dated Added: 1999-01-12 Submitted by: Gosha
– CRISIS BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL!!!: If your desire is sex tourism, there’s no place like Russia! Some may argue that
the Baltic’s have it, or Ukraine, or Hungary, or Poland, but that ain’t so.
It’s Russia. The prostitution industry here is healthier than it’s ever been and cheaper than it’s ever been too. In the highest class of brothels, where the, unarguably, most beautiful girls in the world served the business and Mafia elite served at $1,500-$3,000 per hour in private rooms, now
they’re down to $300-$600 per hour post-devaluation.
In calls and out calls have gone from $100-$150 per hour to $40-75. Street girls from $20-60.

The best thing to do here is to find a regular, a girl that is gorgeous and with who you get along. Get her direct number the first night so there’s no middleman to go through. You can cut the price by 30-40% for next times and you don’t need to worry about a higher probability of disease. All women insist on condom use. The opposite for sex with normal partners frequently holds true. Many Russian girls won’t demand or may even express distaste at using a condom, especially if they’ve been your girlfriend for
some time. To them it’s unnatural and doesn’t feel as good. They’d rather take the pill than use other contraceptives.

Finding good sex is easy. Finding a good girl can be a challenge. Almost all seem very sweet and demure at first. The fact that she would be legitimately employed is a big plus. Look for ‘normal’ working girls if you’re looking for a partner, not a one-night stand.

The best way to find normal girls is through friends and work, of course. However, there is the odd chance that you may find them in bars. Consequently, the proportion of hookers to normal girls in bars and clubs has increased dramatically. Watch your pockets.

The best way to find a street girl is to drive around the main downtown thoroughfares, near the Kremlin and government buildings (not so incidentally). They used to stand in herds around the pedestrian underpasses, but were forced out of the public eye into back alleys. You should look for well-dressed, attractive women holding their hand out as if to hail a cab. They’ll explain the charges and direct you into the proper alley, where you can choose the girl as if looking for a good suit.

Bars where you can find upper-scale women are Night Flight, Rasputin, Up & Down, Beverly Hills Club, Dolls, Monte Carlo and Bely Medved. There are women in almost every club and bar. Those I just listed simply have a much higher ratio.

To get in-call or out-call, there are numerous advertisements in the Moscow Times and Moscow Tribune
innocently labeled introduction or (less innocently) massage. They list the number of a dispatcher who can get the girl of your choice to go to your door in usually less than 45 minutes, less than 30 if your downtown. This by far the most convenient and trouble-free way of getting a girl, and prices aren’t much higher than street girls. However, you don’t see her before she arrives. In the newspaper, Exile, it’s less discreet. There are photographic ads for call girls, much nicer to look at and more direct advertising for the unaware foreigner. Somebody wouldn’t call up an introduction service thinking that it’s a marriage agency (of which there is a multitude) and get a hooker instead.

To sum up. Moscow now is prime for getting laid. Women are cheap. Honest girls are more desperate and looking more for men, especially westerners.

The area in central Moscow where women can be picked up is called ‘Zolotoi treoogolnik’, literally ‘Gold triangle’. If you look at the map of Moscow the ‘triangle’ is actually a circle around the Kremlin a few kilometres wide. The area covers several streets and caters mainly for customers who drive cars. You can however explore it by foot if you have the time and energy. The action starts at around 4-5 pm.

The girls here work through pimps who are usually a 30-40 year old woman called bandersha. The usual pick up routine involves slow driving along the streets of the ‘Triangle’ and looking out for girls. If you stop near any group of women and open the window a bandersha will approach immediately and offer them. Each bandersha controls 10-20 girls but those you see on the street are only some of them. Most are 20-30 years old and average quality. You may decide to see all the girls of this bandersha. In that case she’ll take you to otstoynik (literally ‘scum collector’), a private apartment where all her girls are housed. It’s usually only a few minutes drive from the place where you stopped. The bandersha will ask you to follow her in your car, and will enter her own car which is usually parked nearby. In otstoynik you will find several beds squeezed in a tiny room with girls sitting on them. You can choose any you like even those who are sleeping at that moment. The minimum time you can take a girl for is one night.

Prices are around $80-100 all night. Most of the girls who work on the streets nowadays come from across the border from Ukraine where the economic situation is bad. They usually have dark eyes and black hair. On Friday and Saturday nights prices are higher. You can bargain. After you’ve paid the money you can take your girl until the next morning.

According to current legislation they’re illegal residents of Moscow and can be arrested by militsia. The bandersha keeps their passports and pays militsia protection money. If any of the girls misbehave the punishment can be severe. The girl receives about $50 of the amount you pay for her. She’s supposed to do everything including oral and anal sex.

The ‘triangle’ starts from Moscow Central Telegraph at ul. Tverskaya 7. Between here and the Hotel Intourist down the street at its end there are usually many girls with bandershas hanging around. On the corner turn left into Okhotny Ryad. On the right hand side at the Gostinitsa Moskva (Hotel Moscow) you will see more girls. Next pick up point is further up Okhotny Ryad at the end of the Hotel Metropol. You will see some shops there in glass-and-steel structures. Turn right into Staraya Plochad and you’ll find more girls within approximately 300 m before the first traffic light. Continue on to Moskvoretskaya Naberezhnaya and turn right. After you reached the Kremlin turn right into Okhotny Ryad then left to Novy Arbat. Continue up Novy Arbat to the shop Yoovelir and a few high rises. There are some girls here too. When you reach Novinski bul. (the Garden Ring) turn right. After the first traffic light you will see some girls again. At the metro station Metro Mayakovskogo turn right again into ul. Tverskaya. On the corner and further down there are girls waiting. There are a few more points along Tverskaya, before you come back to your starting point, where womn can be seen.

If you do not wish to do a lot of walking or driving call any of the numbers under column dósoog in many Moscow newspapers. Most brothels and escort agencies advertise here. They offer girls for a standard price of $50 per hour. The minimum is 2 hours. Girls are brought to your place by car and if you do not like the choice more will be brought for you to see . You do not pay for the transport. If you need a room it can be provided for additional $20 per hour. Price for the night is around $200-250.

Here are a few telephone numbers:
Skazka Vostoka 9751732
Nezaboodka 9499091
Emmanuel 902 0308
Karmen 198 4657
Nebesnye Lastochki 2355109
Lui 259 6101
Troika 406 4358
Evropa 472 0935
Prestizh 489 4433

You can find freelancers in some nightclubs. Prices are usually around $250 until morning. The freelancers are very arrogant and you have to approach them yourself. You may get a lower price in the wee hours but then there is little time left to enjoy. The best club for freelancers is Night Flight at Tverskaya 17 (tel 299 4165). There are strict rules on dress (not casual). Admission is around $30, drinks $7. Most of the girls gathering here at night are working girls. Another notorious pick up place is the nightclub Dolls near metro station Krasnopresnenskaya. Go at midnight and you’ll find about 300 girls to choose from.

If you speak some Russian and stay in Moscow for more than just a few days you can easily find yourself a girlfriend who will not ask for money. If you see a girl you like try to smile and say privet to her. You can say straight away that you like her and invite her to a restaurant. After the meal it is OK to invite her to your place for a drink. Most girls will go to bed with you on the first or the second date.

Reports of crimes against foreigners are on the rise. Try to be as inconspicuous as possible. Local police (‘militsia’) do not speak English and are not helpful. The main problem is street crime. Be wary of groups of children who will distract your attention and steal your belongings. Avoid walking alone at night. Do not leave your valuables in your hotel room.

When hiring a car check who’s in it. Don’t take risks with passengers. Stick to central areas in Moscow and do not venture into the suburbs alone. Working girld will sometimes try to rob you. They may put some drugs into your drink and steal your valuables.

In Moscow water should be filtered or boiled. Girls accept dollars or roubles. You’ll need roubles for most small expenses like transport, food, etc.

You don’t need to pay for sex in Moscow just try and meet a few young ladies and you’ll get all you want. The key is having a foreign passport and foreign currency (especially US$). Try and meet girls at clubs, work or take a chance and ask someone you see for a drink. The key is not to treat them like prostitutes, take them to dinner, movie, theater etc. then make your move.

The action in Moscow doesn’t slow down much. Bars are open until 6 a.m., and there are also some open 24 hours, including a wide range of casinos. Of course, there are still many places to find street girls, starting at about 60US per night. These girls are controlled by a “mama”, who will first approach you when you drive up. She asks what you want, and then brings out girls for you to see. sometimes there can be 50 or 100 to choose from. These are popular at different places along Tverskaya Blvd., the main drag downtown, in the Arbat region, just a hop, skip and a jump from the Kremlin, and at several other locations throughout the city.

There are a lot of really cool clubs too, of course the “hungry Duck” is still famous, despite its closing for a short time a few years ago. There are plenty of girls to choose from there, usually asking 100 bucks, but they can be talked down. It is not uncommon to have sex right in the bar! Chesterfields is a popular spot for ex-pats and visitors alike, almost all of the girls in the club are working girls, and again, the starting price is 100 bucks. A bar that just celebrated its 1 year anniversary is the Safari Club. Downstairs are 2 rooms, with nice comfy couches. each room has its strip show, and part way through the girls will come over to you and start to grind away on you. touching is permitted for the song it costs about 3 dollars (100 rubles). The best part is that they have a sauna in the back that you can rent for 35 bucks an hour, and go there with any of the girls. they charge 50 an hour. It’s really nice and very convenient! Definitely a bar worth visiting.

All over the city there are aqua-massage places, usually a sauna, massage parlor and working women all in one. the prices vary and they’re not well advertised in the English media, but are common in Russian papers. Prostitution is legal, but the cops will sometimes play tricks to get a fine out of you. often the girls don’t have Moscow registration, so they’ll detain her and ask you to pay her fine, starting at 100 bucks. Of course they will accept less.

Night Flight Club
Gorgeous ladies, but they ask 300$ for the all night. Almost impossible to talk them down below 250$. Also you have to bribe the security guard at your hotel.

Safari Club
Lap dance club, OK girls, private dances and you can touch. Dancers won’t perform in bed, but aligned along the walls there are the ladies for you. You’ll recognize them cause they’re dressed. 50$ plus some rubles for the room (in house). Normally room + sex cost about 70$. Action also in the major hotel lobbies.

I had a wonderful time with one a Working girl off the street  $70 all night. Get a taxi driver to take you next time; a taxi driver you’ve used a couple of times and trust.

As you wish, gentlemen, I am respectful, discreet, passionate, feminine and elegant. My sense of style is versatile and adaptable to any mood and occasion. Whether it is a romantic dinner or a black tie function, a night out on the town or just some quiet time indoors: I am your ultimate companion! Stunning and affectionate Lady who is available to spend wonderful moments with you. I am sensual, sexual and so affectionate that no one can ever forget my touch or my sighing. If you share a love of life’s successes and the very best it has to offer, you are in the right place! Why not to contact me now to find out more about me?

When you will be in Moscow call me +7(495)507 30 93-international

During my stay in Moscow I used an apartment via the famous Moscow Rick with 2 way airport transport, the flat was located at the center of town no problem with safety or having girls provide service at the hotel.

Elena on her webpage on this forum (Helena Moscow) I paid 300 €

Cost is 250€ she is quite beautiful more than on the photos =2
Rate: 7/10

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