St. Petersburg

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I had chance to go to St. Petersburg. I Stayed in Sheraton Hotel and you can find some girls (5 to 6, almost all he time the same girls) in the lobby bar. They are able to speak reasonable English and normally approach you so you have just to sit down, order something to drink and wait.
Prices are quite expensive, ranging from US$ 200 to US$ 250 for one hours. Reason for this, according to one of the girls is that the hotel ask them for US$100 commission. They are very professional and the service is quite good but they will ask for condom even for a BJ.

Alternatively you can go outside since there are some live shows night clubs and you can find a lot of girls looking for some US$. Also, they are some ads in St. Petersburg Times journal in English. I haven’t tried it but I think is cheaper than in the hotel.

I’d heard that the museums were incredible and that the city was rich in history. “Don’t go to St. Petersburg.” I was told. “There is a lot of crime.” If I stay in the tourist areas I’ll be safe I told myself and took off. St. Petersburg is a lot like N.Y. City. Old and dirty but full of art and culture. The big difference is there are no streetwalkers and strip clubs. It’s a wonderfully clean city in that regard. I spent three days touring the city and museums and on the fourth day I was burnt out. After traveling and touring, my back was as tight as can be so I got an English newspaper and looked for a massage. I called five places and the prices are about 2700 rubles or $100USD. Those prices were for “more than a massage” so I kept looking. Finally I found one for 500 rubles ($18.USD). I made an appointment. The taxicab took me about 20 minutes from the city center, in an area where nothing had been painted or repaired in years. I paid him (about $3. USD) and he took off leaving me in the middle of nowhere. I knocked on the door that was in front of me and to my relief a happy young round woman answered the door and invited me in, speaking perfect English, she offered me coffee, which I declined, not wanting to get to wired before my massage. And then she led me into a room with a wide thing to lie down on that was more like a bed than a massage table. She told me that she will come back with several massage therapists and I could pick the one I wanted. She returned with four women for me to pick from. All were 18 to 23 years of age and petite with clear skin, bright eyes and attractive. The shortest one was 5’4” and the tallest one was 5’8”. Their breasts were different sizes, a brunette with wavy hair had B size breasts, a brunette and a blond had C size breasts, and the tall blonde had breasts that were closer to D’s. I assumed this because  they were all dressed in teddies. I picked the tall blonde. I gave the woman 500 rubles and she left with the other women. Right before she shut the door, she turned around and asked me if, for an additional 200 rubles, I’d like two women giving the massage instead of one. I did some quick math and saw that for an extra $7.USD I could have twice as much massaging done to me, so I said yes. I took the short brunette with the round, firm, perky tits. With nothing on, not even a towel, the girls had me lie face down on the bed and started to massage me. At this point I knew that I was in for a treat. The tall, slender, big titted blonde was massaging my neck and shoulders. The petite brunette was working on my legs and butt. I was in heaven. After a while they both started to rub me with their tits. They oiled up their tushes and massaged me from shoulder to toe with their lovely behinds.They then flipped me over and did the same to my front. The brunette rubbing her tits over my thighs and legs with the blonde sliding her tits and nipples back and forth over my chest. It ended with FS and well worth what I paid.

St. Petersburg is a great place to have sex but it’s much more it’s a place to meet lovely and beautiful women. If you’re lucky you don’t have to pay for sex. I arrived at St. Petersburg airport and the first problem is getting a taxi from airport. It’s hard to find official taxis in Petersburg but that’s no problem every car can be a taxi just raise your hand and someone will stop. Most important ask the price before you get in the car. From the airport to the city center costs 20$ to 30$. If you pay in rubles it can be a bit more expensive. Good place to start is the lobby where you can find a girl for about 100$. Just sit next to her table and start a conversation. She’ll give you her room number or ask for yours if she has no room. Don’t take girls you meet somewhere else other than your hotel because the “security” (mafia) will want a (about 100$) It may be cheaper to go to a hotel where you can rent rooms for 1 or more hours.

Best thing about Petersburg is that you go to a bar or club and meet girls there. Recommended is the tribunal bar, Hollywood nites. You can drink a few glasses of champagne (krimsekt) or vodka and then just dance. Dance around girls and give them a smile, talk to them and invite them for a drinks which are cheap. After a few drinks you’ll find out if you’re getting lucky with the girl and vice versa. She may ask you to come to her home or to your hotel. If you do, she may ask you some money (50US$ or so) if you’re lucky and she likes you. you’ll pay nothing. A few girls don’t want money but will ask you to go shopping with them the next day. Buy them some shoes and they’ll be happy.

Monday and Thursday nights are good in “The Tribunal”, Tuesday nights are quite good in “Marstalls”. It is possible to meet both amateurs and professionals here with a cost varying from just the taxi fare home to around $60 to $100. The major night clubs such as Golden Dolls and Hollywood Nights also offer a selection of working girls, but they tend to be quite expensive.

Hotel security is a major problem late at night (requiring tips) but once you have your girl, bringing her in earlier in the evening (before 21:00) means no problems. On the other hand, she may bring you to her place for sex or you may arrange to stay in an apartment.

While there I checked out the Golden Dolls erotic night club on Nevsky Prospekt. I went on three different nights. There is an entry fee of about 450 rubles (about $16). Every night there was around 15-20 girls working. All the girls were young and very attractive. Most spoke at least some English, a few did not. As it was evident to the girls I was foreign I attracted a lot of attention. The women will sit on your lap and at times grope you. It is easy to return the favor. There are basically two options: table dances and VIP room dances. I opted for the VIP room. It is basically 2500 rubles (about $90) for 30 minutes, 3500 for two girls. In the VIP room the girls stripped completely and lay on you, sit on you, etc. They never took my clothes off but you can touch them as much as you would like. Very Nice!

Hollywood Nites Night Club and the newer and slightly hipper Plaza Night Club.
These are actual night clubs filled with beautiful Russian women. I found them to be very interested in foreign men. I would strongly suggest to visit these places. I also discovered these clubs have prostitutes working but they are not obvious. Look for attractive single women that wonder over and stand or sit near you. You must contact these women, they will not talk to you first. I used the services of these women on two occasions. It was $100 US dollars or ruble equivalent for an all night affair at my hotel.

Nightclub Hollywood Nights
Usually full of young hot girls that are available. Rumor is that the place is owned and operated by the Russian mob. Rates are based upon what you can pay. Best to dress down leave the jewelry at home and bargain, don’t accept the girls first price. $75-$100US dollars.

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