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If you happen to be visiting the third largest city in Russia, then I highly recommend trying the local girls. They are all very hot, friendly, and will do pretty much anything. The prices are lower than anywhere I have ever been. The most important part is that they are clean and bring their own condoms.

My first night there I met up with my friend who lives there and he suggested calling the local delivery services. On the side of the street as you are driving anywhere in town, you will see signs with a number and a picture of a girl. They are everywhere.

We wrote down some of the numbers and began calling. You get a hold of a beeper, type in the number and an operator calls you back in about 10 minutes. They are friendly and basically you order the color hair, the age, and what you would like to see them wear. I was a bit skeptical at first because of my experience of what they say and what shows up at the front door.

About 20 minutes went by and we got a call from a girl that said she and her friend would be over in 30 minutes. She sounded cute on the phone. After about 45 minutes a blond dike shows up to the door and walks in. I look at my friend questioningly, but I find out that she is just making sure that the place is safe for the girls. She nods to us and walks back out. 5 minutes later two girls in their late teens early twenties walk in. Two brunettes that are absolutely fantastic. The dike asks us if these two are alright, I shrug and say fine and the lady leaves.

My friend informs me that it is fine to return them and get others if we are not pleased with them. The best part is that they stayed for an hour and did what ever I pleased and the total cost was 500 rubels which comes out to be around 8 dollars a girl.

You can of course spend much more than this, but do a little shopping around and you can get the best for very little. Granted, I went for the most expensive, the street girls go for around 100-250 rubels or $2-4 USD, but I wouldn’t want to bet my life on it.

Also, once you have experienced one of the girls, they give you a card so that you can bypass the calling around tactic and just go directly through them. I tried different girls and never had to turn on away. I am told by my friend that the companies have no delusions that they can get away with sending someone a fat chick. I give the city of Yekaterinburg an A+.

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