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Stayed at the “Polarni Zori” hotel in Murmansk.

Had a fantastic time. If you are looking for Cheap Russian women in safe and good environment this is the place. The hotel costs 27usd for single room (not so good), 50usd for good room and 90 for suite with sauna etc.

The hotel is well run and feels like a business place. In the bar u will find about 15 -20 girls, mostly 8’s many 9’s even some 10’s. They’re not pushy, can speak English and dress more like a date then a whore. The cost is fixed at 100USD for the night. The management have no problems with these girls, in fact they are on your side.

If you want cheaper then, contact the bellboy and he has address of some agencies where the price is about 25USD for one hour. You go to your room and wait for the girl, she will be accompanied by a female who speaks English but the girls rarely knows English. If you don’t like the girls just simile say so and they will return with a new one without any fuss.

I liked my girl and paid in advance, but when she undressed I saw some ugly needle marks in her arm, so I told her to get dressed and out. Afterwards I went to the bellboy and explained that I wanted a young and pretty girl but did not expect a drug addict. He made a phone call and returned my money. Not bad.

Afterwords I had a very young and pretty girl. She gave me a bj and ordinary. Had a great time. Can recommend. PS there is a hotel called Arctika, I was advised to stay away from there, it is all controlled by the Mafia.

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