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If you are first time here I recommend Vladivostok Hotel – a very reasonable rates – 20-40$$, but be sure to make reservation. Hotel is conveniently situated at the heart of the city and you may easily have a walk tour. If you hate leaving hotel and want to have an action inside – go ahead. There is a policemen responsible for security at the hotel. At the same time security means ‘responsibility for the girls’. That means no one rob you, no one do any harm for you while you are at the hotel. Come up to the policemen and ask what you want – it’s his job(illegal but no one cares). Tell him your room number and go back to your room. After a while 5 girls may come. They smile at you. Make your choice. If you don’t like, just tell the manager (papasan). Immediately they will bring another 5. Hotel rates are firm and no discount except overnight that supposed to be negotiated.It will cost you 500-700 rubles (around 20$). Hourly base. 15-10 min more – no problem. No tips necessary. At the same time if you liked the girl you may make direct appointment with her for as much as 1000 rubles or so(40-50US) per night.
Night Life

Blue Lamp Disco (tell the taxi driver “Zelyonaya Lampa” or “Stells”.
Stells is a nice entertainment complex with good service. Cover charge is 150 rubles – 5$. They have a billiard downstairs and karaoke. Upstairs dancing, strip show cages and a lot of tables where you can seat and have a bottle of Vodka with fruits. Having entered ask the manager to locate only girls and only beautiful to your table and no man! Give the manager (usually woman)5 dollars. It’s not necessary, however she will try hard for you with enthusiasm. After girls are seated just say hello to them. Remember this is not a place for prostitutes. the are normal regular girls who came here to dance and have fun. Mostly university students. Drink with them and talk – they speak good English or at least conversational. Buy some vodka. Be generous – Vodka is not expensive. Then they are yours. That’s all the tips.

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